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inshore specialsstandard light boatsbass boat25 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: Kenzaki Latest version of the outstanding Kenzaki range, the same outstanding blank with a few cosmetic changes, no need to worry... its still just as good as before! Let's hope that they can keep up with demand this year. Available in 2pc or 3 pc at the same price. The 3 piece easily fits in most car boots and has a slightly stiffer action.6lb Class 7'8" Rod, 12lb Class 7'8" Rod, 20lb Class 7'8" Rod, 30lb Class 7'6" Rod £99.99ea.Penn Waveblaster Evo 2pc Equal Length The new LOW prices make these rods outstanding value. Good enough for us to sell last year at over £150 now at under £100... these are a STEAL!!!! They have a classic progressive action, featuring a sensitive tip with a smooth transfer to the reserves of power in the butt.8-12lb 8' Lovely for light Bass fishing dingys, etc £99.9912-20lb 7'10"Sidewinders/Sandeels/bait top all round Bass rod £99.99Yamashita Japanese Quality Mini Feathers (Size 6 hooks) Ideal for catching Sandeels, species hunting or when bait is hard to catch. Using superior Japanese materials, tied in China to keep them affordable ... all at Veals Mail Order low prices. Using 20lb main line these are not suitable for use with conventional beach casting gear.Yamashita Pro 'Sabiki - Feather' Mini Sabikis with a reflective strip Size 6 20lb main, 14lb snood, F600 White, or FL604 coloured. £2.99 per setYamashita Pro Sabiki - Shrimp (AS604) Coloured translucent body mimic this staple fish food. Ideal for a wide range of species as well as Sandeels. £2.99 per setYamashita Pro Sabiki - Mini Shrimp (UVS503) Luminous mini shrimps on short shank hooks Sandeel 'specials' £2.99 per setBerkley Tec Scales100lb version. £42.99Berkley Tec ScalesDual display allows the weight to be read from either side which is ideal for match weigh ins but not so good for fooling your mates! Accurate to 1/10th of 1%. Weighs to 35lb Berkley Tec. £30.99Berkley 50lb Digital Scales1oz to 50lbCompact light ideal to keep in your rucksack or box. srp£29.99 VMO Price £22.99Fiskar / GerberBy far and away our most popular knife. Quality performance at a sensible price combined with a "non-slip handle" and a facility to sharpen the knife with the sharpener built into the sheath. Makes this a sure fire winner. £9.99Snowbee 7'' Prestige Filleting KnifeFlexible one piece 420 grade stainless steel blade and a genuine Pakka wood handle. Leather sheath included. Price £14.99Berkley Tec Standard 6"This is the ideal all round filleting knife. £19.50Berkley Tec ' Firm Flex' 6"Suitable for heavier work than the standard knife,its less flexible blade is ideal when the going gets tough. £19.50Berkley Tec 4" Bait and FilletNeat and compact its super sharp blade makes bait cutting easy and can double up as a filleter. £16.99DOWN IN PRICETsunami Knives Fillet or Bait with Sheath £4.99Sonik Boat RodsTwo new ranges of boat rods the SK3 and the SK4 are all 7'6", 2pc splitting in the handle, with unlocking screw winches, advanced compound tapered blanks. Sensitive tips with plenty of progressive power in the butt, really nice fishing rods. The SK4 also features specialised low profile braid rings. 8 - 12lb SK3 £59.99 SK4 £79.99 12 - 20lb SK3 £59.99 SK4 £79.99 20 - 30lb SK3 £59.99 SK4 £79.99 30 - 50lb SK3 £59.99 SK4 £79.99Cannonball LeadsThese are the latest things in boat leads. They drop quickly without spinning or wobbling and hold really well. Available from 4oz up, they are suitable for light or conventional downtiding. Please allow £7.95 for postage on orders containing leads. Packs of 5.4oz £4.20 6oz £5.20 8oz £6.10 10oz £7.20 12oz £8.15 16oz £9.95ABU Diamond Crest Boat Rods 5' or 6" £19.99 eaFeaturing a tough 2pc carbon composite blank with foam grips, screws winch and lined rings. These have proved exceptionally popular as Kayak rods thanks in part to their crazy price and all round general purpose action, suitable for braid or nylon lines.Kona Wahulu Spinning RodsAwesome blank with lots of backbone and a sensible tip. Ideal for boat spinning/plugging, Sandeels or even light bottom fishing.9' casting 2pc £79.9910' casting 2pc £84.9911' casting 2pc £89.99These are outstanding rods for fishing light, spinning, free lining Sandeels or bait fishing. (The shorter ones are great in Kayaks)RC Bass 7' Carbon £49Latest uprated version IM5 Carbon with Kevlar reinforcement.Similar action and power, it has KWC screw reel seat and double leg SIC guides. Available in trigger grip multiplier or straight handle for fixed spool. Casting 7 - 42 gmsGrauvell Etna 3m 10' This superb Boat Match rod uses high modulus carbon so it can go to 10'. Super for fishing live sandeels. Outstanding bite indication. Complete with 3 push in tips. £89.99Shimano Vengence Slim BoatLatest modern style rods from Shimano. The long tip/short butt gives a nice action, but beware car doors. Using GeoFibre/XT30 carbon to give nice balance and feel. 6 -12 lb 7' light line, dingy,bass flattie rod £48.99, 12 - 20lb ideal for fishing light £48.99, 20 - 30lb All rounder £48.99PEN Powerstix add Penn gto 220 for £48or 230 for £52 free tubePowerStix Pro 4pc £52.20This all new series is the latest version of the popular 4 piece PowerStix Boat. The PowerStix Pro range now features a new tip, giving a firmer, more powerful action. Travel tube included and still at a fantastic price! 12-20lb7'6" Ideal all round light to medium boat rod for all bass techniques. CHECK WEBSITE 4 MORE INFOBoat Rod Holder £9.99Multi position can be clamped to rail or screwed to gunwale. you must be over 18 to buy a knife£99.99DOWN IN PRICEadd this reel for£25

nylon for lure fishingSpiderwire Stealth Code Redbraid for lure fishingnylon & Ultracast Invisi-Braid 300m A "see through" braid developed for spinning. Smooth and very thin and designed to be cast. A great new product for the keen saltwater spin and plug fisherman. 15lb, 20lb, 30lb £22.50ea.Knockout Nylons at Normal Prices Varivas and Veals - a Winning Combination . Top quality Japanese Products. Co-Polymer Smooth, Thin, & Easy to Knot. Veals Input & Development . Veals Import Direct for Low Prices. Fine lines that are Fantastic to Fish WithVarivas Sea Bass Max Power £42ea. Best and thinnest braid we sell. Its silky feel belies its immense strength. Braided from 8 strands of highest quality dyneema line. Suitable for experts or anyone that demands the best. Available in 15lb or 20lb x 150m. Available in 150yd £19.99ea. or 300yd £34ea. 11lb, 20lb, 33lb and 53lb in Moss Green.Varivas Avani Sea BassExtra quality Japanese braid, very nice to fish with. A bass spin/plug favourite that also works great on a multipler.150yd 16lb or 23lb £25.99ea.Spiderwire Stealth in greenImproved version of the original, Teflon pressure treated, with a round profile, a smooth casting braid 15lb, 20lb, 30lb or 50lb 300m Spools. £22.99ea.Berkley FireLine Crystal £24.99ea. Translucent 300yd 14lb or 20lb.Berkley Whiplash Crystal Crystal formula for optimum translucency, giving low visibility with ultra thin diameter. 300yd 20lb, 30lb or 50lb £23.99ea. We have increased our range of braids, all braids are virtually non stretch and super thin, but anglers are individuals, and we need a line that suits our personal requirements... so from the new exciting affordable Varivas PE to original braids like Dynon, from soft to stiff, bright to dull there should be something here to suit everyone.Varivas Super PE Top Quality Japanese Braid at Veals Mail Order PricesA fantastic new Japanese braid at 'normal' prices. This new High Power line is made from Premium P.E., braided extra tight for a smoother finish in Varivas's Japanese factory. This produces a multi purpose, quality, smooth, fine line that is a pleasure to fish with and also slightly stiffer to reduce tangles. What a combination... and all at a special introductory price that makes it even more desirable!Varivas Clear £8.99ea.By popular request a 'clear' winner, if you want a low visibility line to fool wary fish. 12lb .285 x 1650m 15lb .35 x 1100m 18lb .37 x 930m 20lb .40 x 770m 25lb .44 x 660m 30lb .47 x 580m Varivas Sport £8.99ea.Our biggest seller. Brilliant all rounder you can use with complete confidence. Translucent mist green. 15lb .35 x 1100m 25lb .44 x 660m 18lb .37 x 930m 30lb .47 x 580m 20lb .40 x 770m Grauvell Teklon GoldSuperfine but not over strength like most. Strongly recommend buying only slightly less than your usual diameter.11.2lb .20mm 13.6lb .22mm 17.8lb .25mm 23.3lb .30mm 31.7lb .35mm 40.5lb .40mm £14.99 per spool up to 17.8lb. £18.99 per spool 23.3lb to 40.5lb. Spiderwire Stealth Code Red Code Red has an 'Extra Round' profile to help stop it digging in and to increase casting distance and reduce lead used. This makes it suitable for casting with fixed spool reels multipliers or regular boat fishing or uptiding with multipliers. The PE fibre construction is pressure coated with Teflon© for increased life and easy usability plus the red colour is permanently locked in, a nice touch as red is easy to see above water, but the first colour to disappear as it sinks.300yd Spools srp £29.99 VMO Price £16.99 15lb (7.1kg) 20lb (10.2kg) 35lb (16.5kg) 50lb (22.9kg)Tuf-Line Duracast £17.99This American made braid has been specially formulated for spinning with fixed spool reels. It uses an ultra round tri-axial construction (nylon core heated to fuse into the braid) improves casting and helps eliminate wind knots and tip wraps. 125 yds spools - colour yellow. Available in16lb .13mm, 21lb .28mm, 25lb .23mm, 32lb .28mmIntroductory Price270m/ 300yds (aprox) SRP £41.99Boat, Beach or Plugging. Yellow or Green 7.5kg/16lb, 9kg/20lb, 15kg/33lb, or 24kg/50lb135m/ 150yds (aprox) SRP £25.99Ideal for Spin/Plugging. Green only 7.5kg/16lb or 9kg/20lb£29.99£15.99save £12save £1011lb now £45available Lurs Bass Line CamouflageColmic the Italian tackle giant who are based near Florence are committed to producing the best products with the most modern materials and manufacturing procedures. This is their Mimetic monofilament in 4 different colours for a greater invisibility and a camouflage effect. . Extra strong with an high abrasion resistance. . Parallel anti twist spooling.£7.99 ea.Varivas GameTop quality Japanese co-polymer nylon designed for spinning. A combination of controlled stretch, smooth long casting finish and fine diameter make this an outstanding line. Specially spooled for Veals. In 300yd spools.10lb or 12lb £9.50ea. £16.99£17.99300m Spools 0,22 at 9 lb0,25 at 12lb0,28 at 15 lb0,31 at 18lb£7.99300 M spool!300 yd spool! spin lineTo guard against allergic reaction do not moisten knots in your mouth. quality braid