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86 World Bunkering Autumn 2010 Company News N akhodka- Portbunker Co. Ltd is a reliable experienced and efficient bunker services provider and a shipagency in the Russian Far East region. We provide high quality services to our international clients in compliance with all international regulations and standards. The company operates a fleet consisting of six double- hull bunker barges of various capacity. Our bunkering fleet and bunker product meet all the rigid ship-ping and bunker industry requirements. Due to the vast experience of the company's employees in the bunkering area, we guarantee a flexible approach to the client as well as effective interaction and operative performance. We invite companies working on the Far Eat shipping routes to use our services! For further information contact: Bunkering Department: 15 Pavlov's str. Nakhodka, 692926, Russia Tel/ Fax: + 7-( 4236)- 630- 641, 657- 806 E- mail: nakhodkaportbunker@ nhk. infosys. ru Agency Department: Tel: + 7 ( 4236) 698880; 698881; 698882 Fax: + 7 ( 4236) 698880 E- mail: npb_ agency@ nhk. infosys. ru Nakhodka- Portbunker Co. Ltd

World Bunkering Autumn 2010 87 Company News R osneft, the leading Russian oil company, began its bunkering business in 2008. The company's bunkering activities are carried out through two subsidiaries, RN- Bunker and Rosneft Marine, integrated as part of the parent company structure, serving the all main Russian bunkering regions as well as several areas outside Russia. RN- Bunker Ltd is a subsidiary of OJSC Rosneft - one of the leading vertically integrated oil companies that emerged after the reorganisation and large- scale privatisation of the Russian oil industry. The company has a huge network of oil infrastructure ( factories, oil terminals etc), located in almost all regions of Russia. This enables RN- Bunker Ltd to have comprehensive control over the products' movement from the refineries to bunkering vessels, and to ensure great attention to quality. Thus the company guarantees the avail-ability of high quality products in all significant ports of Russia. Operating for less than two years the company's bunkering business has developed significantly and continues to increase its presence both in the Russian bunker fuels market and internationally. In allocating its bunkering business to a separate subsidiary, Rosneft is able to fulfil the following objectives: . Maximise the effectiveness of product sales by implementing a policy to reduce expenses, balance investments and increase capitalisation. . Deliver products to the end consumers, guaranteeing a high qual-ity in accordance with international standards and MARPOL rules, controlling product movement at all points of delivery. . Expand the share of product sales though the private retail network, therefore providing a stable and highly effective supply of bunker fuels in Russia and abroad. Currently, RN- Bunker Ltd. has representative offices in Hakhodka, Vladivostok, Yuzhno- Sakhalinsk, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, St Petersburg, Tuapse, Samara, Rostov and Astrakhan. This allows the company to make timely shipments of bunker fuel to buyers' vessels and ensure that the quality of oil products delivered conforms to world's standards. The company plans to open new representative offices in the future, in order to expand its geographical reach. RN- Bunker Ltd. works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of Russia regarding fuel supplies for Navy vessels, and also with the world's major oil companies: BP, RD Shell, Chevron, and Exxon Mobil. The company applies high- level management standards, executes costs reduction and logistic expenses optimisation programs ( 90% of all RN- Bunker Ltd. shipments are made on FOB basis). This enables RN- Bunker Ltd to offer competitively priced fuel products to its partners in all regions in which the company operates. The process of bunker fuel delivery to the buyer is monitored throughout the entire logistic chain and this in turn reduces the time of enquiries regarding bunker performance. Due to its dynamic investment activity, the company is creating and developing its own infrastructure by leasing, buying and building oil terminals, tanker fleet and bunker fuel filling stations, the quality of which meets requirements of the highest international standards. To realise this investment strategy the company cooperates with the Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation regarding port infrastructure, and with Rosnefteflot and Sovkomflot compa-nies regarding tanker fleet acquisition and building. Currently, the company is negotiating with Rosnefteflot to prepare the necessary documents for building six bunkering tankers of 2,500- 6,000 dwt. RN- Bunker Ltd, along with the Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation, participates in the program for development of bunker fuel filling stations ( BFFS) at the Russian fishery ports ( Far East, Sakhalin, the Kurils, Kamchatka, Murmansk and Kaliningrad), as well as further construction to enable operation of all- season bunker fuel supply for the fishing fleet. It is also involved in collect-ing, refining, separating and inclusion into the bunker process cycle, oil- contaminated water and shipboard wastes. In March 2010 RN- Bunker Ltd. became a member of the Russian Association of Marine and River Fuelers. RN- Bunker Ltd. can provide the following types of bunker fuel depending on the region: . Far East region: IFO 180, MGO . North- West region: IFO 180, IFO 380, MGO, MDO, HS, LS . South region: IFO 180, IFO 380, MDO, MGO . North region: IFO 180, IFO 380, MGO, MDO, HS, LS . River bunkering: MGO, MDO Being highly experienced in the bunkering business and continu-ing to enhance its performance in this field, RN- Bunker Ltd pursues its main goal to develop a modern, dynamic, flexible and efficient company of international standing, determined to establish long-term mutually beneficial relations with its partners. RN- Bunker LTD 115054, Dubininskaya Str. 31 A Moscow, Russia Tel: + 7 ( 495) 777 4601 Fax: + 7 ( 495) 231 4010 E- mail: rnbunker@ rosneft. ru Website: www. rosneft. com Additional address: 117152, Zagorodnoe Route, bld. 1, office 1001 Tel: + 7 ( 495) 755 5243 Rosneft