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HEAD OFFICE: Room 708 3, Portovaya Street Nakhodka Russia, 692900 Tel/ Fax: + 7 4236 629779, 679341 E- mail: nayada@ nakhodka. ru Website: www. nayada. biz VLADIVOSTOK BRANCH: Room 412, 10a, Okeanskiy Prospect Vladivostok Russia, 690091 Tel/ Fax: + 7 4232 302606 E- mail: nayada@ vl. ru 12 years of quality bunkering in the Russian Far East and Pacific Region

World Bunkering Autumn 2010 61 russian U PDATE News and views Olga Bogacheva provides a round- up of the latest bunkering news from Russia Duma to discuss bunker market problems T he Federation Council' s Commission for National Marine Policies is to initiate parliamentary hearings on oil spill response ( OSR) in Russian ports and inland waterways. This decision was adopted by the Commission at a session held at the beginning of June. The Russian Transport Ministry's practice of putting pressure on companies responsible for emergency oil spill response was presented as a violation of antitrust legislation. The Commission discussed an order issued by the captain of St Petersburg Sea Port requiring compulsory additional certification of emergency response teams. Several private companies found them-selves in a very complicated situation as a result of this order. Tatiana Presnyakova, general director of Morskaya Ecologia OOO, said her company had been responsible for emergency oil spill response for over 10 years, and was now facing " aggressive bureaucratic pressure" for the first time. Business representatives invited to the hearing insisted that bureaucratic pressure is aimed at establishing a state monopoly in the OSR services market. Bunker suppliers reported that the private sector offered services that are several times less expensive than similar offers from state- owned companies. In November 2008, Russian's Federal Anti- Monopoly Service ( FAS) accused the Federal Agency for Transport Supervision ( FATS) of violation of antitrust laws after relevant claims were brought by the Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers. Courts at all levels have ruled in favour of the Association, emphasised Senator Vyacheslav Popov, a member of the Commission. However, Popov continued: " At present, Transport Ministry subsidiaries are still using administrative pressure against private companies. Violation of antitrust legislation still takes place; the sources [ of the problem] haven't been eliminated." The Commission of the Federation Council will make all reason-able efforts to solve this problem. It will propose legal action and submit relevant recommendations to the Russian government, Russian Transport Ministry and FAS. " This case should be given more publicity," the Commission for National Marine Policies declared. In order to achieve this, " A Minister of Transport should be called to report at ' Government Hour' during the coming session of the Federation Council in the fall", according to the Council's official website. There are several issues to be considered, including compensation for damage incurred by companies as a result of non- payment for services rendered, and the liability of officers responsible for preventing the violation of antitrust legislation. COMPANY NEWS Transit- DV Group to modernise Vostokbunker terminal Transit- DV Group has taken a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD) to finance the modernisa-tion of the terminal owned by its subsdiary Vostokbunker. Managers of Transit- DV Holding have reached a preliminary agreement on financing opportunities for the modernisation with the head of the EBRD's Far East representative office, according to a statement from Tranzit- DV's media office. Transit- DV is now preparing supporting documentation for submission to EBRD. This will include IFRS records for the previous two years and a feasibility study for the project. The company is to convert the records of its three subsidiaries, Torgovy Dom Transit- DV OOO, Severo- Vostochnaya Shipping Company and Vostokbunker ZAO, to meet international standards for financial records. It is likely that the three companies will then be merged, with a further audit to be performed by Moore Stephens, an EBRD approved auditor. Vostokbunker ZAO owns the third largest marine oil terminal in Primorsky region. The terminal provides bunkering services to Russian Olga Bogacheva