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page 32 Snakebite LuresIf your after something a bit different Snakebites with their extra long tails fit the bill. The 17gm and 28gm are deadly cast from the beach, also the 112gm (4oz) from the boat or on a flying collar. Colours Purple or Peach17gm 6" Tail Pk of 2 £2.9928gm 6" Tail Pk of 2 £3.40112gm (4oz) 10" Tail, Pk of 2 £7.50Tails Only, 6" 5 per packet £3.25 10" 3 for £5.25 Redgill SandeelsBlack, Red, Natural and Mackerel.Minis 70mm 4 of a colour £2.99Rascals 115mm 3 of a colour £3.99Ravers 178mm 2 of a colour £3.99Redgill Interceptor V8'sTwo Shaped Heads and 4 classic shaped, super effective regill style tails per packet. 178mm/ 7" weight 26gms. Colours Red/Yellow, MackerelSpeckle, Sandeel, Pearl, or Orange. £6.99 per Packet Weighted Evo Redgills These have really taken off with loads and loads of fish falling for them + new translucent colours. Blue, Mackerel, Fluro Yellow/Red, Nightshade Pearl and more on line. 115mm 4gm, 4 lures per pack, £5.99 172mm 17gms 3 per pack £5.99Sidewinder Mackerel Joey The latest sensation from the West Country. These tougher weighted fish catchers have already proved deadly for Cod, Pollack and Bass over the deep water wrecks. 4.5" 15gm. 3 for £5.905.5" 28gm. 3 for £6.90Sidewinder ShadsThese seem to have taken over as the number one choice for weighted Shad. Good action and price - THE FISH LOVE'UM! Blue, Pearl, Orange or new Rhubarb & Custard.4" 25gm. 4 for £5.505" 43gm. 3 for £5.50Sidewinder Weighted Sandeels £5.50Sandeel shape, loaded head, Bass love them! 4"11g 4 per pkt 6"35g 3 per pkt 8"70g 2 per pktSidewinder Sprat Hugely popular bait fish with Cod, Bass and Pollack. These tough weighted plastics are another Sidewinder success story.4.5" 15gm, 3 for £5.905.5" 28gm, 3 for £6.90SavageGear SandeelsHugely successful for Cod, Pollack and especially Bass both shore (12.5cm) and boat. 12.5cm, 23 grms Sandeel or Tequila Sunrise, per packet (head and 2 tails ) srp £5.99 VMO Price £4.99 16cm, 42 grms Sandeel or Tequila Sunrise, per packet (head and 2 tails ) srp £6.99 VMO Price £5.99Sandeel Spare Tails, 10cm 4 for £4.99, 14cm 3 for £4.99Sandeel Jigheads unpainted 3 x 16gms or 3 x 29gms £3.99 Savage Cannibal ShadSo realistic with an incredible swimming action. These hand poured shads are great with a jig head, cast or fished vertically for Bass, Wrasse or Pollack.10cm 5 per pkt, 12.5cm 4 per pack. Colours Pearl, Silver or Pearl & Orange £4.99 per Packetnew solid sandeelcolourslead heads not includedOrangePearlBloodheadBlackRhubarb & CustardRedPearlBlue/SilverGreenBlueMackerel RedtailBlack RedtailrHubarb& custard4" & 5"

SPINERSspinners & plastics15 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: Bar/German Sprat/CebarTraditional slim, silver Sandeel imitation.3.5" 18gm £1.80 4" 28gm £1.99 4.5" 38gm £2.20Spinners give you the edge when the fish are far out as they will outcast any plug, and it is easy to get them to fish deep. Bass are not always in the top water or close in, you need to put your lure where they are feeding. This is particularly true in the boat when you are generally fishing deeper water than from the shore. Trolling or casting from the boat with a deep diving or sinking plug or Redgill can be deadly. Maria Viva ParadeThese Japanese spinners really do the business. On the "secret list" in N.Ireland for Sea Trout, they are brilliant for Bass and Mackerel. The fluttering motion as they sink, highlighting the amazing iridescent colour effects. Black, Blue and Green available in 21gm (Black only) £5.20 28gm £5.65ABU TobyThe classic all purpose lure from the original makers.Silver 20gm £2.89 28gm £3.35Blue/Silver 20gm £2.99 28gm £3.50Bass WedgeImported copy of this long casting classic now available in assorted colours. 28gm £1.90 32gm £2.10 39gm £2.30ABU KosterReturn of an old favourite, available in Copper or Silver28gm £1.45 40gm £1.60 60gm £2.25Rocky (Toby Imitation)Assorted colours, undulating, wobbling action. 16gm £1.90 30gm £2.00 40gm £2.25Dexter Wedge Extra long casting 16gm £2.30 28gm/1oz £2.70 45gm/1.5oz £3.70 60gm/2oz £4.25 80gm £4.65 110gm £5.25 150gm £6.50 200gm £7.80Barracuda HeavyResin style, mini Mackerel body, its compact size gives more distance and gets down deep. 35gm £1.50Silverheads SupaFlashNow available again. We are pleased to have these long casting sandeel imitations back again. Very effective for Bass and Mackerel 28gm £1.50ea 45gm £1.70eaCHECK WEBSITE 4 MORE INFOMaria Mucho Lucir JigsThese jigs are best fished with a short Assist hook replacing the bottom treble (see our website for hooks and video clip) so you can jig them from the shore.Blue or Chartreuse 25 gms, 35gms or 45gms £5.50 eachDelande GT ShadsTough with a much better than average tail action, try these mounted on Cannelle double hooks and weights. See Page 12.130mm Packet of 5 £11.50180mm Packet of 3 £11.50plastic fantasticBerkley Ripple ShadClassic swimming action that can be used linear or vertically fast or slow, an outstanding all rounder, Colours Special or Sparkle Pearl 9cm £2.50 pkt of 4 11cm £2.99 pkt of 3Berkley Pulse ShadsThe special tail cut makes it swim at the slowest speeds so they are ideal for fishing 'on the drop' ( vertically) and can be used with any shape of jig head. Colours Appleseed (Pollack/Gobie) or Pearl 8cm £2.50 pkt of 4 11cm £2.99 pkt of 3Berkley Hollow Belly SwimbaitsThese new plastics have a big paddle tail that creates a wide swimming action that drives Bass and Pollack crazy, and the hollow body gives great penetration on the strike. Colours Ayu or Tenessee Shad. 10cm £4.99 pkt of 3 12.5cm £5.99 pkt of 3Berkley Power WormsThe original Power Worms, still deadly for Pollock and Cod they also work brilliantly on jig heads for Bass. Available in Firetail or Black. Spray them with Gulp Alive Crab for Xtra attraction. Power Worm 7" pkt of 10 £4.50 Delta SkalliwagsBrilliant double tail action that has accounted for numerous specimens. Orange, Black, Red or Yellow.Medium 130mm £1.50Large 170mm £2.10Gulp Alive Spray Crab Flavour £6.25 Spray on fish attractant that will make any bait, hard or soft, smell alive. 8oz trigger bottle shoots a spray or stream to enhance any bait. It's like a blood trail in the water that fish can't resist! Ideal with all plastics but works on plugs and spinners as well. Berkley Split Belly ShadsThe latest Powerbait from Berkley with collapsible belly for great hook sets, featuring a 'paddle tail' for extra action, plus scent and attractors make for a deadly combination. 100mm / 4"in Blue Back or Tenessee Shad Packet of 4 £6.50