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22 World Bunkering Autumn 2010 The International Bunker Industry Association Ltd REPORTS The Aims of the Association . To provide an international forum to address the concerns of all sectors of the bunker industry; . To improve and clarify industry practices and documentation; . To represent the industry in discussion with relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies and to make the concerns of the industry known to such bodies; . To assist members in the event of dis-putes by identifying the options and exploring the alternatives open to them and eventually to provide a panel of experienced mediators and arbitrators; . To increase the professional understand-ing and competence of those working in the industry. In the begining Eight members of the industry conceived the International Bunker Industry in October 1992, and the association was formally regis-tered on 29 January 1993. Since then it has expanded steadily with a worldwide mem-bership comprising shipowners, charterers, bunker suppliers, traders, brokers, barging companies, storage companies, surveyors, port authorities, credit reporting companies, lawyers, P& I Clubs, equipment manufacturers, shipping journalists and marine consultants. In 2008, our membership stands at over 500 and is spread over 67 countries. There are three categories of membership, namely: . Individual membership: open to all people with an interest in bunkering, whether they are involved in the day- to-day business of bunkering ships or have an interest in the industry. Each member has one vote in association business, but this category does not allow delegation. . Corporate membership: open to com-panies and associations with an interest in bunkering, whether they are involved in the day- to- day business of bunkering ships or have an interest in the industry. Each member has one vote in association business, but corporate membership has the advantage of allowing companies to delegate different members of their company to participate in different working groups. . Corporate sponsor: this is the newest category and allows a company to con-tribute any sum they see fit to the association. In return they receive the same benefits as a corporate member but in addition have their logo printed on all IBIA publications and are offered further sponsorship opportunities ahead of other members. The board The board is constrained to have a balance of members from each sector of the industry in order to preserve the industry- wide rep-resentation and approach of the association. The board regulates the association and is elected by the membership to perform that role. The working gro ups Because IBIA is an association dedicated to its membership, it must reflect members' wishes and react to their needs. In the past this has been achieved by the for-mation of Working Groups. These groups reported back via IBIA's official magazine, World Bunkering, or through special circulars where appropriate. There were six Working Groups, as listed below, with the issues that they each addressed. Education . Run further IBIA Basic Bunkering courses worldwide; . Implement the running of IBIA's two- day Intermediate Bunkering courses; . Run further IBIA half day Ships Agents courses. Safety . Investigate the issue of Safe Access; . Produce a best practice for pre- delivery checklists. Operational Standards and Procedures . Looking at turning ISO( TR) 13739 into a bunkering procedure. Technical . Continue to provide answers to technical enquiries from members; . Report on the latest technical issues to the members. Environmental . Discuss IBIA approach to EC initiatives; . Develop environmental policy. Commercial Working Group . Has been responsible for the production of the IBIA Guide to Good Commercial Practice; . Cooperated with BIMCO on the Standard Bunker Contract. Task Forces IBIA now operates a Task Force system. When an issue is identified as requiring attention a Task Force is formed, the issue investigated, and upon completion the Task Force is disbanded. Issues that have been tackled by Task Forces to date are: . Sales Tax . SIBCON/ IBIA Golf Tournament . IBIA Convention . IBIA Seminar - Cruise & Ferry 2007

World Bunkering Autumn 2010 23 Membership application PLEASE PRINT VERY CLEARLY Applicants must fill out all appropriate sections including method of payment. Corporate members must give the name of the individual contact. Name of individual Title ( eg Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Capt) Company name Address Zip ( Postal) code Country Tel No Fax No Cell/ Mobile E- mail Please indicate your company's principal business activity: ( please mark one only) Owner/ Charterer/ Buyer Port Operations/ Storage/ Delivery Services ( eg Legal/ Financial/ Analytical) Supplier Trader Broker Please indicate the type of membership being applied for: Individual Member £ 110 Corporate Member £ 550 Corporate Additional £ Free ( please state reason) Please state amount being remitted to us in Sterling £ Individual members must provide the following information: Home address Zip ( Postal) Code Country Payment instructions Payment must be made free of all charges at both the paying bank and its overseas correspondent where applicable. Amex Telegraphic Remittance Cheque UK Sterling Visa Amex Switch 1. Credit card payment. Please complete following details: PLEASE PRINT VERY CLEARLY Cardholder's name Card number Expiry date / Billing address Zip ( Postal) code Country Signature Date 2. Telegraphic remittance Clydesdale Bank plc, Mountbatten House, Grosvenor Square, Southampton SO15 2JU, England IBAN GB95 CLYD 8260 0410 247 629 SWIFTBIC CLYD GB2S GB£ Sort Code 82- 60- 04 Sterling Account Number 1024762 Account Name IBIA Ltd 3. Cheque: Made payable to The International Bunker Industry Association Ltd. Application forms must be sent by mail or by fax to the IBIA Administration Office. ALL APPLICANTS MUST SIGN AND DATE HERE: Signature Date The Administrator, The IBIA Ltd, Ground Floor, Latimer House, 5- 7 Cumberland Place, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 2BH, United Kingdom. Tel: + 44 ( 0) 2380 226555 Fax: + 44 ( 0) 2380 221777.