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Education Programme Since Singapore won the bid to host the 2010 Youth Olympic Games ( YOG), schools have been actively organising various activities to intensify the YOG buzz. Two new initiatives will further lay the foundation for a successful and memorable YOG event in 2010. Under " Friends@ YOG", each of the 360 Singapore schools will be " twinned" with one of the 205 National Olympic Committees. It will be a fun and exciting learning journey for students as they cultivate a global mindset through the forging of international friendships, learning about other countries' cultures and develop-ing respect for cultural diversity. Innsbruck to host first Winter YOG Innsbruck will host the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2012. Innsbruck ( Austria) beat Kuopio ( Finland) in the final by 84 votes to 15. The IOC offers it thanks to the other bidding cities Harbin ( China), Kuopio ( Finland), and Lillehammer ( Norway). The Host City Contract for the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck in 2012 was signed in the Tyrolean capital by IOC President Jacques Rogge, the Host City and the Austrian National Olympic Committee ( NOC) authorities. President Rogge visited several competition venues where the events will be held in 2012. He also met a group of young students who appeared on the promotional video clip for the Innsbruck bid. " We are glad to be back in Innsbruck where the extraordinary 1964 and 1976 Olympic Winter Games were staged", said the IOC President. Given the short preparation time ( three years), the IOC President underlined that Innsbruck was a strong partner, in terms of already existing first- class venues; Innsbruck's high degree of competence in organising international sports events; the enthusiastic population that has an excellent understanding of winter sports; and the full support of the local, regional and national authorities. Moreover, the Innsbruck 2012 bid excelled through its good understanding of the cultural and educational component of the Youth Olympic Games. The event will thus offer an excellent platform to create a true community between the youth of the world and the participants by learning and sharing experiences. BelowHannes Gschwentner, Deputy Governor, Anne Rogge, Hilde Zach, Mayor of Innsbruck, IOC member Leo Wallner, Jacques Rogge and Christoph Platzgummer, Deputy Mayor IOCPRESIDENT VISITSINNSBRUCK SINGAPORE2010 LAUNCHES OFFICIALEMBLEM Singapore 2010 launched its official emblem for the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games. " The emblem embodies the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games and represents the blending of the IOC's and Singapore Organising Committee's vision to bring the youth of the world together," said IOC President Jacques Rogge in his message. The emblem illustrates in a colourful and vibrant way the passion of sport with the champions in its centre. It will be a strong ambassador for Singapore 2010. The emblem launching ceremony was accompanied by sports demonstrations based on the new disciplines of the 2010 Games sports programme ( like basketball 3 on 3) and a 2010m run with many Singaporean youngsters participating. Some 3,594 athletes from all 205 National Olympic Committees will compete in Singapore in 26 sports comprising 201 events. Besides the sports competitions programme, the YOG will feature an extensive Cultural and Educational Programme ( CEP), which aims to introduce, in a fun and festive spirit, the young athletes to Olympism and the Olympic values, and to raise awareness of important issues such as the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, the fight against doping and their role as sports ambassadors in their communities. NEWS INBRIEF 16OLYMPIC REVIEW

Innsbruck Winter Youth Olympic Games Coordination Chairman Appointed Mr Gian- Franco Kasper, an IOC member and President of the International Ski Federation ( FIS), has been appointed Chairman of the Coordination Commission for the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games, the group of represen-tatives from the IOC and the Olympic Movement who will be monitoring the Youth Olympic Games preparations and guiding the Innsbruck Organising Committee over the next three years. The Commission members are ( in alphabetical order): Ottavio Cinquanta, Janko Dvorsak, Victor Khotochkin, Rebecca Scott, Robert Storey and Pernilla Wiberg. The Youth Olympic Games ( YOG) were created with the objective to reach out to young athletes world wide. The effective participation of all 205 NOCs is therefore a key factor in ensuring the universality of the YOG. The qualification systems are hence based on the two principles of universality and performance. To ensure that universality is respected in individual sports, places have been reserved in the qualification system for each sport so that at least four athletes per NOC ( NOC Universality Places) will be given the possibility to participate. In early 2009, NOCs with least participation in the last two Summer Olympic Games will be asked to provide a list of the preferred sports and disciplines in which they would like to enter their four athletes, in at least two different sports and with a balanced gender repartition. To ensure performance, Qualification systems have been developed by the 26 Summer Sports IFs which will allow for the participation of the best athletes through a fair and transparent process. For a full Qualification Table visit www. olympic. org/ singapore2010 In total, 3,594 athletes will be able to qualify for the YOG, be it through their performance or via universality places. AboveThe Youth Games will see young athletes from around the world coming together SIXNOCSAPPLY TO HOSTTHE 2ND SUMMER YOUTHOLYMPIC GAMESIN2014 QUALIFICATION FORSINGAPORE OLYMPIC REVIEW17 INNSBRUCK 2012 The IOC announced that six National Olympic Committees ( NOCs) have submitted applications to host the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014. They are, in alphabetical order: China, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Poland and Turkey. A number of NOCs requested additional time to designate the city they wish to put forward as Candidate City. The IOC has extended the deadline for these NOCs to submit the name of their cities to 1 April 2009. Jakarta 2014 ( Indonesia), Nanjing 2014 ( China) and Poznan 2014 ( Poland) have already been confirmed. The timeline below outlines the bid process. The date of the election by the IOC members and of the announcement of the host city remains unchanged. 1 APRIL 2009 Signature of Candidature Procedure and submission of names of Candidate Cities 4 SEPTEMBER 2009 Submission of Candidature Files DECEMBER 2009 IOC Executive Board to draw up list of finalist cities JANUARY 2010 Publication of Evaluation Commission report FEBRUARY 2010 Election and announcement of the Host City of the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games at the 122nd IOC Session in Vancouver