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108TEACHING VALUES SECTION 4 THE FIVE EDUCATIONAL VALUES OF OLYMPISM READING Scene 1 – To smoke or not to smoke Irini has to choose Irini takes the bus to school with her friends. Everyday they walk past a big advertisement for a brand of cigarettes. On the advertisement there is a picture of a lovely lady who is wearing a beautiful white dress. In the picture she is standing on a ship with a handsome man, and the sun is setting in the background. Both the man and the woman are smoking cigarettes. Irini would love to look like the lady in the white dress. Irini plays volleyball for her community team so she knows all of the health dangers about smoking. One day several of Irini's school friends buy cigarettes and decide to smoke them in the park after school. They invite Irini to join them. What should she do? FOR DISCUSSION What are Irini's choices? Why are the choices difficult? What is the message of the advertisement? How does this message affect Irini? What are the expectations of different people in Irini's life? – friends, coach, team- mates, parents. What would you do? What is the healthy choice? Talk about other advertisements that try to influence your behaviour. Scene 2 – To take steroids or not to take steroids. Abed has to choose Abed is training hard to make the school running team. There are two other people who are almost as good as he is. Only two boys will be picked for the team. Abed really wants to be on that team to make his parents proud of him. One day a friend of his older brother comes into the locker room. He comes up to Abed and puts his arm around Abed's shoulders. " Hey, Abed," he says quietly." We really want you to be our man on the school running team. But, you know, you've got a problem with those other guys. I've been able to get hold of some of these pills. Take one a day for a couple of weeks. They'll give you some extra muscle power to be a sure winner." What should Abed do? FOR DISCUSSION What are Abed's choices? Why are the choices difficult? What are the expectations of different people in Abed's life? – Coach, friends, parents, family. What would you do? What is the healthy choice? Below If you were offered steroids, what would you do? ANGELSORDEMONS: MAKINGDIFFICULT CHOICES EACH OF THE SCENES BELOW INVOLVES A PERSON WHO HAS A DILEMMA. USE THIS ACTIVITY TO HELP LEARNERS EXPLORE THE CHALLENGES OF MAKING POSITIVE, HEALTHY CHOICES.

TEACHING VALUES AN OLYMPIC EDUCATION TOOLKIT W hen you watch athletes in action they seem to make their activity look so easy. In fact, an athlete does not become a champion without certain qualities and values. SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES Unscramble the letters in the following sentences to find out what qualities an athlete needs to be a champion. S/ he brings together talent and heart in aLANCABE of body, will and mind. ........................................................ S/ he must love the sport. There is joy in the ROFEFTof athletes participating in their sports. ........................................................ S/ he wants to do his/ her best. Athletes strive for CEEELNXLC. ........................................................ S/ he does not cheat. Great champions believe that true sport is IARFsport. ........................................................ S/ he SPRCETESopponents, officials and fellow team- mates. ........................................................ FAIREFFORTEXCELLENCE RESPECTS BALANCE Wanted Ad– In a small group, make a list of the qualities that a person has to have to be a champion. Then write up a WANTED AD for " a champion". Write your advertisement for a champion in felt pens on poster paper. Mount the ad on your school bulletin board. Star Chart– Identify one activity that you do really well. Bring a photograph of yourself or draw a picture of yourself doing the activity. Create a STAR CHART that includes the activity photographs of all of the learners. YOUAREA CHAMPION! SECTION 4 THE FIVE EDUCATIONAL VALUES OF OLYMPISM TEACHING VALUES109 USE THIS ACTIVITY TO HELP LEARNERS TO THINK ABOUT HOW THE OLYMPIC VALUES CAN HELP THEM TO BECOME THE " BEST THAT THEY CAN BE." Role Play– Today, a mighty spirit says you can become a star in any sport or activity you wish. You are being interviewed by a reporter. How would you respond to the following questions? • Will you please describe some of the skills involved in your activity? • Will you please tell us what you had to do to reach your goal? • Is there anyone you'd like to mention who helped you? How did s/ he help? • What does it feel like now that you have reached your goal? How has your life changed?