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Varivas gran hooking mastersnew gear3 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: & New Gear 2/3 Surface Lures 4/5Floating Diving Lures 6/7/8/9Suspending & Sinking Lures 10/11Plastics, Jigs & Spinners 12/13/14/15Lure Reels 16/17Lure Rods 18/19/20/21Fly, Surf & Accessories 22/23 Boat Rods & Reels 24/25 Braids & Nylons 26/27Trebles & Waders 28 Luggage, Boxes & Bags 29Lamps, DVD's, & Sunglasses 30 Moulds & Order Form 31Clothing 32 contentsDeps Madball 175mm/7" pack of 6 £10.75(Thats only £1.80 Each!)Something rather special, its unique tail with the ball at the end makes for a fantastic action that just triggers fish to hit. Add to this the easy rig flat section and you have a winner that can be effectively rigged in a variety of ways. Check out: for video footage and rigging diagrams and you will see why we are so excited by this new plastic killer. Colours 04 silver translucent, 65 two tone, 73 watermelon (demand means limited colour selection, initially). Mitchell Mag-Pro Lite 2000 srp£159 VMO Price £115. Fully Saltwater Resistant. 2 x Alu Spools(Braid 230/.10mm, Nylon 300/.25mm). 10 x Bearings. Smooth sealed Drag. Anti-Twist Titanium Line Roller. Lightweight magnesium body and rotor (total only 263gms). Carbon Handle ShaftVarivas Gran Hooking Master... Heavy Wide £2.75 per pkt. Sharp, strong and a big gape for better hook holds 2/0, packet of 7, 3/0 and 4/0 6 per packet. Varivas Gran Hooking Master...Monster Class£2.75 per pkt. Ultra Heavy Wire the name says it all. 4/0 or 5/0, packet of 5.Berkely Trilene Sensation 300yd SpoolOutstanding Hi Viz Nylon. If you want a fine, strong line, that knots well, handles well and really stands out, these are for you. A choice of Solar or Blaze means you can track your line, the fine diameter gives increased distance, its tough for its diameter, and its very sensitive for a nylon. Best of all its affordable!10lb ( 5.3kg ) .24mm Solar Green or Blaze Orange £6.99 per spool12lb (6.1kg ) .26mm Solar Green or Blaze Orange £6.99 per spoolYo-Zuri Duel Dolce, A Diving FloaterUnique tri-hedral body giving 3 way flash and a constant vibration. Fish it anywhere from fast for a wide wobble to ultra slow for a tight roll. Duel magnetic weight system for long casts and outstanding action. Colours subject to availability Holographic in Pearl, Blue Sardine Silver Blue or Blue Herring. 95mm 10gms £19.50125mm 19gms £19.90With the increased interest in fishing plastics we have imported two outstanding new hook patterns from Japan. Finest quality and design make these the very best available to you at Veals Mail Order prices.Sunline Castaway PE 8 Strand150m Spools, colour blue. From the famous Japanese company a Top Quality Japanese braid, designed for sea fishing. It's superfine fine and nice to fish, with the sdded advantage of having more abrasion resistance than some others we have tried.20lb £45 per spool25lb £43 per spoolideal for Hard or Soft Lures PearlSilver BlueBlue HerringBlue Sardine

Surface Plugswalk the dogsurface need to impart the action into these plugs by moving your rod tip from side to side while retrieving which causes the lure to change direction, speed and wallow like a wounded bait fish on the surface. Very visual and exciting in the extreme.Aurora Mackerel - 128mmMaria Pop QueenBlue Mackerel or Prismatic Blue. Fantastic value Japanese Veals import, long casting with moving weight system. Usual big jerk for an explosive pop, or at slow speed it's an enticing wallow, to just under the surface wobble at speed. Or cast it, leave it sitting almost vertically like a gasping bait fish then jerk to pop it, repeat, explosive!!105mm 28gm £11.95Megabass Pop MaxThe Pop Max is a very hi-tech surface lure and the attention to detail on these lures is outstanding. It uses a mix of internal water chambers, fixed and moving point balancing systems, rattles and fantastic finish to create a very appealing lure which can be worked in a number of different ways in the hope of grabbing the attention of any nearby Bass. 78 mm - 14gm £19.99Lucky Craft Big 'G' SplashLoads of disturbance, long casting fantastic finish colours subject to availability. Please check on line for current stock.120mm 24gm £16.99Storm Chug BugsRattling surface popper. Very effective with an explosive action. Colours Blue/Silver, Blue and Hothead Mackerel 80mm 10gm £7.50 110mm 25gm £7.99Tsunami 'Bass Buster' PopperWeight moving, tumble free, surface popper at a fantastic price! Mackerel ,Green Mackerel or Holographic Blue 90mm 24gm £5.50Lucky Craft Sammy'The' classic and the version that all others are judged by, outstanding action and response to your input combined with amazing finish, always having trouble getting colours so please check online for availability.115mm 18.5gm £15.99 128mm 28gm £17.99Dexter Easy Walker Colours Green or Blue Mackerel. Walk the dog with these great value movers, with a click rather than a rattle you can be subtle or aggressive to suit the fish's mood.110mm 19gm £5.99 eachTitan Flash PencilThis is an excellent surface lure providing you walk it. A good copy of the Sammy so you can 'walk the dog' at a great price.110mm 18gm Holographic, Green Mackerel. £5.10 Surface plugs are great fun to fish and it's very exciting when you get a crashing take on the top. If a plug is described as a popper, when retrieved it will make a big splash as you jerk the rod tip. Other plugs on this page, such as the Sammy, are more subtle and need a rhythmic moving of the rod tip from side to side while retrieving to impart the action. ('Walking the dog'), but they often score when others fail.Make a splash with these, use braid and a big 'jerk' for a huge surface explosion . but think subtle pops as well.Megabass Giant Dog X swThis is a surface lure with plenty of fish attracting features. It makes a great 'walking the dog' lure and subtle taps of the rod tip give this lure a hugely enticing zig zag action. The rolling action gives flashes to sub-surface fish and its gill generates sound and splashes water as it turns just like a fleeing baitfish. Its action is quite subtle and responds well to being worked slowly.97mm 16.5gm £19.99Tackle House Feed PopperCup shaped face to give maximum pop. This means that it excells when the water is rough rather than flat calm. Work it slowly or from static then jerk to make a audible 'pop'. Weighing in at 30gms and 120mm it casts really well and its outstanding finish and constructions sets it apart from cheaper versions. £22.95Superioraction made in JapanCHECK WEBSITE 4 even more colours!CHECK WEBSITE 4 MORE INFOTsunami Super Popper Weight transfer, long casting surface lure with a thru gills water transfer for a splash and bubble effect. Holographic Blue, Green Mackerel or Purple/Gold 100mm 22gm £7.50 or 150mm 50gm £8.90