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4OLYMPIC REVIEW OLYMPIC REVIEW CONTENTS OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT OCTOBER- NOVEMBER- DECEMBER 2008 07FOREWORD By IOC President Jacques Rogge. 09EDITORIAL IOC Director of Communications Giselle Davies introduces this issue's key features. 10SNAPSHOT A special series of pictures from Beijing, showcasing the drama, excitement and emotion of the Olympic Games, captured by The Olympic Picture Library's John Huet. 30UNIVERSALITY The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games brought the world together under one roof. Director Zhang Yimou explains how the show was pulled together, while IOC President Jacques Roggereflects on the most diverse edition of the Games. 38FRIENDSHIP The Games produced a myriad of memorable moments of friendship among athletes such as the embrace on the podium between Russia's Natalia Paderinaand Georgia's Nino Salukvadze and the enthralling basketball match between host China and the USA. 46POPULARITY The 2008 Beijing Games were the most watched in history with record viewing figures around the globe through television and new digital outlets. The Games attracted huge crowds in Beijing, none more so than in the already iconic Bird's Nest stadium. 56EXCELLENCE Olympic Reviewreflects on the record- breaking performances of the likes of Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Guo Jingjing and Ben Ainslie plus a host of other great Olympians. 72MEETING OF CULTURES The Games saw athletesand Olympic fansfrom around the world come together in the sporting venues and Olympic Village in Beijing to learn more about each other and their Chinese hosts. Olympic Reviewspoke to them and heard their stories of fun and friendship. 80LEGACY The Games have made a positive impact on the environment in Beijing and saw the largest programme in the IOC's fight against doping in sport, while the OGKM programme allowed OCOGs from future Host Cities learn invaluable lessons about hosting the Olympic Games. 88OLYMPIC RESEARCH CORNER The success of the Beijing Games should lead to an increase in mass sports participation in China, writes Hai Ren, Professor at the Centre for Olympic Studies at Beijing Sports University. 93 PAST EXCERPT An extract from Olympic Review in 1990, which reported on the rise and rise of 2008 Olympic host country China as a new sporting power. 94OBITUARIES Olympic Review pays tribute to former Olympians and figures from the Olympic Movement, who have sadly passed away. 96BOOKREVIEWS Our bookworms run the rule over the latest Olympic- related publications. 98SUBSCRIPTIONS How to reserve your copy of Olympic Review.

OLYMPIC REVIEW5 OLYMPIC REVIEW OR CONTRIBUTORS EXECUTIVE BOARD President Jacques Rogge Vice- PresidentsLambis V. Nikolaou, Chiharu Igaya, Thomas Bach, Zaiqing Yu MembersSer Miang Ng, Mario Pescante, Sam Ramsamy, Gerhard Heiberg, Denis Oswald, René Fasel, Mario Vázquez Raña, Frank Fredericks, Nawal El Moutawakel, Richard L. Carrión OLYMPIC REVIEW Editorial Director Giselle Davies Editorial Management Tony Burgener, Kathleen Di Giacomo, Aurélie Eichler Production Agency Touchline Publishing Art Editor John Paul Yetton Production Editor Andy Tongue Features Editor Glyn Wilmshurst Sub Editors Rob Furber, Sylvie Venet- Tupy Translation Dolores Vazquez, Denis Echard, Ros Schwartz ISSN: 0251- 3498 Printed in the UK IMAGES Cover Image IOC Inside IOC; Getty Images; AFP; Bongarts OR CONTACT DETAILS Please send your letters to: Olympic Review, IOC Department of Communications, Château de Vidy, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland. website: www. olympic. org, email: olympicreview@ olympic. org tel + 41 ( 0) 21 621 6111 fax + 41 ( 0) 21 621 6356 Olympic Review uses PEFC- certified paper stock sourced from sustainable managed forests. Olympic Review is published by the International Olympic Committee. The articles published in Olympic Review do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the International Olympic Committee. No articles may be reproduced without the permission of the IOC Department of Communications. FRANK FREDERICKS Frank Fredericks was elected Chairman of the IOC Athletes' Commission at the IOC Session prior to the Beijing Games, succeeding Sergey Bubka. The Namibian sprinter, who competed in three editions of the Games and won four silver medals, tells Olympic Reviewwhat he hopes to achieve during his period as Chairman. He also picks out his particular highlights of the Games and gives his thoughts on the performance and achievement of fellow sprinter Usain Bolt. JOHN HUET John Huet is a US- based photographer who was part of The Olympic Picture Library's team in Beijing. His unique selection of images, capturing the drama, excitement and emotion of the Games competition, is showcased in a special Beijing version of Olympic Review'sregular Snapshotfeature. Huet says that his favourite image of the Games was that of Chinese basketball star Yao Ming during the Opening Ceremony holding the hand of a small boy. YU YILEI Yu Yilei is sports editor of China Daily, China's English language newspaper. He led a team of 16 in the daily production of an Olympic special of his paper which was noticeable for its comprehensive coverage of the Beijing Games. In Olympic Review, Yu reflects on the international media's reporting of the Games and what effect this will have on China and its relationship with the world. He also interviewed Guo Jingjing, who became the most decorated diver in Olympic history during the Games.