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37 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: & Mustad AberdensSPECIALIsED MustadTrebles & Split rings for luresMustad Haevy DUTY HoksMustad VIKINGSHooks & TreblesThe classic beach pattern. The long shank and round bend are suited to worm baits and they make a good A selection of hooks that serve a particular purpose.general purpose hook for clean ground beach or for light tackle boat work with Sandeels for example.Mustad Blue Aberdeens 3262A very popular lightweight hook. Per 25.Mustad Nickel Aberdeens 3282Nickel plated, slightly heavier. Per 25.Mustad Black Aberdeens 3261BLNBlack nickel, chemically sharpened heavierwire. A stronger and sharper Aberdeen. Per 25.Mustad Aberdeen Match RedSize 6 20 for £2.60Size 4 15 for £2.60Size 2 15 for £2.60Size 1 14 for £2.60Size 1/0 14 for £2.60Mustad Ultimate Cod Hooks Sharp and very strong. Green.Size 2/0 12 for £2.60Size 3/0 10 for £2.60Size 4/0 5 for £2.60Size 5/0 5 for £2.60Size 6/0 5 for £2.60Kamasan B940Boxes of 100. 4 £7.70 2 £7.75 1 £7.80 1/0 £8.752/0 £11.75 3/0 £14.804/0 £17.99 6/0 £25.50 Subject to availability.Mustad 488GR Crab ClawFor use with crab bait for Bass, Flatties, Codling. Green forged turned up eye.2x15 hooks £2.49, 1x14 hooks £2.491/0x14 hooks £2.49Mustad Neon 92569CH Wide gape octopus point hook with turned out eye. The shank and bend are coated neon yellow as an added attractor when fishing strips of bait for fish such as Bream, Flatfish and Wrasse. 6x20 hooks £3.45 4x15 hooks £3.452x15 hooks £3.45 1x14 hooks £3.45Mustad Nordic Bend 4446B Lightweight all rounder for clean ground. Box of 25.2 or 1 £2.70 1/0 £3.05 2/0 £3.103/0 £3.45 4/0 £3.45Mustad Nordic Bend 4447B Forged stronger with a"twist". Box of 25.3/0, 4/0 £3.60 5/0 £4.30 6/0 £4.35Mustad Bait Holders 92647 Nickel plated with 2 large barbs on the shank. Box of 25.Size 1 £3.50 Size 1/0 £3.90Size 2/0 £4.30 Size 3/0 £4.75Size 4/0 £5.65 Size 5/0 £6.05Size 6/0 £6.90Treble GuardsThese foam guards are simple to use and are very effective. Greatly reduce the number of tangles in your box and the chance of spiking your fingers. Suitable for size 6-2. 10 for £1.10 per 10 per 2510/0 £4.90 £11.7012/0 £12.9914/0 £17.20Sizes 4 £2.60 Size 2 £2.65 Sizes 1 £2.70 Size 1/0 £3.45 Size 2/0 £4.35 Size 3/0 £5.00Size 4/0 £5.65 Size 5/0 £5.70 Size 6/0 £6.10Sharpening Stone £2.50specialimportSizes 4 £2.35Size 2 £2.40Sizes 1 £2.45Size 1/0 £2.50Size 2/0 £2.55Size 3/0 £2.60Size 4 £2.10 Size 2 £2.15 Size 1 £2.20Size 1/0 £2.50 Size 2/0 £2.55Size 3/0 £2.60 Size 4/0 £2.65Pirking TreblesImported from the far east. Nickel plated. Per 25.Size 4/0 £6.75 Size 6/0 £8.99 Size 8/0 £13.45Owner Stinger Trebles ST46 Packets £5.80 Sizes: 4 x 7 2 x 6 1 x 6 £6.80 Sizes: 1/0 x 5 2/0 x 5Japanese 2X weight trebles, heavier than standard. Very sharp and effective super hooks.Owner ST56 Trebles Packet £7.25 Sizes: 4 x 8 or 2 x 7Strong trebles using 3x thicker wire for extra strength. Big fish, rough ground or abroad. Favourite for plug replacementon your best/bigger plugs.Owner ST66 Trebles Packet £7.95 Sizes: 4 x 8 2 x 7 £10.95 Sizes: 3/0 x 6 4/0 x 5Extra Strong using 4x wire, these have an anti-rust tinned finish, ideal for abroad or the big sizes for live baiting.Varivas Power RingsS/Steel Japanese split rings with attitude, ideal if you want one that will take the strain.6mm 40lb test 16 for £1.607.3mm 60lb test 12 for £1.659mm 100lb 10 for £1.6010mm 150lb 10 for £1.65Split Rings5.5 and 7mm 15 for £1.10 for Lures10mm and 13mm 50 for £??big lures Heavy Duty for Pirking etc in 50's 20mm ££3.00/, 25mm £3.85 30mm £4.70Owner Treble Safety Cap £2.20Quality plastic cover designed to allow your hooks to dry. Easy to remove. Medium for hook. Sizes 4 - 1 Packet of 11 Large for hook sizes 1 - 2/0 VMC Saltwater TreblesPlated to resist rusting, sharp and strong. £4.50 per 10 Size 6 for 3.5" Size 4 for 4.5" Size 2 for 5.5"Heavy Duty, thicker in the wire for heavy boat anglingMustad Bronzed O'Shaughnessy 3406Ideal for heavy fishing. per 25 per 50Size 4/0 £4.50 £8.60Size 6/0 £5.25 £10.00Size 8/0 £6.95 £12.95With a bigger gape that handles bulkier baits, and heavier wire this is the hook for heavier ground beach work, or light to medium boat and uptide work. Mustad Viking 79515 Very popular. Wide gape. Ideal for uptide, medium boat or heavy beach. Chemically sharpened. per 25 per 50Size 1 £4.45 £8.60Size 1/0 £4.80 £9.45 Size 2/0 £4.85 £9.55 Size 3/0 £4.95 £9.80Size 4/0 £5.60 £10.90Size 6/0 £6.10 £11.90Mustad Viking Pennel 79510 Turned down eye for making pennel rigs.Box of 25.Size 1/0 £3.40Size 2/0 £3.45Size 4/0 £

38GENERAL?RIG?ACCESSORIESbait clipselasticCrimpsClip it onGemini AcesoriesRig AccessoriesProtect your bait and increase your distance with these essential beach rig bits.Breakaway Impact ShieldGenuine Breakaway. Releases every time. Black or NEW Clear 4 for £1.30 12 for £3.70 20 for £5.80Breakaway Relay ClipsIdeal for multi-hook rigs.10 for 89p 30 for £2.70100 for £8.40Imps The latest baitclip sensation from Breakaway. 10 for £3.25Paul Kerry Bait ClipA simple and effective bait clip. 10 for £1.10Paul Kerry Lead and Bait ClipCombined lead and bait clip. 5 for £1.20Veals Stainless Steel Bait ClipsAs used by professionals.20 for £1.10Clear PVC TubingTo use with S/S bait clips. 1m for 70pTronix Quick Stops 15 for 77p Slide on moveable stops. Do not "lock" in place. Standard or LuminousBreakaway Crimping Tool PackSpecial crimp tool plus some crimps. £7.40Breakaway Adjustable CrimpsSilicone lined metal tube can be moved if crimped with special crimp tool. 50 for £4.15Power Gum Ideal for tying moveable rig or bait stops. Red or Clear 10m spool of 10lb. for £3.608m spool of 22lb for £3.60Essential for locking swivels in place on beach rigs.Mini Rig CrimpsSmall and neat, very popular 100 for £2.65Veals Copper StopsVery soft and easy to crimp means you can with care move them on the trace. THE BEST 100 for £2.75Jumbo StopsThese fit on 100lb Suffix superior .9mm 50 for £1.50Rig SmartiesQuick and easy rig making, just crimp barrel in position.10 for £2.20Breakaway 'Proper Pulley'Developed just for pulley rigs, we rate these as much better than beaded swivels. 10 for £2.55Varivas 3 Way Beach A quality 3 way that works. 10 for £2.99Breakaway Swivel 'T' Neat. 10 for £1.454 Way Beads 20 for £2.85The easy way to make simple rigs. Small lines to 12lb, Med lines to 20lb. Large lines to 30lb, X Large lines to 50lb.Tronix Quick Rigs 6 for £1.00Rig making made easy. Slides onto the line and is moveable for rig adjustment.Breakaway CascadesGenuine Breakaway. Swivel and clip combined. For multi-hook rigs. 10 for £2.80Multi-coloured Sequins Bait stops or attractors. Cup shaped.100 for £1.00Attractor BladesAssorted pack of blades. 15 assorted. 99p Breakaway Lead LiftsPlanes your lead up and away from snags. 2 for £1.35, 6 for £3.90, 10 for £6.30Trace Builder KitFrom SeaReels. All the bits you need in a box. £32.99Standard Ghost Cocoon £1.80Fine bait elastic ready to go in its own dispenser.Super Stretch Soft Bait Elastic Not all elastics are equal and this is a good 'un. 200m £2.30Elasticised Ghost Cocoon £1.80'Fuzzy', elasticated thread that makes a great fine thread for securing your bait. Complete in dispenser.Match Bait ElasticSuper thin continental elastic. In its own dispenser. £1.90Elastic Dispenser2 for £1.50Gemini Rig JigNeed an extra pair of hands? This is rig making made easy and consistent. Invaluable and saves so much time. £16.25Mustad Magic Box £4.25 10 + 16 compartment box which is perfect for holding little bits and bobs. 120 x 100 x 32mmBe safe, never tie your lead directly onto your line. Always use a reliable clip!Veals R.B.C. Clips (Rotten Bottom Clips)Simple to use and cheap. 20 for £1.99Split Rings Round, nickel plated.Suitable for attaching hooks and hook lengths but not leads. 10mm 50 for £1.55 100 for £2.9013mm 50 for £1.60 100 for £3.0016mm 50 for £1.90 100 for £3.6020mm 50 for £3.00 100 for £5.9025mm 50 for £3.85 100 for £7.5030mm 50 for £4.70 100 for £9.20Veals Easy Clips So simple to use and cheap. Size 1/0 25 for £2.60Veals Oval Split Rings 2/0The best all round size. Why have Mustad discontinued theirs? 25 x 2/0 for only £2.30Mustad Oval Split RingsStong and cheap. Difficult to use with cold fingers.Size 1/0 25 for £1.85 50 for £3.40Size 3/0 25 for £2.70 50 for £4.70SealinksGreat value and makes cliping leads off and on simple. 25 for £1.65Breakaway FastlinksEasy and quick. Very Strong.10 for £1.60 50 for £6.60Breakaway Escape LinksRelying on wire tension and a plastic retaining clip these do away with 'rotten bottom lengths' for rough ground fishing. 6 for £2.40Mustad Fine Point PliersSuitable for beach rigs. £11.99We only stock genuine Gemini accessories. More profitable inferior copies are available but you deserve better.Gemini SRT ClipsSpring loaded clips for using 'up and over' long flowing hook lengths. 5 for £1.85Gemini SRT SpringsKeeps your rigs tensioned and allows for stretch when casting. 10 for £1.50Gemini Clip-Down BoomSprung clip-down boom pack of 10 with bait clip. 100mm £3.00 150mm £3.10 200mm £3.20Gemini Breakers Hi Tech rotten bottoms. Reduce your tackle losses and land more fish. 5 for £2.25Gemini Pulley ClipsFor long hook lengths and clip up rigs. 5 for £1.85Gemini Bent Rig ClipsClip runs parallel with the rig line for multi rigs. 10 for £1.65Gemini Swivel and LinkAll the advantages of the clip with a tangle reducing swivel included.5 for £1.75Gemini Connecting ClipA safe quick connecting clip between loops. or swivels. 10 for £1.90Gemini Genie Rig ClipA combined lead and bait clip. 10 for £1.50Gemini Genie Rig LinkStrong reliable clip to attach leads or traces. 10 for £1.50Gemini Genie Mini Link ClipMini clips that allow you to clip your hook lengths on and off easily. 10 for £1.50Gemini E Clips 'Black' finished rig links. 8 for £1.85top