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Lure rods21 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: FOR Ladle SureSpin 10/10 Pro £145The brief was to improve the original SureSpin, regardless of cost. It had to be slimmer, lighter, with improved performance and 3pc to fit the car boot. No easy task, and after several prototypes the only answer was for Daiwa to design and make a new mandrel, to get the right action and that special 'feel' that makes a rod stand out. The result is a 3pc rod at 10'10" that outperforms the SureSpin, is 1oz lighter and a joy to use.Technical Stuff 10'10", 3pc, casting 10-50 gm, weight 200gmAll the attributes of the SureSpin but 3pc, lighter and with extra performance.Mike Ladle SureSpin 10/10 Pro: 10'10" casting 15-50gm, 3pc, dedicated Bass spinning rod made by Daiwa in Scotland, exclusively for Veals Mail Order.Mike Ladle SurePopper £99To meet the demand for a shorter more powerful rod for popper/surface plugging we asked Mike to continue working with Steve Harrison. The result is the SurePopper, more powerful with a firmer tip, this really makes them pop and has extra umph for powerful foreign fish. Technical Stuff 9'9", 4pc in tube, casting 20-75gm, weight 312gmThe best of 'Traditional' British style bass spinning rods. Long casting, versatile . Lures, float and light bait, simply outstanding performers.Mike Ladle SureSpin Mark II £94Britain's most popular quality traditional Bass spinning rod. Why? Mike is a hugely experienced practical Bass fisherman and recognised saltwater spinning/plugging authority who is also a scientist used to evaluating performance. Combine him with Daiwa who have the expertise and technical know how to produce outstanding rods, add input from us at V.M.O. and a great rod was born.Technical Stuff 11' 2pc, casting 15-60 gm, weight 230gmA versatile combination of power and sensitivity, it takes light plugs, poppers, distance work and even float fishing in its stride. It really is as good as they say!Mike Ladle 4SureSpin Mark II £87Designed for the Bass plugger who wants a shorter rod, combined with the convenience of a 4pc in a tube so it's easy to carry on a rucksack or abroad. For this rod Mike collaborated with Dr Steve Harrison of Harrisons Advanced Rods in Liverpool and another cracking rod was born.Technical Stuff 10', 4pc (34.5"in tube), casting 15-50gm weight 270gmA travel friendly, all round Bass spinning rod, that has tamed Tarpon to 60lb+.Sea Angler: "A purpose built 10' sea rod" "Fantastic value for money" "Perfect for spinning"Total Sea Fishing:"Perfect for the travelling angler, or anyone who wants to keep a rod and some lures in the boot of the car"Alan Yates in a comparison test in Sea Angler said: "This is the pick of the bunch. Designed by a bass angler for bass lure fishing"Total Sea Fishing said:"The best bass spinning rod on the market"Britain's best selling quality Traditional bass lure RodIDEAL FOR BASSOnly£ Times Total Sea Fishing Barney Wright known for plain speaking rated for Appearance, Casting, Fishing and Value for Money.Hope you're impressed - he certainly was!Daiwa SweepfireABU Cardinal Saltwater174Pflueger Infusion SSShimano Technium 4000FBMike Ladle 4SureSpin£99£119£129£229Mike Ladle SureSpin£108£127£139£238Mike Ladle 10/10 SureSpin Pro£158£177£188£288Mike Ladle Sure Popper£112£131£142£239Rod and reel dealsSureSpin 40/40 4SureSpin 40/40£94£99£145IDEAL FOR BASSIDEAL FOR BASS

penn powerstix pro rodbass specialfly & 6' Match £19.99New improved design with removable double head and adjustable double butt support. Our most popular tripod with its more rigid V back leg.6. Veals 2'3" - 5' Compact Travel Rest £19.99Folds down to 27" so is small enough to fit in a suitcase. When fully assembled it is 5' so big enough to make a fairly stable rest, and it comes complete with a double U head.Veals 16"- 24" Mini Tripod £21.50Designed for use on sea walls, rocks or estuaries, supplied with a leg lock kit to hold the legs rigid. An innovative specialised rod rest. Mike Ladle SureBass 11'9" casting 1-3ozOK you expect us to say how good this is, but it really is a cracker - it will lob big baits close in style, or belt a 3oz lead out into the breakers. It is light and well balanced so you can hold it for hours and its sensitivity is a revelation. Input from Mike Ladle - Output from Daiwa Scotland. British made for British Fishing. £125Greys GRX-S Bass 12', 2-4oz, 2pc £105Super light, super price, super feel! Everything you would expect, but at a price that surprises.Greys Platinum Bass 12'6", 3-5oz, 2pc£149.99 Absolutely no compromise, slightly longer more powerful Bass rod, but still light, slim and well balanced. Special BASS Prices Only While Stocks LastGreys BZe 12'6" 2pc £109.99 While stock lasts. A lighter weight rod for estuaries, Bass, clean ground, or surf, that will handle up to 5oz making it a versatile and multi purpose fishing rod.? AnyFish AnyWhere Estuary Rod 11' casting 1-3oz £135Will handle all types of estuary fishing plus float fishing, spinning, bubble float/jiffy work. Its balance and light weight make this a delight to fish with.Enticer Multiplier (also suitable for fixed spool)3.35m (11') 18mm dia butt. Designed by Ian Golds.Perfect for all short range, light line fishing. Whether you want a rod for spinning, plugging, flounder bashing, float fishing, piking or any fishing that allows you to see bites and feel the fish fight.. then this is the one for you! Will cast 4ozs but better in the 2-3oz ranges. Veals Mail Order Price £112.50ABU 6500C Power HandleAn ABU Swedish beachcaster with levelwind, 5.3:1 + ball bearing + centrifugal brakes. Amazing!!ABU 5500 C3 CT MagThis non levelwind CT version makes this an ideal light beach, small longcast reel. £114.99Penn Beach reel 515Want a multiplier that casts like a dream, with magnetic brakes, light, tough enough for big fish and rough ground? The latest Penn really is the dogs doodahs. 230/15lb, 6:1 retrieve weight only 14.4oz srp £185 VMO Price £125.99Akios ReelsAkios a new name in sea fishing. External similarities with others hide internal sophistication with improved gearing, a larger reel spindle, stainless handle and star drag, chromed brass sideplates etc. 3 Ball Bearings, 300/15lb, 5.3:1 ratioSea Fly Outfit Here is an outfit not to be missed, starting or upgrading this is a cracker. 4pc 9'6" Rovex Radion Saltwater rod matched with a WF 9 F Radion line and Blackridge Reel, we even include a spool of backing. If you add it up that's £119.96 at srp but Veals Mail Order have it a very special Combo Price of £79.90Ocean Pacific Silver Bass 11Ft long in two equal sections casting to 3.5Oz. This hugely popular light shore rod is justifiably rated for not just for bass but for mackerel, flatties and estuaries. Although designed primarily as bait rods they can be used for light feathering and even for a bit of spinning. Ocean Pacific Silver Bass supplied with Ocean Pacific Mercury AF70 £39.00PowerStix Pro Bass 11'6" 3pc casting 2-4oz £69.99A much improved version of the old PowerStix, with more capability easy carry 3pc design. Ideal all round Bass bait rod. Not to be overlooked for estuary and flattie fishing. Penn PowerStix Pro, all new, totally redesigned and updated. Featuring quality fittings and a new action designed and tested by Mike Thrussell.ABU Atlantic 444Upgraded with IM6 carbon, sliding winch, Alconites and a super progressive action, easy distance and excellent bite detection.2pc Estuary, Surf or Light Beach12'4" casting 3 - 4oz srp £162.99 VMO Price £155.99D Sea Bass 11' 3pc all round 2-4oz £34.99Bass/ flatties, estuary or surf, all at a super price.Akios 656 CS Levelwind with centrifugal brakes. Srp £109.99 VMO Price £80.99Akios 656 CSM Levelwind + centrifugal and magnetic brakes. Srp £124.99 VMO Price £89.99Akios 656 CTM Non Levelwind + centrifugal and magnetic brakes. Srp £124.99 VMO Price £89.99Sea Fly SelectionsChosen by respected British Saltwater Fly Guide Justin Anwyl. Three quality fly selections of proven killers for British Bass fishing. Deepwater (7 flies), Bass 'Roach' (8 flies), or Bass Special (8 flies). Any pack £24.99easave £40£79.90special offer£39CHECK WEBSITE 4 even more flies!whilestocks last£125.99£71whilepriceslast