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OLYMPIC REVIEW79 OBITUARIES MANZOOR HUSSAIN ATIF The International Hockey Federation ( FIH) has announced the death of Manzoor Hussain Atif, an honorary member of the IF. Atif won a gold medal with the Pakistani team at the Rome Games in 1960. He also took part in the 1952, 1956 and 1964 Games. Atif was the manager of Pakistani Olympic champion teams at Mexico City in 1968 and Los Angeles in 1984. A member of numerous committees within the FIH, Atif received the federation's Order of Merit in 1982 and became an honorary member in 2002. The IOC was greatly saddened to learn of the death of Henry Heng Hsu, IOC Honorary Member in Chinese Taipei, at the age of 96. Elected as an IOC member in 1970, he was a member ( 1962- 1965), Vice- President ( 1965- 1973) and then President ( 1973- 1974) of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, as well as being President of the Chinese Taipei Amateur Swimming Association ( 1954- 1965), Vice- President of the Asian Amateur Swimming Federation since 1966 and Council member of the Asian Games Federation ( 1966- 1972). A Member of Parliament at the Legislative Yuan, Chinese Taipei, from 1972 to 1986 and National Policy Advisor to the President of Chinese Taipei from 1987 to 2000, Hsu was a real sports lover, practising football, volleyball, swimming and water polo at international level. A gold medallist in volleyball at the 9th Far East Games in Tokyo ( 1930) and in football at the 10th Far East Games in Manila ( 1934), he also won gold in 50m and 100m freestyle swimming at the Hong Kong Championships ( 1940) and at the Hong Kong Water Polo Championships ( 1948- 1951). Hsu was a judge in the swimming competitions at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne. HENRY HENGHSU IOC MEMBER AND IOC HONORARY MEMBER SINCE 1988 The IOC was greatly saddened to learn of the death of Anani Matthia, at the age of 81. Elected as an IOC member in 1983, he was President of the Togolese National Olympic Committee between 1976 and 1995, and a member as an NOC representative of the Commission for the Olympic Movement ( 1982- 1990) and the Olympic Solidarity Commission ( 1982- 1989), as well as being a member of the Sport for All Commission ( 1989- 2001) before becoming an Honorary Member in 2007. A pharmacist by profession, Anani Matthia played a key role of promoting football in his home country. He was an active player before he became President of the Togolese Football Federation in 1972. In all his activities he always promoted the Olympic values and understood the important role that sport plays in contemporary society. ANANI MATTHIA FORMER IOC MEMBER AND HONORARY MEMBER SINCE 2007

80OLYMPIC REVIEW This magnificent book is written in both English and Dutch. Using an enormous number of contemporary photographs, the authors have been able to reconstruct the full history of the Games of the IXth Olympiad. It's a truly fascinating story, with Coubertin's " coup d'état" from 1921, where he proposed that Paris host the 1924 Games and Amsterdam the 1928 edition. The authors, of whom Ruud Paauw is recognised as one of the best informed Dutch historians on the subject of the 1928 Olympic Games, also describe the problems with financing the Games, and when the money finally came available, how the Organising Committee arrived at the choice of Jan Wils as architect for the Olympic Stadium. The book is enhanced not only with original photographs; but also with pictures of memorabilia from the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games from the collection of ISOH member Jaco Treurniet, whose collection must be the richest one in the world on this edition of the Games. Then follow the descriptions of each of the sporting events. What makes the book indispensable is that the authors did not concentrate solely on Dutch Olympians, but also on the biography of famous sportsmen and women from these Games; Paavo Nurmi, Percy Williams, Lord Burghley, Ahmed Boughéra El Ouafi, Betty Robinson and Halina Konopacka are all featured. The chapter on gymnastics contains the story about the gold medal winning Dutch Jewish female gymnasts, who perished in the German extermination camps, while the swimming chapter includes a biography of the American swimmer Johnny Weissmuller, later known for his film career as Tarzan. Also mentioned here is the famous story of Farid Simaika from Egypt, who for a short while was thought to be the winner of the platform diving, but later had to surrender his first place to the American Pete Desjardins. The art competition has a chapter of its own – as has the sports related physiological research, which was performed for the first time in Olympic history in 1928 by Professor F. J. J. Buytendijk from the University of Groningen. The final chapter is dedicated to the closing ceremony and the results, as well as an overall medals list, are presented at the end of the book. This book is a truly fabulous contribution to Olympic history and should find its way into every Olympic library. MODEL FORTHE FUTURE AMSTERDAM OLYMPICS: THE INDIA STORY Boria Majumdar, Nalin Mehta Published by: Harper Collins, 2008. ISBN: 97881- 7223- 7592, 379 pages, in English. Although more and more modern historians acknowledge that the development of the Olympic Games is closely linked with an understanding of how societies work, nothing has so far been said about the Indian experience of the Games. This seems surprising in view of the fact that India was the first colonial country to join the Olympic Movement. This very readable book with its rich store of anecdotes deals with a subject never previously tackled. The authors, Boria Majumdar and Nalin Mehta, were, for the first time, given unlimited access to the IOC's official archives in Lausanne. This enabled them to recall the least known chapters in India's Olympic history, so creating a unique and fascinating book. L'OLYMPISME À L'ÉCOLE? Eric Monnin Published by: Université de technologie de Belfort- Montbéliard, 2008. ISBN: 978- 2- 914279- 39- 0, 978 - 2- 84867- 240- 3, 251 pages, in French. Could Olympism become part of the school curriculum? That is the question posed by the book's author Eric Monnin, a former French national judo champion who holds a doctorate in sociology and teaches physical education. With a preface by IOC President Jacques Rogge, the book focuses on the challenges and constraints that face any initiative to make space on the school syllabus for Olympic values. It is divided into two parts. The first part examines three aspects of Olympism: basic concepts, ancient history and the modern era. Meanwhile, the second presents the conclusions of a survey carried out among students and teachers of physical education in the Franche- Comté region of France. FOOTBALL ET OLYMPISME JACQUES GUHL, UNE VIE Agnès Guhl Published by: Editions à la Carte, 2008 ISBN: 978- 2- 88464- 896- 7, in French Jacques Guhl, the Swiss writer, poet and footballer, is the subject of this biography written by his daughter Agnès Guhl. Structured like a storyboard, Agnès Guhl studied written notes and archives in order to present a synthesis of her father's philosophy and his past. Jacques Guhl designed the ' Magic Square' method to teach children how to play football. With his sportsman's spirit and writer's hand, he devised a form of learning centred on effort and willpower. Claiming, like Coubertin, to be a traveller on an unknown planet, Agnès Guhl describes how her father invited her into the ' World of A', an Olympic art form and source of creativity. Selection proposed by the IOC Library, 1, Quai d'Ouchy, P. O. Box 1001, Lausanne, Switzerland. Tel. + 41 ( 0) 21 621 66 11. Fax + 41( 0) 21 621 67 18. Visit the website www. olympic. org/ library ( loans service, on- line catalogue, list of new acquisitions, lists of themed bibliographies). OLYMPIC GAMES 1928/ MODEL VOOR DE TOEKOMST – AMSTERDAM, OLYMPISCHE SPELEN 1928; BY RUUD PAAUW AND JAAP VISSER; PUBLISHED BY UITGEVERIJ DE BUITENSPELERS – KATS; ROTTERDAM; CAN BE ORDERED VIA: WWW. DEBUITENSPELERS. NL; PRICE € 49.00; EXCLUSIVE MAILING COSTS; ISBN 978- 90- 71359- 28- 6; 447 PAGES. REVIEWED BY TONY BIJKERK.