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110TEACHING VALUES SECTION 4 THE FIVE EDUCATIONAL VALUES OF OLYMPISM " THOSE WHO CANNOT FORGIVE OTHERS BREAK THE BRIDGE OVER WHICH THEY THEMSELVES MUST PASS." ( CONFUCIUS/ KONG ZI, CHINESE SCHOLAR, 5TH CENTURY BC) " FAILURE IS OFTEN THAT EARLY MORNING HOUR OF DARKNESS THAT PRECEDES THE DAWNING OF THE DAY OF SUCCESS." ( UNKNOWN) " IF YOU WANT YOUR EGGS HATCHED, SIT ON THEM YOURSELF." ( HAITIAN PROVERB) " SOLITUDE IS A SILENT STORM THAT BREAKS DOWN ALL OUR DEAD BRANCHES; YET IT SENDS OUR LIVING ROOTS DEEPER INTO THE LIVING HEART OF THE LIVING EARTH." ( KAHLIL GIBRAN ( 1883- 1931), PHILOSOPHER, POET AND ARTIST FROM LEBANON) " LIFE BEGETS LIFE. ENERGY CREATES ENERGY. IT IS BY SPENDING ONESELF THAT ONE BECOMES RICH." ( SARAH BERNHARDT ( 1844- 1923), FAMOUS FRENCH ACTRESS) " THE WORST OF ALL DECEPTIONS IS SELF- DECEPTION." ( PLATO ( 427- 347 BC), GREEK PHILOSOPHER AND EDUCATOR) FOR DISCUSSION Speak about the meaning of one of these quotations to your class, your club or a small group. In your own words, list important lessons about life and living that are communicated in these quotes. Find other quotes – from the poets, leaders and athletes of your own country or culture. Prepare a poster or a drawing using the words of one of your favourite inspirational quotations. BelowSydney 2000: Cathy Freeman ( AUS) celebrates with her gold medal after winning the Women's 400m. Cathy comes from the Aboriginal tradition of Australia and is proud of her heritage. WORDSOF INSPIRATION USE THE QUOTATIONS TO INSPIRE REFLECTION ON LIFE MESSAGES THAT CAN INSPIRE COMMITMENT TO A TYPE OF BEHAVIOUR OR AN ACTIVITY.

TEACHING VALUES AN OLYMPIC EDUCATION TOOLKIT READING John Akhwari Fulfils His Commitment Mexico City was the site of one of the great moments of marathon history. It was long after the last runners had finished the marathon race. Everyone was leaving the stadium. It was practically empty. Suddenly a runner appeared at the place where the marathon route entered the stadium. John Stephen Akhwari of Tanzania was hobbling painfully down the track. His legs were bandaged following an accident on the marathon route. Before a stunned audience he made his painful way around the track. At first there was silence. Then the small crowd began cheering on this remarkable athlete. They cheered him as if he were the winner of the race. When a reporter asked him why he continued in spite of his injuries he simply said." I don't think you understand. My country did not send me to Mexico to start the race. They sent me to finish the race." In 2000, at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Games, Akhwari was given an award by former IOCPresident Juan Antonio Samaranch as a living symbol of the Olympic ideal. FOR DISCUSSION Why do you think Akhwari did not give up even though he was injured? What are some reasons why people stop doing things that they want to do when there are difficulties or obstacles? Tell a story about a time you started to do something and you stopped doing it because you had a difficulty or a problem. What would you do differently if you could recreate or relive this situation? Tell a story about a time when you accomplished something even though there were difficulties or problems. What did you learn about yourself at this time? RightSydney 2000: John Stephen Akhwari ( TAN) at the closing ceremony. I'LLFINISH THERACE! SECTION 4 THE FIVE EDUCATIONAL VALUES OF OLYMPISM TEACHING VALUES111 SOMETIMES BEING THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT YOU ARE THE FASTEST, THE HIGHEST OR THE STRONGEST. IT MEANS THAT YOU HAVE MADE A COMMITMENT AND YOU FULFIL YOUR COMMITMENT – REGARDLESS.