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World Bunkering Autumn 2010 85 Company News L UKOIL Benelux B. V. is a prominent and reliable physical supplier of bunker fuels in the ARA region ( Amsterdam- Rotterdam- Antwerp). We are supported by the logistic and financial strengths of our parent company, LITASCO SA in Geneva, Switzerland. LUKOIL Benelux B. V. is part of the Russian oil major LUKOIL, which also has wide- scale operations outside of Russia. Our clientele varies from the well- known large and medium shipping lines to other physical suppliers, and the smaller niche companies from different sectors. In the last couple of years LUKOIL Benelux B. V. has had a market share of 10- 15% in our home market of the Rotterdam and Amsterdam ports. In June 2010 the Credit Risk Management Committee of LITASCO SA approved a strategy of fur-ther growing our bunker trade in ARA, increased the credit lines for a significant number of our customers, and allowed more flexibility in dealing with new customers. This step clearly shows that LITASCO SA and LUKOIL Benelux B. V. have adapted themselves very well to the post- crisis situation in the bunker industry and feel comfortable to explore new market opportunities. However, we continue to closely monitor the situation in the market and are ready to implement necessary changes to sustain the growth of our business. In July 2010 LUKOIL Benelux B. V. made a decision to close its Amsterdam office and centralise handling of all the bunker enquiries through one contact point, the bunker desk in Rotterdam ( Capelle aan den IJssel). This step will help our company to optimise its operations and serve our clientele more quickly and efficiently. The formal closing of our Amsterdam office will take place by the end of July 2010. Since September 2009 LUKOIL Benelux B. V. has supplied bunker fuels to the Belgian port of Antwerp from the refinery TRN ( Total Raffinaderij Nederland) in Flushing, where the LUKOIL Group purchased a 45% stake this year. We are also planning to receive a bunker license for the fully- fledged operations in Antwerp in the second half 2010. In addition to the ARA region, we are also active in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Our company is planning to get on a firm footing with its bunker supplies in a number of European ports. In the last two years LUKOIL Benelux B. V. has also been successfully targeting the Russian northern ports of St Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Vysotsk, Primorsk and Murmansk, supplying bunker fuels to a wide variety of shipping companies. Since 2005 LUKOIL Benelux B. V. and our partner, Burando, have been jointly operating Service Terminal Rotterdam ( STR), which enables LUKOIL Benelux B. V. to store and blend fuel oils to required specifications. Currently, new storage tanks are being constructed at STR, which will significantly increase total storage capacity of the terminal. The new tanks are expected to become operational by the end of June 2012. Having our own terminal and purchasing almost all of our bunker fuels from our parent company, LITASCO, gives us a competitive advantage in this saturated market with slack demand, ensuring that we are in a position to design and implement flexible delivery strategies. As a supplier of a wide range of grades, we receive bunker enquir-ies and provide quotations for the products IFO 700, 600, 500, 380, 240, 180, 120, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20 cSt, MDO DMB and MGO. We can also supply other products upon request. In order to ensure quick and timely deliveries of our products to sea- going vessels or to other physical suppliers, we currently have a fleet of seven time- chartered barges with deadweights ranging from about 686 MT to 6,130 MT. They include several new double- hull barges with greater bunkering capabilities, provided for us by FTS Hofftrans, the barge operating company of our partner, Burando. Should we require a greater capacity, we have the option of hiring other barges for spot deliveries in the range from 500 MT up to 9,200 MT, with alternative reliable transport companies in the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Our team of bunker traders and operators has all it takes to become and remain your reliable partner: experience, expertise and a thorough knowledge of the bunker markets. They are friendly, and available for your enquiries 24 hours a day. LUKOIL Benelux B. V. will gladly look into your enquiries for regions where we have been actively operating, as well as for any other regions in the world. We look forward to your bunker enquiries both in and outside the Netherlands and hope to do business with you soon. Benelux B. V. Office address: De Linie 1, Capelle aan den IJssel, NL- 2905 AX, the Netherlands Post address: PO Box 377, Capelle aan den IJssel, NL- 2900 AJ, the Netherlands Tel. 24/ 7: + 31 10 264 27 00 E- mail: Bunkers@ lukoil. nl Lukoil Benelux B. V. set to grow and optimise its activities in ARA

86 World Bunkering Autumn 2010 Company News N akhodka- Portbunker Co. Ltd is a reliable experienced and efficient bunker services provider and a shipagency in the Russian Far East region. We provide high quality services to our international clients in compliance with all international regulations and standards. The company operates a fleet consisting of six double- hull bunker barges of various capacity. Our bunkering fleet and bunker product meet all the rigid ship-ping and bunker industry requirements. Due to the vast experience of the company's employees in the bunkering area, we guarantee a flexible approach to the client as well as effective interaction and operative performance. We invite companies working on the Far Eat shipping routes to use our services! For further information contact: Bunkering Department: 15 Pavlov's str. Nakhodka, 692926, Russia Tel/ Fax: + 7-( 4236)- 630- 641, 657- 806 E- mail: nakhodkaportbunker@ nhk. infosys. ru Agency Department: Tel: + 7 ( 4236) 698880; 698881; 698882 Fax: + 7 ( 4236) 698880 E- mail: npb_ agency@ nhk. infosys. ru Nakhodka- Portbunker Co. Ltd