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INNOVATION UK57 How the HealthTech & Medicines KTN works to connect people and technology Building connections The HealthTech & Medicines Knowledge Transfer Net-work ( KTN) is built on the foundations of the origi-nal Health Technologies and bioProcessUK KTNs, and is funded by the UK's Technology Strategy Board ( an executive non- governmental public body). The KTN is dedicated to the advancement of knowl-edge transfer and innovation within the key application areas of medicines, associated bioprocessing and health technologies ( medical devices and diagnostics, including imaging), addressing needs across SMEs to large mul-tinationals. It supports its members through building networks to address knowledge- transfer issues securing funding for innovation. The HealthTech sector covering medical devices, diagnos-tics and assisted living is both a large market for industry (£ 120bn globally) and a sector impacting directly on quality of life and UK wealth generation. Within the medicines sector, there are around 300 bio-logical medicines, including vaccines and blood prod-ucts, on the market worldwide generating revenues of over $ 80bn a year. Biological medicines make up about 10% of all drugs on the market. These biological medi-cines range from simple proteins such as insulin, for treat-ing diabetes, to complex monoclonal antibodies such as Herceptin, used to treat a specific type of breast cancer. The Technology Strategy Board has identified the Health and Medicines sector as a strategic market and sponsors the KTN to connect all key players in the sector and to provide mechanisms to catalyse and accelerate new innovations into the marketplace. Strategically, current topics include: » » Ministerial Medical Technologies Strategy Group - jointly led by Dawn Primarolo, Minister of State for Public Health, and John Jeans, Vice- President International, Life Sciences and Chairman UK, GE Healthcare. This group is addressing issues such as SME Competitiveness, NHS Procurement and Case studies Knowledge Transfer A Knowledge Transfer Partnership ( KTP) was estab-lished between Vascutek Ltd and TWI to develop man-ufacturing methods for a new nitinol- based endovascu-lar aneurysm repair system Bioprocessing Research Industry Club ( BRIC) The Bioprocessing Research Industry Club brings together industry and the research community to sup-port industrially relevant research. bioProcessUK sup-ports BBSRC and EPSRC in the management of BRIC. BRIC has invested £ 14m in bioprocessing research in UK universities over the last three years. » » In 2008, 13 research groups at 11 universities will share £ 4.7m. In 2007, eight research teams at seven universities shared £ 3.5m. In 2006, nine projects shared £ 5m. Collaborative R& D The Technology Strategy Board's Collaborative R& D scheme aims to stimulate innovation in the UK econ-omy through higher levels of R& D and knowledge transfer. The KTNs have supported companies into this scheme, eg: » » CellCentric, awarded £ 1.15m funding as part of a £ 2.3m collaborative programme. » » MediPlus, awarded £ 500,000 funding as part of a £ 1m programme into an intelligent catheter. International collaboration Three UK- China symposia have been held with KTN support, enabling businesses to gain high- level access to Chinese government, trade association and business contacts and leading already to joint- venture opportu-nities for innovative products. Two UK- Japan sympo-sia have been held with bioProcessUK support; these events have showcased the UK strengths in the biologi-cal medicines sector with a view to facilitate further col-laborations between the UK and Japan. Healthcare healthtech & medicines ktn

58INNOVATION UK adoption of new technologies and regulations. » » The Bioscience Innovation and Growth Team ( BIGT), Bioscience 2015 report, recommendation 4 outlined a need to establish a strong bioprocessing subsector within UK bioscience. The recent 2009 review and refresh of thisreport have recommended that there be continued support to deliver the bioprocessing agenda original set out. » » National Institute for Health Research Medical Devices Clinical Research Working Group - ensuring the UK environment for clinical investigations for medical devices is attractive to UK and overseas businesses. » » NHS National Innovation Centre - defining un- met clinical need to stimulate demand- led innovation and supporting proof- of- concept projects. » » Joint government Small Business Research Initiative ( SBRI) - the TSB and Department of Health have launched a new programme to stimulate innovation in key clinical areas, covering such topics as hospital-acquired infections. Operationally, the HealthTech & Medicines KTN is active in the following: » » Special Interest Groups ( SIGs) in key clinical or issue-led topics such as Advanced Wound Management, Assistive Technologies, Clinical Trials, Drug Delivery, Orthopaedics, Regenerative Medicine, Biopharmaceutical Formulation, Bioprocessing Advance Therapies and Operational Excellence. These bring interested parties together, across government, industry, academia and the clinical base, to identify issues and opportunities, leading to new partnerships. » » Statement of Clinical Need ( SOCN) - a key part of the innovation cycle is ensuring that technologies are developed that meet a clear clinical need. » » Events - working in collaboration with other KTNs, professional institutions, trade associations and commercial organisations, an annual programme of events ( physical and online) is run to ensure different parts of the community can meet and develop new areas of collaboration or make the right connections to speed up current developments. » » Portal - as with all KTNs there is an active portal which enables share of information and knowledge, as well as tools to share confidential and non-confidential documents, and to run online open and private meetings with colleagues anywhere in the world - www. healthtechktn. com and www. bioprocessuk. org. » » Access to finance - innovation requires finance from the earliest stage to prototyping and initial manufacture and trials. The KTN advises on the various public grant schemes, public contracts and contacts into private venture for later- stage developments. In particular, the KTN supports programmes funded by the Technology Strategy Board ( Collaborative R& D, Innovation Platforms) and the National Institute for Health Research ( Invention of Innovation ( i4i)). For more information, contact: Dr Tony Bradshaw, Co- Director HealthTech & Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network E- mail: bioprocessuk@ bioindustry. org Tel: + 44 ( 0) 20 75657143 Website: www. bioprocessuk. org Sue Dunkerton, Co- Director HealthTech & Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network E- mail: healthtechktn@ twi. co. uk Tel: + 44 ( 0) 1223 899000 Website: www. healthtechktn. com The National Institute for Health Research ( NIHR), Invention for inovation ( i4i) Programme Launched in July 2008, i4i combines two pre- existing Department of Health product development pro-grammes, New and Emerging Applications of Technol-ogy and Health Technology Devices, with additional new funding. This provides new investment to improve the identification of promising healthcare technologies and to accelerate the development of new healthcare products for the 21st century. The KTN supports the NIHR with the i4i programme to support the develop-ment of innovative products so that they are available for procurement by the NHS. The i4i programme funds translational research, extending between basic research and pre- clinical trials or health technology assessments. Activities include: » » Future Product Development ( FPD) - FPD is the main funding activity of i4i and is positioned at the " upstream" part of the innovation process - that is close to " ideas generators". » » Pilot Healthcare Technology Co- operatives ( HTCs) - Based in two NHS Trusts, the pilot HTCs are a new type of NHS- led virtual organisation which bring together a wide spectrum of stakeholders with a common purpose. These include patients, carers, academics, clinicians, nurses and other healthcare providers working in partnership with industry to catalyse the development of innovative healthcare technology products. » » Small Business Research Initiative ( SBRI) - The SBRI funding stream complements FPD. Under SBRI, companies respond to a requirements specification provided by i4i. The aim of the SBRI programme is to provide a route where NHS needs can be met directly. For more information, visit: www. nihr- ccf. org. uk/ site/ programmes/ i4i HealthTech & Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network Healthcare healthtech & medicines ktn