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© 2008 HARDING & YORKE WELCOME TO THE SECOND ISSUE OF I am delighted to introduce , the second quarterly edition of YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET ™ . For those that don't know me I am the General Manager of Harding & Yorke, a company with which I am proud to have been associated since 1997. There is no doubt that the revelation earlier this year of the direct correlation between our Empathy measures and profitability has been a huge boost for all those with a vested interest in improving Customer Experience. However, I feel that we now have a real opportunity to embed purposeful measures that will both support and help maintain attitudes and behaviours to transform all of our businesses – even if these are not profit orientated. In this edition I have asked Dr Yuksel Ekinci to look at how the ERIC measures relate to the Public Sector and not- for- profit organisations – both areas which are now recognising the greater need for empathetic interactions. For those of you who use ERIC to improve performance, I have asked Caroline Hardwicke to elaborate on how she extracts key components and elements from the research findings to contribute to the development of our initiatives, training courses, workshops and coaching programmes. Please feel free to call me personally if you would like any clarification on any of the topics covered by YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET ™ . I would be only too pleased to help. Kind regards Tony Brown General Manager Harding & Yorke + 44 ( 0) 7979 63 37 42 TonyB@ empathy. co. uk 03 The INDUSTRY RANKINGS & AVERAGES tables following, indicate organisation Empathy and Process Scores ( from our 1 to 10 scale) taken from industries researched over the past quarter. THE LIST is a complete ranking of comparable Empathy scores taken from those companies that are, or have been, included in the ERIC standard benchmarking programme. Editor: Richard Dinnick Editorial Assistant: Clare Mercer Contact: editor@ empathy. co. uk Web site: www. empathy. co. uk Produced for Harding & Yorke by Right Dynamic - www. rightdynamic. com In line with Harding & Yorke's environmental policy, the production and delivery of YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET ™ has been fully offset.

YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET ™ - ISSUE 2/ NOVEMBER 2008 Both Empathy and Process see big - almost universal - improvements. The slight delay in answering our calls doesn't affect our feelings. We are also not getting through to the right person at the high levels, although it is better than 12 months ago. You are giving us better information spending more time with us. The gradual increase in you offering us unique reasons to do business is encouraging if still only a disappointing 11%. Our belief system is also up fractionally. Far better to achieve small and believable improvements in these areas than simply tell your people what to say and have us not believe you! This is a really good platform to build on. It is nice to see Marks & Spencer getting in to the top 4 ( up 5 places) and Boden challenging Lands' End again for top spot. This has been a good report for Catalogue Clothing. There is still a long way to go but at least we know that Empathy is now being taken seriously. HEALTH INSURANCE CATALOGUE CLOTHING 04INDUSTRY RANKINGS JUN 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE Lands' End6.771 Boden6.6921 Fat Face6.5531 Marks & Spencer6.4945 Joe Browns6.2351 Additions Direct6.20= 66 LX Direct ( Littlewoods) 6.20= 62 JD Williams6.1987 Next Directory6.1794 Littlewoods Companies6.1110 Freemans6.06= 114 Marshall Ward6.06= 113 Hawkshead5.89131 Grattan5.81143 La Redoute5.67152 JUN 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE Boden8.921 Marks & Spencer8.7928 Lands' End8.6432 Joe Browns8.5644 LX Direct ( Littlewoods) 8.5252 La Redoute8.3062 Additions Direct8.2473 Marshall Ward8.2086 Fat Face8.1692 Littlewoods Companies8.12104 JD Williams8.06111 Grattan7.98125 Hawkshead7.8413 Freemans7.6214 Next Directory7.4615 SEP 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE Pruhealth7.0011 HSA6.9522 BUPA6.9432 Tesco6.8042 Standard Life6.565 AXA PPP6.4461 Norwich Union6.40= 71 WPA Direct6.40= 7 SEP 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE Pruhealth8.96= 1 HSA8.96= 11 WPA Direct8.8231 Tesco8.8141 Norwich Union8.5851 AXA PPP8.5562 Standard Life8.277 BUPA8.268 This industry has led the Empathy rankings for some time and has now have managed to find its way up to the top of the Process table. This proves that Empathy and Process can work in harmony. It is interesting to note that any drops in performance are in those areas identified by Dr. Yuksel Ekinci as having either no significant relationship or a negative correlation with profit. With an industry on the up, we need to look more closely at individual performances. Well done to new market entrants, Pruhealth, who have made it to the top in both Process and Empathy. WPA seems to have lost its way over the past 18 months and we expect to see BUPA rise in the rankings over the coming year. The highest ranked individual agent scored 9.07 ( Pruhealth) and the lowest individual a poor 3.25 ( WPA) demonstrating that there is still a wide range of individual performances in the industry.