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shallow diving7 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: Komomo SF125This fishes down to about a foot with a roll and wriggle, usual fantastic finish giving off all the come and get me signals. Comes in 4 colours.SF125, 125mm 16gm £18.50IMA Komomo IIYou can fish this one just under the surface as it only dives to about 8", fantastic action, and right were I like to fish it at speed. A certain killer. Comes in 4 colours.110mm 15gm £18.99Ima Imagene Long casting with a moving weight, a wobble/roll with a tight action that excels in fast currents and emphasises the fantastic finish. Comes in 4 colours.Imagene 110, 110mm 11gm dives 6" - 18" £17.49Imagene 130, 130mm 14gm dives 6" - 2' £18.49Mega Bass Zonk 120 Gataride Yoro Yoro and Hi PitchVery shallow diver, outstanding aggressive action from a hinged lip,( be careful rocks or diving into the seabed damages the bib ) unique back cavity producing turbulence, internal moving weights, fab finish, all in one lure!! One of H Gilbey's favourites! Lots of colours on line. A 'Must Have 'Lure. Dives to 4' floating to surface if reteive is stopped.Yoro Yoro has a slightly smaller curved bib so has a more subtle action and does not dive quite so deep. 120mm 18gm £22.95MegaBass X-120 SWSlim shallow diver, long casting moving weights, going down to about 18", Ideal over sandbars and shallow reefs. Go the distance. Work it down, stop and it slowly, slowly rises, ready for the hit? Bang! Comes in 4 colours.121mm 12gm £19.99Hokkaido Slim ShadGreat value slim wobbler that can be fished effectively fast, slow or stop and twitch, twitch, twitch BANG! 135mm 12gm £5.99 (Yes, really, now that a bargain)Chart Black/Pearl Sayori/Border HoloIWash/Border HoloDice Bay Crap 90 Colours Sayori/Border horo, Iwash/Border holo, Chart, Black/pearl. Nice short shallow diver, (down to a foot) that has a 'rolling' action that works well with a jerky retrieve in addition to the more conventional steady wind.93mm 11.3gm £17.90Dexter Darter A great value sub surface lure in two killing colours, fish it slow, fast or even stop start, just be sure to hold your rod tight! 105mm 17gm Only £5.99Yo Zuri Crystal MinnowDiver that works the top 2' of water, ideal in shallow water. Reflective colours catch low levels of light making it very effective for Bass moving into the shallows as the sun goes down. 110mm 11gm. £11.25 130mm 18gm £11.99CHECK WEBSITE 4 even more colours!

diving & is the tried and tested way of Bass plugging. These plugs float, as you retrieve they dive to a depth greater than 2ft allowing you to fish through the water column. When you stop, they rise towards the surface and you can then work them back down. By varying the plug, speed and pauses you can cover the water very effectively.Maria Chase SWIf you are looking for a good general all round plug, this floating diver should fit the bill. Not only does it outcast most plugs, it out fishes them as well. Deeper fishing version of the Chase BW with the same super action. Red Head, Blue/Chrome, Standard Holographic, Blue Holographic, Black Holographic. 125mm 19.5gm £12.60ea.Maria La SegundaExtra long casting ,with a moving weight system and an enticing wriggling action, that imitates a bait fish in trouble. Top lure for long range fishing in the wind, fishes down to 4', good in rough water.115mm 24gm £11.00 Jackson Athlete Slim3 colours PPR, RBO, LKS. We really really like this one. Dives down to 2 - 4' Long casting. Wriggle and roll with a tight action, the 12FSS is very similar to the famous Duo Tide Minnow but with a slightly enhanced roll, and thank goodness a stronger bib/lip. Fish on a constant retrieve or stop and go. Deadly in calm conditions and has rattle for dirty or rough seas.12FSS, 120mm 14gm £18.9514FS, 140mm 21gm £20.75Deps Balinsong 130SW Minnow Colours Ghost Ayu, Mullet, Pearl White. Wow, action taken to the extreme. Diving to 4' you can fish this one how you like and it works. Hyper fast, its exaggerated roll still works ,while its side to side action and fine balance allows a skilled angler to work it precisely. Mimics the action of a big bait fish. You definitely should have one of these in your arsenal.130mm 24.5gm £21.99IMA Nabarone 125A collaboration with Duo produced this shallow runner, down to 2' with tight fast wobble and lots of shaking at speed, a nice all rounder that should not disappoint.125mm 16gm £17.50IMA Nabarone 150 Diving to over 3' this is a big plug with a very aggressive action, lots of vibration, weight transfer for maximum distance, big in every respect.Check colours 'online' 150mm 24gm £22.50IMA Sasuke 140 Another big plug, moving internal weights mean big distances, it vibrates strongly on a steady retrieve or jerk for an erratic darting action. A tough all rounder that dives to 3' 140mm 18gm £18.50Megabass Vision 110 4 colours. A fast retrieve, taking it down to 3', gives a very tight, seemingly irresistible roll, spot on for wary fish, or jerk it aggressively for wide flashing swings. Why three sets of trebles? Well, fish are likely to hit this one from all directions.110.5mm 13.5gm £22.94Smiths Saruna Colours 33, 42, 43. This is undoubtably the best known and most popular Smith plug. Floating divers that can be worked down to 5' in the larger size. Long casting, it works well jerked followed by a twitch as well as at a constant or even on a slow/ fast variable retrieve.110mm 14gm £19.50125mm 18gm £20.50Smiths Saruna Slim Colours 03, 07New, slimmer version of the classic Saruna, so new we have not had chance to fish with one yet! It has been developed with Bass in mind, keeping the killing characteristics of its parent in a slimmer profil, nice big size and shallower fishing depth. 140mm 21gm £22.50PPRRBOLKS4243CHECK WEBSITE 4 MORE INFO