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YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET ™ - ISSUE 2/ NOVEMBER 2008 Both Empathy and Process see big - almost universal - improvements. The slight delay in answering our calls doesn't affect our feelings. We are also not getting through to the right person at the high levels, although it is better than 12 months ago. You are giving us better information spending more time with us. The gradual increase in you offering us unique reasons to do business is encouraging if still only a disappointing 11%. Our belief system is also up fractionally. Far better to achieve small and believable improvements in these areas than simply tell your people what to say and have us not believe you! This is a really good platform to build on. It is nice to see Marks & Spencer getting in to the top 4 ( up 5 places) and Boden challenging Lands' End again for top spot. This has been a good report for Catalogue Clothing. There is still a long way to go but at least we know that Empathy is now being taken seriously. HEALTH INSURANCE CATALOGUE CLOTHING 04INDUSTRY RANKINGS JUN 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE Lands' End6.771 Boden6.6921 Fat Face6.5531 Marks & Spencer6.4945 Joe Browns6.2351 Additions Direct6.20= 66 LX Direct ( Littlewoods) 6.20= 62 JD Williams6.1987 Next Directory6.1794 Littlewoods Companies6.1110 Freemans6.06= 114 Marshall Ward6.06= 113 Hawkshead5.89131 Grattan5.81143 La Redoute5.67152 JUN 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE Boden8.921 Marks & Spencer8.7928 Lands' End8.6432 Joe Browns8.5644 LX Direct ( Littlewoods) 8.5252 La Redoute8.3062 Additions Direct8.2473 Marshall Ward8.2086 Fat Face8.1692 Littlewoods Companies8.12104 JD Williams8.06111 Grattan7.98125 Hawkshead7.8413 Freemans7.6214 Next Directory7.4615 SEP 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE Pruhealth7.0011 HSA6.9522 BUPA6.9432 Tesco6.8042 Standard Life6.565 AXA PPP6.4461 Norwich Union6.40= 71 WPA Direct6.40= 7 SEP 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE Pruhealth8.96= 1 HSA8.96= 11 WPA Direct8.8231 Tesco8.8141 Norwich Union8.5851 AXA PPP8.5562 Standard Life8.277 BUPA8.268 This industry has led the Empathy rankings for some time and has now have managed to find its way up to the top of the Process table. This proves that Empathy and Process can work in harmony. It is interesting to note that any drops in performance are in those areas identified by Dr. Yuksel Ekinci as having either no significant relationship or a negative correlation with profit. With an industry on the up, we need to look more closely at individual performances. Well done to new market entrants, Pruhealth, who have made it to the top in both Process and Empathy. WPA seems to have lost its way over the past 18 months and we expect to see BUPA rise in the rankings over the coming year. The highest ranked individual agent scored 9.07 ( Pruhealth) and the lowest individual a poor 3.25 ( WPA) demonstrating that there is still a wide range of individual performances in the industry.

© 2008 HARDING & YORKE THE LIST: 1- 4105 THE EMPATHY INDUSTRY LEAGUE TABLE RECOMMENDATIONS: Catalogue Clothing Remember this industry is still only 8th out of 13 and needs to continue to improve. To ensure continued success, improve your call quality performance measures to reflect your changing positions. Engage your frontline people in this process as they will be harder on themselves than management could possibly impose. Conversion and sales figures can help to articulate improvements and ensure these are relative. In the current climate these figures could be easily misinterpreted. Health Insurance It is difficult to make general recommendations when there are definite winners and losers here. Key points from the averages show that the ' personalisation of the experience' has not moved during the past year and ' appreciation and the meeting of our emotional expectations' has improved slightly, so these areas have yet to be addressed. Key improvements have been in basic process scores, common values and more obvious empathy elements. To sustain this, improve the little things that can make or break performance improvements – such as the appreciation of our emotional needs, etc. MEASURERANK continued on page 7 RANKCOMPANYINDUSTRYDATENEXTEMPATHY CHANGE 1PruhealthHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar' 097.005 2HSAHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar' 096.958 3BUPAHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar' 096.941 4first directTelephone BankingApr- 08Oct' 086.843 5TescoHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar' 096.801 6Standard LifeLife InsuranceApr- 08Dec' 086.784 7Lands' EndCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan' 096.771 8Phones 4uMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb' 096.73104 9Alliance & LeicesterTelephone BankingApr- 08Oct' 086.716 10BodenCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan' 096.6954 11= British GasGas & ElectricNov- 06TBC6.676 11= The Co- op InsuranceMotor Insurance ( NEW) Jul- 08Jan' 096.67NEW 13T- MobileMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb' 096.620 14ING DirectMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.608 15Scottish WidowsLife InsuranceApr- 08Dec' 086.585 16Virgin MoneyTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.573 17= DialaphoneMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb' 096.56147 17= Norwich Union DirectLife InsuranceApr- 08Dec' 086.562 17= Standard LifeHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar' 096.566 20= BritanniaSavingsApr- 08Nov' 086.553 20= Fat FaceCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan' 096.555 20= Marks & SpencerLoansJun- 08Dec' 086.553 20= Marks & SpencerMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan' 096.5512 20= TescoMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.5528 20= Virgin MoneyLife InsuranceApr- 08Dec' 086.553 26Chelt'm & GloucesterMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.5350 27= CISHome InsuranceMay- 08Dec' 086.527 27= Lloyds TSBCredit CardsApr- 08Oct' 086.527 27= NationwideHome InsuranceMay- 08Dec' 086.527 30ING DirectHome InsuranceMay- 08Dec' 086.506 31= BritanniaLoansJun- 08Dec' 086.496 31= Marks & SpencerCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan' 096.49123 31= RACMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan' 096.493 34= Direct LineLife InsuranceApr- 08Dec' 086.486 34= Legal & GeneralLife InsuranceApr- 08Dec' 086.486 34= Standard Life BankMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.4814 37= BarclaysTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.477 37= OrangeMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb' 096.4745 39AALoansJun- 08Dec' 086.468 40Direct LineMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.4517 41= AXA PPPHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar' 096.447 41= Bank of ScotlandTelephone BankingMay- 08Disc6.448 Good feelings created above 6.5