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Reliable, efficient service in ARA and beyond. quick and timely delivery of a wide range of grades. We look forward to your enquiries both in and outside the Netherlands. Office address: De Linie 1, Capelle aan den Ijssel, NL- 2905 AX , the Netherlands Post address: PO Box 377, Capelle aan den IJssel, NL- 2900 AJ, the Netherlands Tel: 24/ 7: + 31 10 264 27 00 E- mail: Bunkers@ lukoil. nl Benelux B. V.

World Bunkering Autumn 2010 11 EUROPE New barge for Le Havre Total Marine Fuels has increased its bunkering capacity at the port of Le Havre and at the Port 2000 container facilities, with the delivery of its new bunkering barge, Cimil. The 4,500 tonne capacity bunker tanker is highly manoeuvrable and can deliver blends and different grades at 500 tph. Christophe Girardot, general manager Total Marine Fuels ( above), says: " Cimil is a modern and flexible barge which will complement the bunker delivery capacity we have in Le Havre with our current barge ST Sara. It will improve service to our contract clients, mostly liner and cruise operators, while allowing us to offer a replacement to the Antifer pipeline service for tankers, which is out of service this year. Delivering our full product range at high speed it gives owners calling at Le Havre a new opportunity, especially for 380 cSt fuel. Cimil will also increase our ability to serve spot customers." Built in Turkey in 2010 for Swiss company ABC Maritime, Cimil is chartered to Total for three years. It can carry IFO 380, IFO 500, IFO 700 and DML in 10 tanks. Aegean in Las Palmas Aegean Marine Petroleum began bunkering operations at Las Palmas, Canary Islands at the beginning of June. The company says it sees the move as strengthening its position as a leading supplier of marine fuels in the western Atlantic and entrance to the Mediterranean, where it already has bunkering sta-tions in Gibraltar, Tangiers and West Africa. Aegean plans to offer all grades of marine fuel oil, including MGO 0.1 LSFO. It says ISO8217/ 2005 specifications are guaranteed. Initially, deliveries will be made by the double- hull vessel Mykonos. Ex- pipe deliveries can be arranged, as well. Another double- hull barge is planned to arrive shortly. The move into the Las Palmas market follows Aegean's acquisi-tion of the Shell Las Palmas terminal, which should be finalised by the end of July. Shell Espana is exiting the Las Palmas marine fuel business and all employees of the terminal will be retained by Aegean. " With our agreement to acquire the Shell Las Palmas terminal, Aegean Marine continues to actively consolidate the fragmented marine fuel industry in a disciplined manner that meets a strict set of return criteria," said Aegean president E. Nikolas Tavlarios. Tavlarios added: " We also plan to take advantage of the increasing demand for low- sulphur fuel in this sizeable market and utilise the port's considerable storage facilities to procure large quantities of supply to be on hand in order to serve our customers." OW starts North Norway supply OW Icebunker has established new operations within North Norway, offering customers access to products either in port, at the roads or at sea. The company now has one tanker operating in the Barents Sea and off the coast of Norway. It can also provide fuel in port at Narvik, Hammersfest, Honnigsvåg and Kirkennes, and has access to OW Bunker's logistics network of over 30 vessels if necessary. The company can provide customers with all grades of fuel oil up to 380 cSt as well as marine gas oil, and low- sulphur products. Bunkers will be delivered either with the barge alongside the customer's vessel or by a stern- line in rougher weather. The company also has a permit to provide customers with products during cargo operations, which it says reduces vessel downtime and increases efficiencies even further. OW Icebunker's managing director Per Funch- Nielsen said: " Our aim is to work in partnership with our customers and provide them with the best fuel procurement solution that meets the demands of their business and improves operational efficiencies as well as profit-ability. Suppliers must have the ability to develop and adapt strategies directly with customers' needs, based on a fundamental understanding of the challenges that they face. High seas bunkering is a great example of this and saves customers days of time that would otherwise be spent in port, where they would also incur additional costs." INDIAN SUBCONTINENT Matrix Bharat to supply in Kochi Singapore- based joint- venture firm Matrix Bharat Marine Fuels ( MXB), which opened for business in Mumbai in December last year, is to offer supplies in Kochi in a move that could push its monthly deliveries up to the 15,000 tonnes mark. The company says that it is looking to supply a minimum of 3,000 to 4,000 tonnes a month by the end of this year at Cochin Oil Terminal and Wellington Island in Kochi ( formerly Cochin) in Kerala state. Last year, Kerala state reduced value added tax on bunker products to 0.5%, down from 12.5%. At the time it was hoped that this would bolster sales at Kochi. Cochin Port Trust is developing a multi- user liquid terminal in the Puthuvypeen area to handle bunkers, LPG and crude oil with a planned 2011 project completion date. Matrix Bharat Marine Fuels ( MXB) is a 50/ 50 joint- venture between Matrix Marine Fuels ( MMF), the trading division of German independent oil company Marquard & Bahls, and Indian- based Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited ( BPCL). MMF was set up about 15 years ago and has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. In Singapore, MXB has a long- term agreement to use customised tanks and infrastructure at the Oiltanking Odfjell Terminal and delivers bunkers both alongside and by barge. Government- owned Bharat Petroleum Corporation is India's second largest oil company, with activities covering refining, storing, marketing and distribution of petroleum products, as well as bunker-ing. One of the factors prompting MXB to supply bunkers at Kochi is that Bharat Petroleum has a refinery there. In addition, the joint venture says that Kochi is well situated on the main shipping lanes. The MXB initiative is one of a number of new projects that are underway or in the pipeline. Among these is Chemoil Adani's opera-tion out of, initially, India's largest private port, Mundra.