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4FIXED SPOOL CASTING AIDSBeach Fixed SpoolsShimano Fixed SpoolsThe outstanding Pen SurFmaster 750 & 850Grauvell Calypso The Calypso beach fixed spool reels are full size and feature exceptionally good line lay, increasing distance and all for such a reasonable price. This adds to Grauvell's reputation for giving excellent performance for your money. The EX features more B/B and a higher spec spool Calypso AX 70 £29.99Calypso EX 70 £39.99Shimano Navi XSB 1800 350/17lb srp£109.99 VMO Price £89.99Easy maintenance, with Aerowrap 2 speed oscillation for outstanding line lay and alloy spool with XT-7 spare spool. Shimano quality at a fantastic price.Shimano Biomaster XSB 8000 350/17lbsrp £129.99 VMO Price £109.99Return of the classic, smoother, lighter and more powerful now with 2 XT-7 spare spools, AeroWrap etc etc. Smooth, powerful and long casting.Penn SargusLooking for a toughie? This 'Full Metal Body' reel is strong but surprisingly light. Featuring a corrosion resistant aluminium alloy body, rotor and cover, 5 stainless steel ball bearings, machined alloy spool, and non twist roller and sealed drag knob. Rocks, uptide or just something that will take some hammer... these fit the bill.Sargus 6000, 5.6:1 ratio, 320/15lb SRP £85.99 VMO Price £64.99Sargus 8000, 4.8:1 ratio, 310/20lb SRP £96.99 VMO Price £69.99Line not included.Casts 200yd plus! On the beach, with a clip down rig!Surfmaster 750 £54.99Capacity 290m x 0.35mm mono.Surfmaster 850 £59.99Capacity 390m x 0.35 mm mono.Includes Spare SpoolRovex Varona EB6000with a 5 bearing system, ported alloy spools, machined handle, and a capacity of 350 yds of 20lb Nice tough reel designed originally for Australia at an outstanding price srp £27.99 VMO Price £24.99Breakaway Cannon Line ReleaseFor fixed spool reels. £10.10Breakaway Thumbutton £1.80Easy line release for fixed spool reels. Chub Finger Stall £3.70 Protect your finger.Riptide Alu 9000Mitchell one of the most famous names in reels bring you a reel designed for big fish and rough conditions. This is no naby pamby, clean beach lightweight, this is a bruiser ready to slug it out, whatever the fish or however rough the ground! Check the alloy spools capacity. 300yds of 30lb! Check the Powerknob handle for extra grip, the metal body and rotor and the Power Retrieve 4.3:1 that still brings in over a yard of line per turn. the speed and torque to get your fish or tackle out of there. A serious heavyweight contender. Intro Price £89.99 . 9 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings . Rugged Aluminium Body and Rotor . Sealed Pinion and Main Bearings . Instant Anti-Reverse . Spare Anodised Aluminium Spool . Sealed Carbon Fibre Drag System . Power KnobFEATURES£89.99whilestocks lastsaltwater tested!

5 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: Zenith Z5000Top of the shop, long cast fixed spool from Grauvell. Fantastic line lay, performace and outstanding looks. 14 Stainless Ball Bearings, Titanium anti twist roller, graphite body, stainless steel long shaft with worm drive, £99.00 Grauvell Zeus Z5000Brilliant fixed spool, perfect for long range beach fishing. 14 ball bearings ensure that it is a smooth performer. 3 different size metal spools, make this a popular choice as you can have a spool for light line or braid, one for 15-20lb nylon and another for heavy line. £89.99 Beach Fixed Spool ReelsLongCast Gold LC8000Want to cast a long way? This reel is designed to let you get right out there. Mitchell have produced an Xtra Length Tapered Alloy Spool in standard and large capacity and used a worm gear for controlled line lay. Add in loads of ball bearings All Water protection and manual trip for casting reliability and we have a winner. and all at a fantastic Veals Mail Order price! Intro Price £49.99. 11 Ball Bearings . Two Spools 300/15lb, 500/20lb . Both Spools Alloy . Machine Cut Alloy Handle . Worm Gear Oscillation . Fast (over 1 meter per turn)FEATURESPenn SURFBLASTER 8000Long Spool + Slow Oscillation = Maximum Distance. Outstanding New, Saltwater Resistant, Full Size, Sea Fixed Spool from Penn. Long Stroke Forged Aluminium Spools. Slow Oscillation. Fully Salt Water resistant. 7+1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings. 4.3:1 ratio with nearly 1 metre/turn reteive. Machined Aluminium Handle. Rotor Brake System. Automatic Bail Arm. Aluminium Spool -1 x std (400m 0.40mm) 1 x Braid (300m 0.18mm) £49.99£89.99£99three metal spoolsintroCHECK WEBSITE or call fora great