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WHAT IS ERIC ( IN BRIEF)? ERIC stands for EMPATHY RATING INDEX COMPANY and is the methodology designed and adopted by Harding & Yorke for measuring ' How it feels to be a Customer' and ' How it feels to be processed' when interacting with an organisation. The standard benchmark is based on a twice- a- year study of around 200 companies from 13 different industries – each serving the UK – and is based on prospective customer calls into contact centres. Exactly 40 calls are made by employed Harding & Yorke researchers into each company over a three week period. No call is scripted, however the researchers use approved and tested stories and scenarios that are typical of customer interactions. Harding & Yorke's quality monitoring team ensure that all our researchers maintain the highest standards of accuracy and consistency. WHY IS ERIC SO IMPORTANT? After four years and the collection of over 3 million data points, the information was shared with Professor Merlin Stone and Dr. Yuksel Ekinci of Oxford Brookes University Business School. Their remit was to investigate any correlation with profitability. After carrying out both validation and regression analysis they reported a very high correlation of 0.85 against Return on Capital Employed. ERIC is the world's only service- related measure to correlate directly with profit and is proven to be valid, reliable and sensitive – all essential components in authentic research models. HOW FAR CAN ERIC GO? The ERIC measurement methodology has also been adapted by Harding & Yorke to successfully work across all functions and channels of a business including: Telephony / Retail / Face-to- Face ( meetings) / Correspondence / Internet and Email and Individual Assessments. ACCESSING ERIC REPORTS Various formats of the full ERIC reports are available. These include on- line access, comparative studies both vertically within industries and horizontally across industries, sound bites chosen to demonstrate specific trends and presentations designed and delivered to truly make the data come alive. To gain access to our on- line demo and current price list please contact: Jamie Lywood on + 44 ( 0) 7850 20 20 30 or at JL@ empathy. co. uk or go directly to our website at www. empathy. co. uk and follow the ERIC links. " More stupefying than the sheer number of our measures is the ease with which they are proposed and the uncritical manner in which they are accepted. In point of fact, most of our measures are only measures because someone says they are, not because they have been shown to satisfy standard measurement criteria ( validity, reliability, and sensitivity)." Gilbert A. Churchill ( Professor of Marketing, University of Wisconsin- Madison) THE INDUSTRY SCORES AND RANKINGS LISTED IN THE EMPATHY PROPHET ™ ARE PROVIDED BY THE ERIC PROGRAMME ™

© 2008 HARDING & YORKE WELCOME TO THE SECOND ISSUE OF I am delighted to introduce , the second quarterly edition of YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET ™ . For those that don't know me I am the General Manager of Harding & Yorke, a company with which I am proud to have been associated since 1997. There is no doubt that the revelation earlier this year of the direct correlation between our Empathy measures and profitability has been a huge boost for all those with a vested interest in improving Customer Experience. However, I feel that we now have a real opportunity to embed purposeful measures that will both support and help maintain attitudes and behaviours to transform all of our businesses – even if these are not profit orientated. In this edition I have asked Dr Yuksel Ekinci to look at how the ERIC measures relate to the Public Sector and not- for- profit organisations – both areas which are now recognising the greater need for empathetic interactions. For those of you who use ERIC to improve performance, I have asked Caroline Hardwicke to elaborate on how she extracts key components and elements from the research findings to contribute to the development of our initiatives, training courses, workshops and coaching programmes. Please feel free to call me personally if you would like any clarification on any of the topics covered by YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET ™ . I would be only too pleased to help. Kind regards Tony Brown General Manager Harding & Yorke + 44 ( 0) 7979 63 37 42 TonyB@ empathy. co. uk 03 The INDUSTRY RANKINGS & AVERAGES tables following, indicate organisation Empathy and Process Scores ( from our 1 to 10 scale) taken from industries researched over the past quarter. THE LIST is a complete ranking of comparable Empathy scores taken from those companies that are, or have been, included in the ERIC standard benchmarking programme. Editor: Richard Dinnick Editorial Assistant: Clare Mercer Contact: editor@ empathy. co. uk Web site: www. empathy. co. uk Produced for Harding & Yorke by Right Dynamic - www. rightdynamic. com In line with Harding & Yorke's environmental policy, the production and delivery of YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET ™ has been fully offset.