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40OLYMPIC REVIEW VANCOUVER 2010 " I am looking forward to joining the VANOC team of volunteers – it's the chance of a lifetime to get involved with the 2010 Winter Games being held right here in Vancouver. Volunteering allows those of us who aren't elite athletes to feel like part of the team. It's a chance to share in the spirit of competition and assist where possible to make these Games a success. Another highlight will be the Torch Relay that will take place across the country – it's a way for all Canadians to connect from coast to coast – and the rest of the world for that matter – in the months leading up to the start of the Games and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. I'm also looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies, which should be spectacular given the diversity of talent we have in Canada. And what a thrill it is to see the spotlight shone on the city I have lived in all my life. An event like this brings the country together in a unique way as we welcome the rest of the world in a celebration of sport and culture. I believe the Games also help to build community pride and unity while inspiring people of all ages. As the 2010 Organising Committee puts it, ' It's our time to shine'." HEATHER SCANLON PUBLIC LIBRARY EMPLOYEE, DELTA, BC " From our perspective at the Vancouver Curling Club, we're really looking forward to the fact that at the end of all this, we get a new curling club. Our club was built in 1948 and needs some updating but with the advantage of the new curling facility being built just down the street, we're all looking forward to the fall of 2011 when we'll have use of this great new facility. The big thrill is having the entire city come together to enjoy multiple events, but it's not just about the 17 days in February 2010, it's really about all the excitement leading up to that and all the pre- Games events such as World Cups that we can sample. As local residents, it's very exciting to have such a major event coming to our town – just having the experience of it on the streets that you've known for years – to have that major celebration is going to be exciting for everyone. It's going to be great for the city that we'll have so many different people from around the world all gathered in one spot. And if you haven't heard about Vancouver before, you certainly will in the near future and beyond." SAM COREA MANAGER, PRESS OPERATIONS, VANOC AND LOCAL CURLING TEAM SKIP, VANCOUVER " I love the pageantry of the Games and, as an artist, I look forward to the cultural events that will be a big part of the Games. According to VANOC, there are more than 400 performances and exhibitions in the Cultural Olympiad 2009 programme, so that's exciting. I was lucky enough to be at the enormous celebration at General Motors Place when Vancouver was awarded the Games in 2003, so I'm really looking forward to experiencing that kind of thrill again when the 2010 Winter Olympics come to our area. Having lived here for 60 years, I am very proud that Vancouver and Whistler will be on display and the entire world will see our natural beauty from sea to sky." MARGARET CASEY SENIOR/ ARTIST, BURNABY, BC

OLYMPIC REVIEW41 VANCOUVER 2010 " As someone who works with children, I'm thrilled about the opportunity they will have to see the Olympic Games up close. There are so many aspects of the Games for the kids to experience, from the Torch Relay that will connect Canadians across the country, to the Cultural Olympiad that celebrates the best of our culture, to the education programmes that give them the opportunity to showcase to the world the creative projects happening in their classrooms. It's also a great chance for the kids to learn more about sustainability, the environment and Aboriginal participation given how important those elements are in hosting the 2010 Games. It's a wonderful time because it's not just about the actual Games, but all the events and excitement that are unfolding as we look forward to the winter of 2010. The children are also crazy about the mascots, Miga, Quatchi and Sumi – they're like Olympic rock stars to my kids." KIRSTY DUVAL EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATOR, LADNER, BC " The value of having an event like this is a chance to showcase our city to the world again, like we did during Expo ' 86. That put Vancouver on the international map and had a positive effect on the local economy – the 2010 Winter Games will have a similar effect. It's wonderful to see the excitement building as new sports venues open their doors to various pre- Games World Cup competitions taking place over the course of the winter. In addition, the venues and facilities create a legacy that will be of benefit to the community for years to come. These world class venues will also attract athletic teams from around the world as Vancouver and Whistler become part of the Olympic training circuit. This is a once- in- a-lifetime opportunity and we look forward to welcoming the world to our region in 2010." MICHAEL FALCONER SIGN SHOP OWNER, RICHMOND, BC