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Suspending Deep Diving Floaterssuspending & suspending lure is a difficult trick for manufactures to pull off. You need to be able to work it down and then let it hang horizontally rising only very very slowly as you twitch and make it quiver. Ideal in calm conditions and can fool even the most wary of Bass.OSP RudraColours Ginrin, Hasu, Pearl/Chart back, Ghost Minnow. This is a big jerk bait, goes down to 5', it has a wide darting action and suspends head down after each jerk and stops instantly, amazing . The flat body gives a super flash, casts cut through the wind, fish hammer it, in short, another winner. 130mm 20gm £21.95OSP Asura Colours Ginrin, Hasu, Ghost Pearl Fabulous finish and a flat body for more flash, 3 hooks on a 92.5mm jerk bait to reduce missed bits and a moving weight system for distance. Diving to 5' it suspends after the jerk, yes I want one of these as well. 92.5mm 8.5gm £18.50LuckyCraft Flash Minnow Colours please check our web site for availability. You can fish this one effectively nice wobble and roll at any speed, then stop and it suspends, quivering, asking to be smashed. Working best from 2 - 3' in shallow water.110mm 16.5gm £16.99Rapala Max Rap Flake Silver, Flake Hot Blue Everything about this latest offering from Rapala is premium quality, internal lazer etched scales, moving tungsten weights, 3d eyes, VMC trebles, individually tank tested etc. Work it between 1 - 2.5', it's a suspending so stop, twitch, let it hang, twitch BANG! 130mm 15gm £15.90Aurora BlackSavage Four-Piece Jointed Herring A unique lure with three joints, that allows the lure to swim just like the real thing. Very easy to fish effectively, this slow sinking suspending lure is fitted with Japanese trebles and forged split rings. Green/Silver and Blue/Silver. 130mm 21gm £7.99IMA Nabarone Stuka 90SBig bib so gets down quickly as deep as 5', designed in collaboration with Duo so good enough to fish at any speed and has an extreme roll.90mm 12gm £16.50Rapala Deep Down Husky JerkWant to get down deep? These can go to 19', be cast or trolled, and great 'tail kicking' action that produces the goods. Colour Glass Perch/Green Mackerel 120mm 15gm £11.99Maria Deep SnareColour Blue Silver Deep diving lure suitable for trolling at speed up to 12 knots. It has a side to side motion with a wicked. Twail kick and fishes down to 20' Suitable to take abroad tough with wire through construction for the biggies.140mm 50gm £10.50Smiths Super ULM Colour 08 SandeelExtreme distance plug, a sinker that flutters, horizontally, 'on the drop' giving off a shimmering effect, then throw in a few twitches to liven things up. Intersperse with rapid retrieves to bring it back up, and you have a highly effective fish catcher (great for Pollack as well). 115mm 26gm £20.99Deep MinnowFor when you need to get down deep, casting or trolling, this affordable plug fits the bill. Floating and dives to 5' Blue or Holo Mullet v120mm 17.5gm. £5.50CHECK WEBSITE 4 MORE INFO

sinking11 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: CKIPCOWRDMaria Blues Code Slim 'C' Colours Holo Green Sandeel, Holo Hot Sardine, Candy. Slim sinking slider that rises quickly on the retrieve. Let it sink to the required depth and then use sweeping movements of the rod, or pause and twitch, or sweep and wind or... very versatile and, as we import direct, a super price.125mm 21gm £12.50Jackson Athlete Slim 14SS Colours WRD, CKI, PCO. Long casting medium sinking, can fish it 'burn and kill' - cast sink then 4/5 fast turns and repeat. Or fast or slow or jerked . just find the depth there at, and choose your action these are good enough to cope with almost any retrieve.140mm 25gm £20.50Maria Bull Chop This extra long casting plug, really gets out there! It's a very slow sink that planes upto the surface. A unique action that often triggers instant strikes. Its long range and effectiveness have made this plug an instant success. 120mm 40gm £12.99Dice Betz Colours Sinking with a strong bib to take it deep quicker. Ideal when they are off the feed. Small and you can work it slowly, the combination of stunning colours and enticing action can tempt a strike. 81mm 11gm £16.00IMA Calm 110One look and you just know these will catch. Pencil thin, compact, casts surprisingly well, slow sinking and can be fished 'walk the dog' near the surface or let it sink and 'work' it back. If there 'on' Sandeel or Brit they nail these. 110mm 11gm £13.99Dexter Euro VibesA sinking lure that is tops from the boat, similar to the Jedi but not so fast sinking and fishes a little higher in the water. Green Mackerel or Blue 80mm 15gm £5.99Dexter Dexflex - Blue or Green A sinking plug with a segmented body which gives a fantastic action in the water. Cast it out and wait a few seconds for it to sink before working it back in. Use a jerky retrieve to increase the action. Deadly especially from the boat. 120mm 32gm £10.50Dexter Jedi RattlerSlow sinking lure with a fast tight action. Casts like a bullet from the boat excellent for rough conditions from the shore. Green Mackerel or Blue 80mm 23gm £5.99Rapala SliverThis deep diving slow sinker is one our top sellers. It dives to 12' and is so deadly on the troll that we have 'professionals' buy them 10 at a time. Blue/ Silver. 130mm 17gm £13.99ABU Tormentor CoastA long casting plug-like spinner that has a translucent effect with holographic strip. 97mm 20gm £4.50IMA Honey Trap A sinking lipless minnow that flutters down horizontally ideal for gullies, drop offs or let it sink and slow retrieve or fish over sand in a big surf. Versatile and long casting. 95mm 22gm £17.99Maria Duplex Casts like a bullet fishes like a dream. A sinking, tails shaking rocket, ideal for strong winds, rough water or maximum distance, Pollack, Blue/Bronze, or Chartreuse 80mm 31gm £12.50ea