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YOUR EMPATHY PROPHET T - ISSUE 3/ FEBRUARY 2009 06INDUSTRY RANKINGS OCT 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE Britannia6.631 ING Direct6.462 first direct6.41= 3 Sainsbury's Bank6.41= 3 Lloyds TSB6.40510 Halifax6.3862 Bradford & Bingley6.3472 Abbey6.3381 Standard Life6.3292 HSBC6.31102 Nationwide6.29112 NatWest6.17126 RBS6.12131 Tesco6.05147 Alliance & Leicester5.96151 Barclays5.91161 Egg5.85177 OCT 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE Bradford & Bingley8.7612 Britannia8.7122 Halifax8.6533 NatWest8.4843 Sainsbury's Bank8.4751 ING Direct8.46= 65 RBS8.46= 61 Standard Life8.46= 63 first direct8.4491 HSBC8.29102 Barclays8.2711 Egg8.26121 Nationwide8.23133 Tesco8.09146 Abbey8.00151 Lloyds TSB7.57161 Alliance & Leicester7.5617 SAVINGS LOANS JUNE 2008EMPATHYRANKCHANGE Marks & Spencer6.661 Britannia6.522 AA6.433 Co- operative Bank6.4241 Asda6.375NEW Sainsbury's Bank6.2561 Tesco6.1872 Alliance & Leicester6.1681 HSBC6.0694 Nationwide6.0310 Abbey6.0211 first direct5.9812 RBS5.95135 Halifax5.8814 Barclays5.7115 JUNE 2008PROCESSRANKCHANGE AA8.6112 Britannia8.5923 Marks & Spencer8.53= 31 Asda8.53= 3NEW Alliance & Leicester8.3152 Abbey8.28= 63 Nationwide8.28= 65 Sainsbury's Bank8.2681 Tesco8.09= 94 Halifax8.09= 93 RBS7.97113 HSBC7.88121 first direct7.79133 Barclays7.7714 Co- operative Bank7.7315 Yet another industry on the way up. We note an industry increase in both Empathy and Process with the former improving to its best score to- date. I am particularly pleased to note that the welcoming has improved both in the initial words of the greeting and for the rest of the call. The Process score has also improved steadily although there is still some way to go before it overtakes the score of Oct' 06. This is not much of a worry as it is a good score and it is difficult to differentiate on process alone. Many of the Empathy elements have only marginally improved and these could still slip back. One of the better improvements is in the ' Personalistion of the Experience' and the ' Appreciation of our Emotional Needs'. Areas with only the slightest of marginal improvements include ' Honesty' and ' Relationship' and these are the areas to watch. The highest Empathy score in this report was 8.36 ( Halifax) and the worse on was 4.21 ( Barclays). Oh dear! All the praise lavished on the industry in the last report seems to have been misplaced. A drop in both Empathy and Process implies that the industry has fallen back. Particularly disappointing is ' Process' which has fallen to the worst score so far. Empathy has only fallen back marginally but the individual scores would imply that this might be endemic. Concentration seems to have been on finding out and dealing with our physical needs as well as the close. ' Empowerment' and ' Pride & Belief' both seem to be up so it seems the problem may rise in the targets and reward mechanisms being set. Offering Unique Reasons to do Business has dropped to only 5% - the worst score in the industry history. Interestingly our belief in the reasons offered has increased considerably. A poor industry report and seemingly against the general trend ( see other industries). The highest ranked individual scored an OK 7.96 ( M& S) and the lowest a poor 3.5 ( Barclays).

© 2009 HARDING & YORKE THE LIST: 42- 9007 continued on page 9 COMPANY COMMENTARY: Savings The top four companies ( Britannia, ING, first direct and Sainsbury's Bank) have all consolidated their positions and the only real positive mover in the group is Lloyds TSB who are up 10 places at number 5th. However, their Process score ( 7.57) is getting very close to the 7.5 area where it becomes really noticeable and they are currently second to bottom. That spot is held by Alliance & Leicester for the second report in a row. Tesco is another one to watch as they have dropped 7 rankings in Empathy and 6 in process and they lie 14th in each table. Britannia are the real winners in this report by consolidating their top spot from three very competitive companies and rising 2 places in Process to take the 2nd place ranking. Loans There is very little movement in the table. ASDA has joined as a new company which should hopefully add some spice. The only real movers are HSBC ( up 4 places in Empathy to # 9) and RBS ( down 5 places in Empathy to # 13). Britannia has to be the industry winners in this report as they have consolidated their 2nd place in Empathy and managed to increase their process ranking by 3 places. Whilst M& S top the overall Empathy rankings they have dropped a place in the Process ladder. RBS is the one to watch as they have fallen in both tables (- 5 in Empathy and - 3 in Process). Barclays has to be the overall loser by consistently being in the bottom 2 in both tables. MEASURERANK RANKCOMPANYINDUSTRYDATENEXTEMPATHYCHANGE 42= OrangeMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb- 096.475 42= BarclaysTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.475 44= Sainsbury'sHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.4633 44= ING DirectSavingsOct- 08May- 096.462 46= ChurchillHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.4545 46= Direct LineMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.456 48= AXA PPPHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar- 096.447 48= RBSMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.447 48= The Co- operative BankMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.447 48= Bank of ScotlandTelephone BankingMay- 08Disc6.447 52= AALoansNov- 08Jun- 096.4313 52= Post OfficeMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.437 54= HBOSLife InsuranceOct- 08May- 096.4216 54= Co- operative BankLoansNov- 08Jun- 096.429 56= BarclaysHome InsuranceNov- 07Disc6.418 56= Lloyds TSBHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.4121 56= AbbeyHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.41NEW 56= Alliance & LeicesterMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.418 56= Britannia BSMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.418 56= first directSavingsOct- 08May- 096.411 56= Sainsbury's BankSavingsOct- 08May- 096.411 63= Southern ElectricGas & ElectricNov- 06TBC6.4012 63= Norwich UnionHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar- 096.4012 63= WPA DirectHealth InsuranceSept- 08Mar- 096.4012 63= Lloyds TSBSavingsOct- 08May- 096.4091 63= Lloyds TSBTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.4012 68Direct LineHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.3958 69= NatwestLoansJun- 08Disc6.3812 69= ChurchillMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.3812 69= HalifaxSavingsOct- 08May- 096.3811 69= ASDATravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.3812 73ASDALoansNov- 08Jun- 096.37NEW 74ThreeMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb- 096.3612 75= VodafoneMobile PhonesAug- 08Feb- 096.3512 75= HalifaxMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.3512 75= ZurichMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.3512 78= TescoCredit CardsSept- 08Apr- 096.34109 78= NationwideHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.3451 78= Bradford & BingleySavingsOct- 08May- 096.3417 78= More Th> NTravel InsuranceMay- 07TBC6.349 82= npowerGas & ElectricNov- 06TBC6.3312 82= ASDAMotor InsuranceJul- 08Jan- 096.3312 82= AbbeySavingsOct- 08May- 096.332 85= TescoHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.3228 85= Standard LifeSavingsOct- 08May- 096.3232 87= Morgan StanleyCredit CardsApr- 08Disc6.3112 87= HBOSHome InsuranceNov- 08Jun- 096.3111 87= HSBCSavingsOct- 08May- 096.3143 90= direct lineLife InsuranceOct- 08May- 096.3056 90= HSBCMortgagesJul- 08Feb- 096.3013