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6Beach MultiplersCHECK WEBSITE 4 MORE INFO£109Daiwa Millionaire 7HT MAG ST. Improved Magnofuge - Intelligent Magnetic Braking. Ultra-Precision Spool . Rigid One-Piece dura-aluminium Frame. 9 Bearings including 8 CRBBs . High Grade Brass Drive Gear. Stainless Steel Pinion Gearsrp £399 VMO price £349.99Daiwa Millionaire 7HT MAGThe latest beach sensation, fitted with the patented "magno fuge" braking system to improve control and distance. 5.8:1 330/15lb. Daiwa 7HT This is a classic beach reel unchanged for years, and like the Abu 6000 size, best suited to clean beaches. 2 ball bearings, centrifugal brakes, lines to 18lb, Capacity 300/15lb Ratio 5.2:1. VMO Price £109Akios 7 series 320/20lb, 3 ball bearings, 4.3:1 ratio sounds familiar, but with larger spool spindle, bearings in the spool, brass sideplates, high torque winding power with 20lb of drag and other minor but pleasing improvements.Akios 757CS levelwind + with centrifugal brakes. Srp £124.99 VMO Price £99.99Akios 757CT Non levelwind + centrifugal. Srp £124.99 VMO Price £99Akios 757CTM Non Levelwind centrifugal and magnetic brakes Srp £129.99 VMO Price £104.99Akios ReelsAkios developed by Simon Bradbury 33 years in the trade and 15 years development manager with ABU, used his experience to improved gearing, bigger reel spindle, stainless handle and star drag, chromed brass sideplates upgraded spool release springs, easy adjust magnetic with ratchet, high torque winding power, and 17.5lb of drag. 3 Ball Bearings, 300/15lb, 5.3:1 ratioAkios 656 CS Levelwind with centrifugal brakes. Srp £109.99 VMO Price £89.99Akios 656 CSM levelwind + centrifugal and magnetic brakes. Srp £124.99 VMO Price£99.99Akios 656 CTM Non levelwind + centrifugal and magnetic brakes. Srp £124.99 VMO Price £99.99Abu 6500 C3 CT Mag Hi-Speed This is our top seller, the 6.3:1 ratio is why. A decent speed of retrieve from a small reel and the gears to back it up. srp £159 VMO Price £109.99ABU Ambassadeur C3 Mag ProThe ultimate casting reel by Abu, the new CT Mag Pro features brass side plates and both magnetic and centrifugal brakes, and to retrieve all that line after casting, a power handle and 5.3:1 ratio. srp £159 VMO Price £112.99Abu Chrome RocketsFree running, non magnetic classics. Their solid feel and outstanding performance make these a favourite for long range for clean groundCS levelwind version £107CT non levelwind for maximum distance £105Akios Shuttle 656 SCM + new 651 SCM left hand It is a stunning looking reel with a super strong one piece extruded open CT frame, lightweight spool with twin inboard bearings running on a large spindle with chromed brass sideplates, centrifugal and magnetic brakes, brass gears, 5.3:1 power ratio, ratchet, large body screws etc. etc. SRP £199.99 VMO Price £169.99 With Free Reel BagNEW Abu 6500 Power HandleAn Abu Swedish beachcaster at this price? 5.3:1 + ball bearing + centrifugal brakes. Amazing!!CS Levelwind £71CT non Levelwind £74Greys G-Mag 6Designed to cast, built to last! 200m+ casts are controlled by magnets and centrifugal brakes, which tame even the most wayward of casting! 1pc chrome cage, S/Steel reel foot, marine bronze and S/S gears. Top quality bearings with the power of a 5:1 retrieve, supported by a drag system that will handle 19lb of drag! 360yd/15lb, 330m/0.35mm £59.99Greys G-Mag 7Bigger and stronger than the 6 with a capacity of 295/18lb (270m/.4mm). Great off the rocks, big fish, or an outstanding uptider, all at a crazy price. £59.99Akios Shuttle 656 LSi Levelwind £189.99Akios Shuttle 651 LSi Levelwind Left hand £189.99 Akios Shuttle 555 Narrow Model £179.99 Akios Shuttle 551 Narrow Left Hand Wind £179.99 £349.99high speed 6.3:1£109.99£71£112.99£169.99whilestocks lastBUYSTAR FRE!reel casenow£59.99was £139656cs 656ctm656csmADD £5NEWleft hand£59.99was £149

7tough beach reelsBeach Multipliers Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: 6500i TSR THE New Extreme Distance Beach ReelCapacity 255m/.35mm (15lb) Ratio 5.3:1 A highly desirable, top quality, extreme distance beach reel, it's distinctive colour marks you out for the discerning angler you are.srp £239.99 VMO Price £199.99. One Piece Solid aluminium Frame. Magnetic brake system. Ceramic hybrid bearings. Stainless steel gears. Ultra cast aluminium spool. Smoooth Carbon matrix drag. Low centre of gravityFEATURESFRE! spool of berkley big gameDaiwa SL20 or 30Lines to 20/30lb respectively Capacity 250/20lb and 300/20lb ratio 6:1. Veals Price £89.99Daiwa SLX 20 SHA6.1:1 320/15lb £119.99Daiwa SLX 30 SHA6.1:1 370/20lb £125.99Daiwa SLX 40 SHA6.1:1 365/25lb £129.99Daiwa Saltist 20H or 30HSuperb rough ground reels with easy cast design. One pc alloy frame. Loads of cranking power. 6.1:1 ST20H 320/15lb or ST30H 270/20lb. £159Abu Seven £59.99Can you believe a 7000 Abu at a price this low? Outstanding value, makes an excellent light boat or uptide reel. Abu Ambassadeur 7000i (The red one) This tough beach multiplier is ideal for those who fish on a regular basis. Suitable for heavy beach, uptide or light boat fishing Ratio 4.1:1 270/ .45mm Ambassadeur 70001i LH £84.99 left hand wind.Abu 7000i CT Mag The 7000 you all wanted with magnetic brakes and no levelwind. 4.1:1 270/ .45mm srp £176.99 VMO price £142Shimano TORIUM 14Small but tough, ideal for heavy beach work. Based on the legendary Trinidad. One pc alloy frame, super power Shimano gearing. Fast 6.2:1 Ratio. 270/16lb. Veals Price £145Features. Total Re-design of a classic. New Indexed, Magnetic Cast Control System. New 515 Size ideal for longer casting/lighter lines. Same tough build, for rough or clean ground. 6 Shielded Ball Bearings . Precision machined Bronze Alloy main gear, Stainless Steel pinion. Great looks, with lightweight graphite frame. Machined anodised free floating spool. Adjustable drag range with up to 15lb drag availablePenn Beach reel 515 & 525 Mag2Want a multiplier that casts like a dream, with magnetic brakes, light, tough enough for big fish and rough ground? These latest Penns really are the dogs doodahs. Penn 515Mag 2 Capacity 230/15lb, 6:1 retrieve weight only 14.4oz srp £185 VMO Price £125.99Penn 525 Mag 2 Capacity 280/15lb, 6:1 retrieve weight only 14.6oz srp £195 VMO Price £134.99Greys G-Mag 7Bigger and stronger than the 6 with a capacity of 295/18lb (270m/.4mm). Great off the rocks, big fish, or an outstanding uptider, all at a crazy price. £59.99£134.99£125.99£84.99whilestocks lastwhilestocks lastCHECK WEBSITE 4 MORE INFO£199.99££59.99was £149