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© 2008 HARDING & YORKE THE LIST: 41- 9107 continued on page 9 INDUSTRY RECOMMENDATIONS: Mobile Phones Clearly the opportunities lie in developing skills to personalise the interaction and to understand, and meet, our emotional needs as well as our physical ones. While offering differentiating reasons to do business has increased, you must ensure that your people both understand and buy into these reasons. Work has been done in this area, but without the necessary endorsements. Don't waste these opportunities. Learn from other organisations. With three representatives in the top 20, the industry has a real chance to build an enviable reputation and challenge the front runners. Mortgages The next six months is going to be difficult for everyone so recommendations are based on sustaining current measures as well as quick and easy wins. While you are making more time for us, this probably isn't sustainable. So, work on building the same levels of Empathy – but all the time reducing the call length. A very well known and respected client of ours announced that ' empathetic calls' tended to be about 20% quicker than non-empathetic ones. Now is the time to hone these skills so that when the markets return you are ready for them. Also, work on personalising the interaction: picking up on both our emotional and physical needs. MEASURERANK RANKCOMPANYINDUSTRYDATENEXTEMPATHY CHANGE 41= RBSMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.4435 41= Co- operative BankMortgages ( NEW) Jul- 08Feb' 096.44NEW 45Post OfficeMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan' 096.4330 46= ING DirectSavingsApr- 08Nov' 086.4212 46= RBSLife InsuranceApr- 08Dec' 086.4212 48= Alliance & LeicesterMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.4152 48= BarclaysHome InsuranceNov- 07Disc6.4110 48= BritanniaMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.4139 51= Lloyds TSBTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.4012 51= Norwich UnionHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar' 096.4026 51= Southern ElectricGas & ElectricNov- 06TBC6.4012 51= WPA DirectHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar' 096.403 55= first directSavingsApr- 08Nov' 086.3914 55= Sainsbury's BankSavingsApr- 08Nov' 086.3914 57= ASDATravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.3812 57= ChurchillMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan' 096.3828 57= NatWestLoansJun- 08Dec' 086.3812 57= Co- operative BankCredit CardsApr- 08Oct' 086.3812 61Bradford & BingleySavingsApr- 08Nov' 086.3713 62ThreeMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb' 096.3617 63= Co- operative BankLoansJun- 08Dec' 086.3510 63= HalifaxMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.3560 63= NatWestSavingsApr- 08Nov' 086.3510 63= Sainsbury's BankLoansJun- 08Dec' 086.3510 63= VodafoneMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb' 096.3547 63= ZurichMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan' 096.3582 69MORE TH> NTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.3412 70= ASDAMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan' 096.3318 70= HBOSLife InsuranceApr- 08Dec' 086.3311 70= npowerGas & ElectricNov- 06TBC6.3311 73= Alliance & LeicesterLoansJun- 08Dec' 086.3212 73= TescoSavingsApr- 08Nov' 086.3212 75= Morgan StanleyCredit CardsApr- 08Oct' 086.3111 75= Virgin MoneyCredit CardsApr- 08Oct' 086.3111 77= HSBCMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.3016 77= Lloyds TSBHome InsuranceMay- 08Dec' 086.309 77= Sainsbury's BankHome InsuranceMay- 08Dec' 086.309 80= AbbeyHome InsuranceNov- 07Disc6.299 80= HalifaxSavingsApr- 08Nov' 086.299 80= Marks & SpencerTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.299 80= RBSLoansJun- 08Dec' 086.299 84= AbbeySavingsApr- 08Nov' 086.288 84= Direct LineMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan' 096.2816 86Kwik- Fit FinancialMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan' 096.2726 87HSBCCredit CardsApr- 08Oct' 086.268 88= BarclaysMortgagesJul- 08Feb' 096.2547 88= Cornhill DirectMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan' 096.2535 88= HalifaxTelephone BankingApr- 08Oct' 086.256 91= ChurchillHome InsuranceMay- 08Dec' 086.235

YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET ™ - ISSUE 2/ NOVEMBER 2008 08INDUSTRY RANKINGS JUL 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE Co- operative Insurance6.671NEW Marks & Spencer6.5521 RAC6.4931 Post Office6.4342 Churchill6.3853 Zurich6.35610 Asda6.3372 Direct Line6.2881 Kwik- Fit Financial6.2791 Cornhill Direct6.25104 esure6.20112 Admiral6.1712 AA6.12134 Tesco6.09141 Sainsbury's Bank6.01154 Norwich Union Direct5.82162 MORE TH> N5.8017 JUL 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE Post Office9.0711 Marks & Spencer8.7521 Zurich8.7132 Cornhill Direct8.694 Tesco8.6853 AA8.6463 Admiral8.59= 76 RAC8.59= 75 esure8.4992 Direct Line8.4710 Asda8.43115 Churchill8.34122 7 MORE TH> N8.26= 131 Sainsbury's Bank8.26= 138 Co- operative Insurance8.2515NEW Norwich Union Direct8.14158 Kwik- Fit Financial8.1317 MOTOR INSURANCE This is a very tight industry with the Standard Deviation for most aspects of the ' average' report showing less than .6 confirming earlier suspicions that differentiation is based primarily on price. It appears that this is a market expectation and whilst ' Empathy' has improved marginally over the past year, it is the ' Process' scores that have risen faster. It is clear from the Process scores that there is a lot of scripting in the early stages of the interaction and, whilst this is entirely understandable, we generally build a better rapport once the scripting has stopped. One of the biggest improvements since the last report is on our perception of your ' professionalism' which is good to see and this is primarily due to the quality and feel of the information you give to us and the time you are prepared to spend with us ( time constraints are being better managed). Interestingly, the average score for offering any differentiating or unique reasons to do business has again risen, but this time we see a marked fall in our belief behind the promotion. This is a shame as this score had seen a sustained rise over recent years. Levels of Pride and Belief have risen again and this has now broken through to a ' Good' trend ( meaning that 30% plus are above 7 on the 1 to 10 scale) as has our feeling about the promotion. Not very much else has changed and it is a shame that we feel this series of interactions as being less memorable than 6 months ago. Despite this, and the overall tight standard deviation, the highest ranked individual scored a very impressive 9.61 in Empathy ( Churchill) – one of the highest scores ever reported and the lowest one a paltry 3.25 ( Norwich Union Direct) proving that Empathy can play a hugely important role in this industry.