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YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET T - ISSUE 3/ FEBRUARY 2009 +++ Stop Press +++ From Jamie Lywood Harding & Yorke launch Customer Experience League In December 2008, we were pleased to announce the launch of the annual CXI ( Customer Experience Index) League Table and Awards. These recognised the Call Centres who had given the best customer experience as measured through the ERIC Benchmarking programme in 2008. PruHealth were pleased to get top spot and Marketing Director Katie Roswell said " We are really delighted to win the top spot. Ensuring a positive customer experience is at the centre of everything we do at PruHealth". Other big winners were the Phones 4U who gained 104 places and Boden who rose 54 places to grab 10th spot. The highest ranked individual and best single customer experience call came from Bruce Scott in Churchill's Call Centre in Teesside. Talking about the call Nickie Hawton, Head of Consultant Services at Harding & Yorke, said " Ultimately it is about giving the individual the chance to do well. Bruce became the highest ranked individual on record scoring an impressive 9.61 out of 10. This is as close to a perfect interaction as we have seen during the past 4_ years". At the awards website we have comments from some of the most respected organizations in Call Centre Technology space as well as the comments from our winners for this year. You can find out more about the awards and look at all the tables at www. cxi- league. com. +++ Ends +++ THE PARTNERSHIP: This is the first time in the UK that contact centre operators can examine their operations, technology and customers' experiences together and with a view to improving ROCE. Subsequent initiatives can be focused on areas where the financial impact is greatest. Harding and Yorke are highly respected experts in the customer experience measurement, strategic design of cultural interventions and the delivery of programmes drawing from over 15 years of practical experience. Their ERIC benchmarking programme is the only academically proven measurement tool in the customer experience space to show a strong correlation to both ROCE and OPEX. JAM IP is a leading contact centre solutions organisation. With over 60 highly experienced professionals, JAM IP has delivered innovative solutions for many organisations across the UK including Admiral Insurance, Birmingham City Council and John Lewis. JAM IP is part of the KCOM Group 24NOTICES HARDING & YORKE AND JAM IP ANNOUNCE A NEW PARTNERSHIP Harding & Yorke and JAM IP are pleased to announce this unique Partnership. This partnership has been founded to help clients make the most of people process and technology in their contact channels. The partnership will bridge the gap between Customer Experience and Contact Solutions. Together they will identify the key issues, root causes, the solutions and the roadmaps to transformation.