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47 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: 1196423britains best selection11. Ian Golds Lumi Head & Butt Support KitGlow in the dark rest, perfect for night fishing. £11.99Veals 5' Match £19.99 (Not shown)Shorter version with double V head and adjustable double butt support at a bargain price.2. Veals 6' Match £24.99New improved design with removable V double head and adjustable double butt support. Our most popular tripod with its more rigid V back leg. Veals Tele Lamp Stand / Weigh Tripod. £24.99The custom made head prevents the legs from splaying out, even on hard surfaces. When fully extended the lamp is raised approx 6' off the ground for a greatly increased spread of light. Also doubles as a weighing tripod for club/match anglers.Please Note: All Veals tripods now have plastic 'V' heads. If you wish to upgrade to Deep U's please add £1 to the price.Veals Pro Single Rod Clamp £8.99 (Not shown)Swiveling head that attaches to most pier or boat railings. Now with security locking bar.6. Veals 2'3" - 5' Compact Travel Rest £19.99New and improved, now with butt cups. Carrying 27", assembled it's a stable 5' with double head.5. Veals 16" - 24" Mini Tripod £21.50Designed for use on sea walls, rocks or estuaries, supplied with a leg lock kit to hold the legs rigid. An innovative specialised rod rest.Adjustable 'V' legFitted Leg LockAdjustableBack Legs4. Veals 3'-6' Standard Telescopic Tripod £19.99Supplied with double V head and adjustable double butt support. Compact extending to 6' Each leg is adjustable so it's popular on the rocks.Veals Mail Order tripods are well priced and have an enviable reputation so we sell lots and lots of them (over 3000). Why do our tripods perform so well? Veals tripods are British made. Our tripods use:-. Aircraft grade alloy, so they are not 'bendy'. Specially selected tubing for strength. The 'Roller shaped' stress reduced metal heads shown, that don't break or bend if it falls over, are available for an extra £1. British extruded V section and bars for better strength. A full range of spares for our tripods is available 'online' or just call. The joints are plugged and screwed not crimpedOK it's not the cheapest way of doing it but our rests are strong, and they don't fall apart.Veals 5' Pro Single Sand Spike £14.99 (Not shown)With a folding "kick plate" and fully adjustable all metal butt cup this spike is just the job for keeping your rod tip high when fishing on sand/shingle beaches.9. Veals Pro Double Rod Clamp £11.99As above but holds two rods.Veals 4'6"- 7'3" Big Telescopic £29.99 (Not shown)Supplied with V double head and adjustable double butt support. Makes a 7' tripod with each leg adjustable for rough terrain. 7. Single Rod Sand Spike £9.998. Double Rod Sand Spike £13.99Includes butt support.3. Mega Match New 4'6"- 7' £29.99 Adjustable V back leg and two round front legs gives extra stability, includes fitted leg lock, so it's great on uneven ground. V heads as standard, add £1 for deep 'U'Veals Folding Sandspike £7.95Carrying 2'" assembled almost 4'The latest in easy carry rests this is so small and works fine in sandy beaches, home or abroad.Salt Tripod srp £49.99 VMO Price £39.99. Two adjustable front legs and a V back leg for stability, make this lightweight, blue powder coated tripod stand out from the crowd. Complete with double head and butt support and a leg lock kit it even comes in its own carrying case. Nice package, nice colour, nice price.Credit Crunch Tripod Our Cheapest ever Tripod! Fantastic Value with 'V' Double Head and 5' Legs. £9.99£19.99£9.99£39.99whilestocks lastspecial offertop sellerdeep 'U' Heads£

48 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: Rigsbeach Rigsgreys rigsFlapper Rig 2 Hooks Size 3/0 (1 up and 1 down)Flowing Trace 2/0 2 HooksFlowing Trace 3/0 2 HooksUptide Cod 4/0 Pennel Sliding boomUptide Rig 2/0 Single hook sliding boomUptide Rig 4/0 Single hook sliding boomUptide Cod 4/0 Wishbone Sliding boomBass Rig 3/0 1 Hook Running LedgersFlatfish Rig Size 1, 2 Hook Beaded Wishbone running ledgerTope Rig 7/0 Wire Trace Single hook slider & beadGreys Beach Rigs Stand for Quality and Reliability. Our best selling rigs have proved themselves over the years, standing out from the many others available these days. Well tied, with reliable components, and offering a huge choice there should be one here to suit your requirements and they are available at Veals great prices.Mix & Match£18 .50for 10 rigs£2.00per trace£2.00per trace80lbs17cm1/0#50lbs/78cm3#83cm4#N°2/01 Hook Clipped Rough Ground Size 2/0, 3/0 or 4/080lbs/95cm60lbs/78cm2#1/0#4#N°1/0Single Hook Pulley RigSize 1/0, 3/0 or 4/060lbs/50cm24lbs/60cm80lbs/124cm2#1/0#4#N°1/0N°1/0Pulley Rig WishboneSize 1/0107cm/80lbs90cm/60lbs2#1/0#4#N°1/0N°1/0Pulley Rig Pennel Size 1/0 or 3/080lbs22cm1/0#30lbs/54cm30lbs/46cm30lbs/47cm7#7.5cm55.5cm51cm4#N°23 Hook Loop Rig (Impact Lead) Size 2, 1 or 1/080lbs58cm1/0#30lbs/54cm30lbs/54cm7#6.5cm60cm4#N°22 Hook Loop Rig (Impact Lead) Size 2, 1 or 1/080lbs36.5cm1/0#25lbs/28.5cm25lbs/28.5cm25lbs/27cm7#30cm33.5cm31cm4#N°23 Hook Clipped Rig(Impact Lead) Size 280lbs50cm1/0#30lbs/60cm30lbs/67cm7#10cm70cm4#N°22 Hook Flapper (1 up 1 down) Size 2, 1/0 or 3/080lbs50cm1/0#30lbs/60cm7#10cm70cm70cm4#N°23 Hook Flapper (3 up) Size 2 or 180lbs80cm1/0#30lbs/105cm25lbs/30cm7#32cm33cm4#N°22 Hook Clipped Rig(Impact Lead) Size 2 or 1/080lbs37cm1/0#30lbs/105cm3#109cm4#N°1/01 Hook Clipped Rig (Impact Lead) Size 1/0 or 2/080lbs50cm1/0#30lbs/60cm7#10cm70cm70cm4#N°23 Hook Flapper Rig (2 up 1 down) Size 2 2 Hook Flapper 2 up) 2 or 1/0 80lbs17cm1/0#25lbs/44cm7#52cm52cm4#N°280lbs17cm1/0#25lbs/44cm7#52cm52cm4#N°21 Hook Flapper Size 1/0 or 2/080lbs50cm1/0#30lbs/105cm5#70cm4#N°1/080lbs50cm1/0#30lbs/105cm5#70cm4#N°1/0Mix & Match£18 .50for 10