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YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET T - ISSUE 3/ FEBRUARY 2009 At last some positive movement in Empathy but not enough to get you off the bottom industry spot. A marginal decrease in Process can be discounted as it is only 0.01 ( statistical variance only really kicks in at 0.02). A lot of movement in the rankings means this generalisation will not apply to all. By far the most interesting point is the increase in the offering of ' Unique Reasons to do Business' with us and the corresponding way we feel about it - positive movements that bode well for the future! There is a significant change in the industry's approach to working in partnership with us ( the customer) and finding out our physical needs. Professionalism is the best it has been but does not include personalisation of the experience. Interestingly, there's no difference between the initial words of the greeting and how we feel about the rest of the call. These scores are still ' not good' so scripting is evidently prevalent. The best rated individual scored a very credible 8.82 ( The Co- operative Bank) proving that good empathy can be achieved in this market, but the worst score was a very poor 2.0 ( Barclaycard). 08INDUSTRY RANKINGS MARCH 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE Co- operative Bank6.681 Lloyds TSB6.5621 Tesco6.34312 Virgin Money6.1941 MBNA6.1852 HSBC6.15= 62 American Express6.15= 6NEW Nationwide6.1483 NatWest6.0293 Halifax - HBOS6.01= 102 M& S - & More6.01= 104 Sainsbury's Bank6.00122 Egg5.91134 Capital One5.85142 RBS5.78154 Barclaycard5.33163 CREDIT CARDS TELEPHONE BANKING MARCH 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE Tesco8.71112 Sainsbury's Bank8.6122 Lloyds TSB8.5432 Capital One 8.4948 MBNA8.4453 Virgin Money8.3763 Halifax - HBOS8.3571 RBS8.3483 Egg8.3192 NatWest8.28108 Co- operative Bank8.24113 HSBC8.14121 Nationwide8.00133 American Express7.8314NEW M& S - & More7.82151 Barclaycard7.30161 APRIL 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE first direct6.701 Alliance and Leicester6.632 Halifax6.50= 3 Co- operative Bank6.50= 31 Lloyds TSB6.50= 34 Nationwide6.2463 Barclays6.23= 71 RBS6.23= 72 HSBC6.22= 92 Citibank6.22= 9 NatWest6.11111 Yorkshire Bank6.05121 Abbey5.85138 APRIL 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE first direct8.6111 Alliance and Leicester8.5621 RBS8.49= 31 Citibank8.49= 32 HSBC8.3253 Co- operative Bank8.2963 Barclays8.2475 Halifax8.1683 Yorkshire Bank8.1491 Nationwide8.09101 Abbey7.99114 Lloyds TSB7.8112 NatWest7.6413 In August this industry had yet to return to the heyday of 2006 in terms of Empathy. It has now, with scores the best to date. The Industry process score remains unchanged. Good initiatives must have taken place over the past year and they're sticking which is excellent news. A remarkable change is the flexibility of approach to the customer's individual needs - up from worst score to best in the last six months! Offering ' Unique Reasons to do Business' has only gone up by 1% and ' Belief in the Reasons' has risen exponentially. We are often asked ' what is the difference between Honesty and Sincerity'. They normally track each other fairly closely - but this industry has them going in different directions. It appears that while Honesty is rising, Sincerity is falling - one to watch for the future. The highest score of 8.79 was from first direct: unsurprising as this is their strongest industry. The lowest individual score was 4.18 ( Abbey).

© 2009 HARDING & YORKE COMPANY COMMENTARY: Credit Cards Morgan Stanley has been taken out of the list and American Express has been added. The clear winner has to be Tesco who have risen by 12 places in both Empathy and Process. This has raised them up the table to # 3 in Empathy and # 1 in Process - obviously something dramatic has happened here! MBNA is another winner - moving up in both categories. There is no company that has stayed in the same place so hopefully the industry is well and truly shaken up. Capital One should be congratulated for getting off the bottom for the first time and for rising 8 places in Process. Telephone Banking Yet again first direct tops the empathy chart but this time they have managed to re- claim the top- spot on the process chart too - well done. Very little movement elsewhere although we can see that Lloyds TSB rose 4 places in Empathy - unfortunately they remain second bottom in the process chart which rather dents any immediate celebration. Nationwide can also take some comfort in their Empathy ranking as they have risen 3 places but, they too, do badly in the Process chart being 4th from bottom. Baring in mind the other industries being reported in this YEP issue one should keep a wary eye on Barclays as they drop one place in Empathy and 5 in Process. However, the biggest disappointment in this industry is undoubtedly Abbey who have fallen 8 places in Empathy to bring up the rear and 4 places in Process bringing them below 8 on the scale. Clearly what they have done over the past year has not been sustained - despite a rise in the last report. THE LIST: 92- 13709 continued on page 11 MEASURERANK RANKCOMPANYINDUSTRYDATENEXTEMPATHYCHANGE 92= NationwideSavingsOct- 08May- 096.2955 92= Marks & SpencerTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.2912 94= TescoLife InsuranceOct- 08May- 096.2849 94= Direct LineMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.2810 96Kwik- Fit FinancialMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.2710 97= Norwich UnionHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.257 97= Sainsbury's BankLoansNov- 08Jun- 096.2534 97= BarclaysMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.259 97= Cornhill DirectMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.259 101NationwideTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.2434 102= Joe BrownsCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan- 096.2311 102= Nationwide BSMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.2311 102= BarclaysTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.238 102= RBSTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.2333 106= Intelligent FinanceTelephone BankingNov- 07DISC6.2212 106= HSBCTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.2217 106= CitibankTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.2229 109= Additions DirectCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan- 096.2011 109= LX Direct ( Littlewoods) Catalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan- 096.2011 109= esureMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.2011 109= Direct LineTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.2011 113= JD WilliamsCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan- 096.199 113= Virgin MoneyCredit CardsSept- 08Apr- 096.1938 113= AbbeyMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.199 113= TescoTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.199 117= MBNACredit CardsSept- 08Apr- 096.189 117= TescoLoansNov- 08Jun- 096.1813 119= Next DirectoryCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan- 096.178 119= More Th> NHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.172 119= AdmiralMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.178 119= NatWestSavingsOct- 08May- 096.1756 123= Sainsbury'sGas & ElectricNov- 06TBC6.1610 123= Alliance & LeicesterLoansNov- 08Jun- 096.1650 123= Halifax HBOSTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.1610 126= American ExpressCredit CardsSept- 08Apr- 096.15NEW 126= HSBCCredit CardsSept- 08Apr- 096.1539 128= Cotton TradersCatalogue ClothingJan- 08DISC6.149 128= NationwideCredit CardsSept- 08Apr- 096.1434 128= Carphone WarehouseMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb- 096.149 128= first directMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.149 132= AAMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.129 132= RBSSavingsOct- 08May- 096.1216 134= Littlewoods CompaniesCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan- 096.118 134= NatWestTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.1114 134= RBSTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.118 137= Scottish Hydro ElectricGas & ElectricNov- 06TBC6.097 137= ASDAHome InsuranceNov- 07Disc6.097 137= TescoMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.097 137= Waitrose - GreenbeeTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.097