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Alcedo Reelslure reels17 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: Super GTM-RC The new Super has RSD (rigid support drag) Diecast gear, SS Oscillilation, see on line for other features. Only downside is that the spare spool is too shallow.3000GTM-SRC120/8lb £80.99 4000GTM-RC240/8lb £86.99Saltwater BaitrunnersAt last Shimano Baitrunners designed for saltwater. Built tough with 1pc bail arm, cold forged spool and gears, shielded AR-B bearings, XT7 body and rotor, just what us sea fishermen have been asking for.4000, 200/10lb nylon compact, ideal for spinning with braid. £151.996000, 265/1lb nylon all round spinning reel for braid nylon. £154.998000, 250/17lb nylon large capacity for bait boat or livebait. £159.99Shimano Technium FCAll the features of the Shimano S-system, slow oscillation, aero wrap, power roller etc. and a sexy cold forged handle!Technium 2500FB The ultimate "small reel". 200/6lb. SRP £194.99 £144.99Shimano Technium 4000FCSmaller than "standard" this reel has taken over as a top seller for braid use. This keeps the size and weight down and suits the modern shorter rods. Braid Special. 200/8lb mono SRP £204.99 £149.99 ABU Söron STX 40 and 6040 ideal for Braid, 60 for Braid or Mono ABU's best spinning reel, All water protection, 11HPCR bearings, X-Craftic Alloy body, cover, rotor and bail, alloy spools for braid and nylon, with carbon matrix drag system and 'Duragear' gearing. Soron STX 40 200/10lb £84.99 Soron STX 60 285/12lb £89.99ABU Cardinal Saltwater 174SWiDesigned by ABU for saltwater spinning, it features Stainless Steel Mainshaft and Hardware, 4 Ball Bearings, IAR, 5.1:1 retrieve and a capacity of 210yds 10lb. It comes with a spare graphite spool and makes a cracking tough bass lure reel for braid or nylon. srp £45.99 VMO Price £34.99Shimano Nexave RCFantastic quality rear drag. Three shielded ball bearings + roller bearing produce a super smooth powerful performance. Alloy spool and Varispeed NEXAVE 3000S RC5.2:1, Braid Special to 15lb, £42.99NEXAVE 4000 RC5.1:1 Line cap. - 200yds/10lb £46.99Shimano Exage FCFeaturing 4 shielded stainless steel ball bearings + roller bearing, multi-disk front drag system + Cold Forged Aluminium Spool with AR-C line management and Varispeed line lay which prevents fine mono and braid from bedding in under pressure. Supplied with a spare spool. Exage FC 3000 5.2:1Capacity 140m 0.25mm £59.99Exage FC 4000 5.1:1Capacity 260m 0.25mm £59.99Shimano Rarenium Ci4In the short time that they have been introduced these have become 'the' lure fishing reel. With the introduction of the 5000 the range now covers everything from braid to nylon LRF to popping!Ci4 2500FA 200 gms 140/8lb £161.49Ci4 3000FA 200 gms 120/10lb £161.49Ci4 4000FA 260 gms 160/12lb £169.99Ci4 5000FA 315 gms 195/12lb £199.74feather lightAlcedo Aluminum ProMade for the Italian market featuring a waterproof sealed alloy body, for rigidity and lightness with a 4 year g'tee on the internal gears this is a reel that inspires confidence that it will get the job done. Weighing in at only 250gms with 9 b/bearings, titanium 'twist free' roller , long tapered alloy spool (including a spare) and a capacity of 250/.20 its fine for braid or nylon. VMO Price £99.99Alcedo Metal Spin 3010'Thin' style metal alloy body, and rotor, for lightness, strength and rigidity, smooth hi power 4.5:1 gears with compensated spool oscillation, and 2 forged spools, braid 150m/.16mm or nylon 220/.20mm. Titanium roller, and its got balls, all 10 of them. £72.00Alcedo BlackSo, you do not get all the bells and whistles for this price, but you do get a bargain, a really nice looking and well appointed reel. £29.99Pride XF 2010Fancy a go at Light Rock Fishing ie fishing v.light with small lures/plastics for generally smaller fish, then this reel is for you. You do need a reel with a smooth drag, small size and weight to match the light rods and line, the Pride fits the bill. £34.99Alcedo... Italian flair comes to the UK. This range of new lure reels will surprise many with their quality and performance, and make them question paying that much extra for a 'named' reel.DOWN IN PRICE

lure Gold SpinAs fishing is such an individual sport these 'short' rods are not going to suit everyone, but they do reflect the modern thinking... Very much Japanese in origin via France/Italy/Spain. As Henry Gilbey puts it ''Shorter and much faster-action specialist lure rods help so much when you are continuously imparting action to various lures, both hard and soft. Being able to fish these modern rods almost like a "wand" makes lure fishing a whole lot easier and more efficient."Grauvell Teklon ConceptWhen we first saw these rods we knew they were winners. Some rods just have that 'special feel', not something you can put into words, but they are just absolutely 'RIGHT' and the Teklon Concept are in this category. Made from Japanese high performance graphite, super fast taper, immaculate finish featuring Fuji SiC rings, a custom winch, unmistakably modern but understated. The Teklon Concept is an outstanding interpretation of modern European short rod design, that compares directly with rods three times their price.In Sea Angler's Long Term Test Henry Gilbey said 'These stand out from the crowd', 'stunning, probably Best in Class', 'superbly built', 'comfortable to hold for long periods' Nuff Said!!Teklon Concept 802ML 8' 2.4m 2pc casting 10 - 40gm. Super sensitive tip for ultimate feed back on plastics and plugs when the slightest twitch can make all the difference. This rod is a true delight, couple it with a light reel and braid and it's a whole new fishing experience. £125"The most fantastic, all round, fish any method plugging rod available" Henry Gilbey, Sea AnglerTeklon Concept 832M 8' 3" 2.5m 2pc casting 15 - 50gm The powerhouse version, more powerful butt and stiffer tip make this an ideal all rounder, from working a surface popper to sub surface to deep diver but still sensitive enough to fish plastics if the occasion requires. £125 "Well suited to casting, cranking or working slightly heavier bass lures" Henry Gilbey, Sea AnglerTeklon Concept 702L 7'2.1m 2pc casting 7 - 25gm Featherweight 135gm super sensitive rod with a delicate tip to work the most reactive of baits. Light jigheads/plastics/dropshotting, ultra light fishing for maximum fun. £95Teklon Concept 732ML 7'4''2.2m 2pc casting 10 - 45gm, only 5gm heavier than the 7' it packs a bit more of a punch in the butt thru to the middle, while retaining a lovely tip. Better able to deal with larger fish and lures while retaining the sensitivity required for finesse style, also becoming popular with discerning kayak anglers. £99New Teklon Casting 662MH 6'6"2m casting 7 - 35gms still using the Japanese Hi-Performance graphite but producing a beautifully balanced rod for multiplier fans. Fine with plastics or hard baits it comes complete with trigger grip winch and Fuji rings. £115New 9' Teklon Concept 902M 9' £129New 10' Teklon Concept 1002M 10' £135Casting 15 - 60gms. This is the answer to those who have been looking for a longer rod. The extra length that gives more control in rocky/weedy situations, plus that little bit extra distance. A powerful all rounder but still a lightweight at 240gms/268gms.Teknos Gold SpinGrauvell have introduced a new, more accessible range of lure rods based on their best selling, highly successful Teklon Series. Like the Teklon these punch way, way, above their price ticket, just slightly heavier, still with SIC rings although not Fuji's, and a tapered style modern winch they have retained the essential action and feel, that mark out the Teklons as something a little bit special.Teknos Gold 8'2.4m casting 10 - 40gms Just like its more expensive cousin a great tip and suitable for any method, plastics or hard lures and best of all it is £79Teknos Gold 8'4"2.5m casting 15 - 50gms a more powerful version based on the Teklon 832, a stiffer tip for plastics and to work poppers and a greater casting range but still the same ultra competitive price ticket £79Teklon Casting 662MH 6'6"(Kayak) 1pc2m casting 14 - 70gms. Possibly the ultimate Kayak multiplier rod able to cast light spinners, go plugging, troll, feather, jig or fish bottom baits. A sensitive tip progressing smoothly into an incredibly powerful butt with all the lifting power you should need! £120BUYSTAR £79