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YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET T - ISSUE 3/ FEBRUARY 2009 04INDUSTRY RANKINGS OCT 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE Sainsbury's Bank8.9415 Legal & General8.9321 Standard Life8.9031 direct line8.7642 RBS8.6953 Virgin Money8.6864 HBOS8.6072 Norwich Union Direct8.5882 Tesco8.5294 Scottish Widows8.47103 OCT 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE Standard Life6.911 Legal & General6.6723 RBS6.6134 Sainsbury's Bank6.5545 Norwich Union Direct6.5452 Virgin Money6.5362 Scottish Widows6.4975 HBOS6.428 direct line6.3094 Tesco6.2810 NOV 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE ING Direct6.6012 CIS6.5421 Britannia6.5135 Sainsbury's Bank6.4641 Churchill6.4552 Abbey6.41= 6NEW Lloyds TSB6.41= 62 Direct Line6.3985 Nationwide6.3498 Tesco6.32101 HBOS6.31112 Norwich Union6.25122 MORE TH> N6.17131 Esure6.0614 NOV 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE Sainsbury's Bank8.731 CIS8.64= 22 Tesco8.64= 27 MORE TH> N8.5949 Churchill8.5853 ING Direct8.5264 Abbey8.447NEW Direct Line8.4183 HBOS8.3993 Lloyds TSB8.37105 Nationwide8.34119 Britannia8.1512 Norwich Union8.07131 Esure8.02144 HOME INSURANCE LIFE INSURANCE Great News - an increase in both Empathy and Process sees the highest averages since our records began for this industry. The improvements in empathy noted in the 1st issue of Your Empathy Prophet have been consolidated. We are getting through to the right person at a rate of 94% ( compared to only 78% in Oct' 06) and the industry average offering ' further assistance' is up 16% over the same period. We are feeling much better about both how we are greeted with the initial words and for the rest of the call which is very pleasing although the gap between the two implies employees may now be ready for a reduction in scripts! Most pleasing is the reversing of ' Promotion' scores. In August we reported that ' Promotion' and offering ' Unique Reasons to do Business' were areas to work on together with developing a belief system for employees. I am delighted to report an increase in ' Pride and Belief' with corresponding increases in your ' Promotion' and ' Unique Reasons to do Business'. At only 14%, this is still a long way off the highs of mid' 07 ( 31%) but, this time, we believe you! Well done. Highest placed individual scored a respectable 8.0 ( Virgin Money) in Empathy and the lowest one 4.29 ( Tesco) yet again! In August ' 08 I suggested holding off the celebrations for increasing Empathy until this report - now it is time to really celebrate. The Empathy scores have risen again for the 3rd report in a row which certainly implies that any initiatives have stuck. Process scores are also increasing although at a slower rate and still sit behind the highs of mid' 07. In the areas we highlighted for the industry last time ( Building Relationships / Understanding and Appreciating our Emotional Needs) we can see good steady ( yet small) rises for the industry. One disappointing area is the area of offering Unique Reasons to do Business which has not risen - however we can take some comfort in recording a better score in the way we feel about it. Highest placed individual scored a very good 8.25 ( Sainsbury's Bank) and the lowest individual score was 2.71 ( MORE TH> N).

© 2009 HARDING & YORKE THE LIST: 1- 4105 THE EMPATHY LEAGUE TABLE COMPANY COMMENTARY: Life Insurance Standard Life has consolidated their position at the top as we suspected and L& G, RBS and Sainsbury's Bank have all done well with rises of 3, 4 and 5 places respectively. Direct Line has dropped 4 places in Empathy and 2 in Process which leads to some concern although the biggest worry has to be Tesco - last in Empathy again but also drops 4 places in Process. Another company on a downward cycle is Virgin Money ( despite highest placed individual) dropping 2 places in Empathy and 4 in Process. Biggest winner in this report for the industry is Sainsbury's Bank which leads the Process element with an increase of 5 places and 5 in Empathy to rank 4th. Home Insurance The biggest risers in Empathy are Britannia and Direct Line who are both up 5 places and are now 3rd and 8th respectively. ING has again taken top spot from CIS although this may have been at the expense of their Process ranking which drops 3 places. The biggest disappointment in the industry is Nationwide which has dropped 8 places in Empathy and 9 in Process leaving it 9th and 11th respectively. Their early 2008 initiatives clearly weren't sustainable and Esure's problems continue and they now take bottom spot in both Empathy and Process. MEASURERANK continued on page 7 Good feelings created above 6.5 RANKCOMPANYINDUSTRYDATENEXTEMPATHYCHANGE 1PruhealthHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar- 097.00 2HSAHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar- 096.95 3BUPAHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar- 096.94 4Standard LifeLife InsuranceOct- 08May- 096.912 5TescoHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar- 096.8 6Lands' EndCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan- 096.771 7Phones 4uMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb- 096.731 8first directTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.704 9BodenCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan- 096.691 10The Co- operative BankCredit CardsSept- 08Apr- 096.6847 11= British GasGas & ElectricNov- 06TBC6.67 11= Legal & GeneralLife InsuranceOct- 08May- 096.6723 11= Co- operative InsuranceMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.67 14Marks & SpencerLoansNov- 08Jun- 096.666 15= BritanniaSavingsOct- 08May- 096.635 15= Alliance & LeicesterTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.636 17T- MobileMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb- 096.624 18RBSLife InsuranceOct- 08May- 096.6128 19= ING DirectHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.6011 19= ING DirectMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.605 21Virgin MoneyTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.575 22= Lloyds TSBCredit CardsSept- 08Apr- 096.565 22= Standard LifeHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar- 096.565 22= DialaphoneMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb- 096.565 25= Fat FaceCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan- 096.555 25= Sainsbury's BankLife InsuranceOct- 08May- 096.5579 25= TescoMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.555 25= Marks & SpencerMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.555 29= CISHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.542 29= Norwich Union DirectLife InsuranceOct- 08May- 096.5412 31= Virgin MoneyLife InsuranceOct- 08May- 096.5311 31= Chelt'm & GloucesterMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.535 33BritanniaLoansNov- 08Jun- 096.522 34BritanniaHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.5160 35= HalifaxTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.5053 35= The Co- Operative BankTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.5062 35= Lloyds TSBTelephone BankingSept- 08Apr- 096.5088 38= Marks & SpencerCatalogue ClothingJun- 08Jan- 096.497 38= Scottish WidowsLife InsuranceOct- 08May- 096.4923 38= RACMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.497 41Standard Life BankMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.487