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lure rods19 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: Walker Lure ProWhat can we say about this rod this good, at this price? How do they do it!! Nice tip, light, with power in the butt, decent fittings with the 'bare bones' look. Now you can give a short rod a go, without breaking the bank.Savage Bushwacker XLNT (Excellent)The original Bushwacker won great acclaim in '09 as an affordable short spinner, making it very difficult to get stock. The new XLNT version cranks things up a notch with an improved action and finish while retaining an affordable price ticket. Fuji Gold Label reel seat, SiC rings, super responsive high modulus carbon blanks, Japanese EVA and Portuguese AAA cork complete a fine package.Bushwacker 8' 2pc features a fast action, fine tip and power butt, casting 15 - 50gm best for general plugging and plastics. £79.95Bushwacker 8'6" 2pc a more powrful version with firmer tip, casting 20 - 60gm for plugging and working poppers. £79.95Lure Pro 8' 2pc casting to 40gmsIdeal for fishing plastics and general plugging £29.50Lure Pro 9' 2pc casting to 50gmsLonger and stiffer better for plugging and surface lures £29.99Lure Pro Quad 9' 4pc casting to 50gmsIn Tube packed length 29". Easy carry/travel rod £37.99Sonic SpinningThe 4SSS (4 Section Sea Spin) ?9'1" £39.99Powerful, casting to 80gm this?4pc will tackle Bass, Pollack as well as the more exotic foreign species. 30" carrying length.Sonik Spinning SK3New kids on the block Sonik have made a name for themselves with their beach rods now they have a range of lure rods. The SK3 is a value for money 10' that is an easy carry 3pc, medium fast action that will handle most lure fishing situations with ease.10' 3pc casting 18 - 40gm £59.99Sonik Spinning SK4Sonik's top of the range spinning rods, these are lighter and better balanced than the SK3 using Multiplex Carbon they have aimed for a 'nothing in the hand' feel. 'Best in Test' in Trout and Salmon.9' 2pc casting 15 - 30gms £89.9910' 2pc casting 18 - 40gms £99.9910' Travel 4pc, casting 18 -40gm £109.99Grauvell Sport Carbon Spinning Rods A new range of hi carbon spinning rods with plenty of backbone for powerful long casting but lightweight and nicely balanced, SIC quality rings. Casting from 20-80 gms. 9' £45.99 10' £49.99 11' £54.99Alpha Revo FourZero9' 15-40gm - This French market rod makes a great all round lure rod. Built on a 2 piece Mitsubishi Carbon blank and finished with a Dashu Arts custom handle and SIC guides. Looks stunning, action is crisp and has lots of feel. If you are looking for something to work soft and hard modern lures, this not only looks the part it, delivers at a fantastic price £69.99Anyfish Anywhere Lure Rods Purpose designed modern style bass lure rods. These rods embody the latest thinking for the modern lure fisherman, and Julian Shambrook has specified top quality Fuji fittings, and Alconite rings to match the quality blank. 8' Casting 10-55gms 2pc £199.99 9' Casting 12-60gms 2pc £199.99 10' Casting 12 -60 £219.994pc 8' in tube £249.99 4pc 9' in tube £249.99Greys Prowla Lure Rods Greys introduce their new Prowla GS Lure Rods. Hi mod carbon, SIC rings, traditional cork handle, braid safe tip eye, perfect for braid lines and all at a brilliant price. The 8' is cracker for really 'working' lures, its short length reducing Sakura ShinjinModern, lightweight and offering incredible value, we especially like the anti tangle Fuji K rings. 7' 8" casting 10 - 35gms medium fast action well suited to plastics and smaller hard lures. £132.99 8' 6" casting 15 - 50gms fast action powerful rods, long casting that can sort big fish, shore or afloat. £144.99 Tenryu SuperMix 240 8' 10 - 60gm These rods have a strong following amoungst the elite of the lure fishing world and once you have sampled their superb action and fishing qualities you can see why. The Super Mix is a great 'all rounder' with a medium fast action specifically designed to fish both hard and soft baits. The Boron Carbon blank is very strong and as you would expect quality fuji fittings are used throughout. Price £415.00Tenryu Red Dragon Express 9' 8'' 20 - 60gmsIf you are serious about hunting big bass with big lures then the Red dragon will be up to the job. It has a fast and powerful action to not only cast big lures in even the worst of conditions but also to handle the big fish which can often be found on days when others struggle to fish. Fuji fittings throughout. Price £425.00Daiwa Branzino Rods and Reels + Luvius 3000At present unavailable but we hope to have new stock in the Summer. Please check our web site for details wrist strain. The 9' gives more control and distance for those who like a longer rod.Prowla 8' Fast Tip, Casting 15 - 30gms £79.99Prowla 9' Fast Tip, Casting 20 - 45gms £89.99great valueAvailableas a combowith daiwa sweepfire £55new 4 piece available

lure ROD AND REEL COMBOScasting comboadd this reel for£30BLACK ROCK SPIN 9ft or 10ft 7 Section fast action compact carrying sizes. Hi-Carbon blank, SIC rings, cork handle quality corder carrying tube.9ft 54cm carrying length casting 40 - 80gms lines to 12lb srp £59.99 VMO Price £54.9910ft 56cm carrying length casting 40 - 80gms lines to 12lb srp £64.99 VMO Price £59.99BLACK ROCK SUPERSPIN 10/11ft Two rods in one, this 6 section rods mimics a famous model but at a more affordable price. The 11' makes a powerful lure rod for float fishing or light bait fishing, the 10' makes a lovely all round lure rod. Carrying Tube length 74cms casting up to 100gms srp £79.99 VMO Price £69.99Black Rock Mini Spin 9'The "Mini' refers to the carrying length of only 45cm!! Featuring a Hi-Carbon blank, with telescopic joints, SIC rings, 2 pc cork handle and supplied with high quality corder covered carrying tube. Casting 10 - 30 gms this pocket size marvel only costs srp £59.99 VMO Price £54.99Geotrex Travel Lure A top quality 6pc multi section at a medium price point, innovative and with a great feel and balance and distinctive 'square' tube. We really like the action of these Hi Modulus carbon blanks with braid friendly SIC rings and rate them as excellent lure rods for home or abroad.8' casting 10 - 40gms carrying length 44cm srp £69.99 VMO Price £64.999' casting 20cs - 50gms carrying length 49cm srp £74.99 VMO Price £69.99Capri 60 Abu Ruby Crest?Casting Rod 9'Rod casting 20-40gm. Designed for casting with a multiplier using 24T graphite makes this rod light and powerful with a great casting action. Rod only £27.99Abu Ambassadeur Blue MaxNew from ABU, this competitively priced, low profile bait caster reel, is outstanding value with adjustable magnetic cast control. 200/12lb. Left hand wind. Reel only £29.99Kona Wahulu Spinning RodsIn a variety of lengths but all with a tip capable of firing a spinner a very long way and the backbone to deal with large fish. The 9' and 10' are ideally suited to inshore boat fishing for Bass or Pollock, with artificials / Sandeels or light bottom fishing. The power of the 11' marks it out as a long range special or for fishing over rough ground.9' casting 2pc £79.9910' casting 2pc £84.9911' casting 2pc £89.99Rod and reel combo'sSpin and lure packsPure Fishing OutfitIdeal for youngsters or holidays, a 9' 2pc rod + reel loaded with line + a float pack and spinner. £19.99Berkley Diamond Crest Spin 9' casting 40-60gm + Mitchell Avocet II Copper 4000Fantastic combo price, While stock lasts. £29.99Grauvell Sport Carbon Spinning Rods A classic 10' lure outfit, nice light carbon rod with a powerful action that will handle poppers, plugs or cast a spinner a long way and it's long enough for float fishing! A good all rounder combined with an Iris XF50 modern 6 b/b reel with alloy spool together at a bargain price. £59.99ABU Quality Combo Take the ABU Diplomat 4pc 9' built from IM6 carbon casting to 30gm, in carrying tube. Then combine it with an ABU Cardinal Saltwater 174 SWI 210/10lb (corrosion resistant bearings, s/steel shaft and hardware, stealth oscillation, spare spool) and you have a quality all round light plug and plastic outfit, g'teed loads of fun, Bass, Mackerel, Pollack all at a huge saving. srp £101.98 Veals Mail Order Price £74.95ABU 9' Diplomat Rod Casting 12 -30gms Tube length 33" Veals Price £49.99 ABU Cardinal Saltwater 174 SRP £44.99 Veals Price £34.99 . Koster . Baracuda. Rocky . Wedge. ABU Koster. Bass Bandit . ABU Toby. Tsunami (surface popper). Maria Angel Kiss (very shallow). Bass Bandit deeper diverCOLOURS & SIZES MAY VARYCOLOURS & SIZES MAY VARYpack 1 £6.99pack 2 £8.00pack 3 £18.50IDEAL FOR BASSIDEAL FOR BASSIDEAL FOR BASSwhilestocks last£59.99£74.99£29.99£19.99outfit oneoutfit twooutfit threeoutfit four