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Below Iran 2005: More Olympic Day joy. 126TEACHING VALUES SECTION 5 IMPLEMENTATION TOOLS WHY HOLD AN OLYMPIC DAY OR WEEK? To offer children and young people an opportunity to demonstrate effort in sport and physical activity, as well as in related areas such as art, music, etc. To engage the whole school and/ or community, in an event, based on the Olympic values, and emphasise co-operation, participation and fair play. To provide a culminating opportunity for cross- curricular activities in the school or community. To raise the profile of the school or organisation in the local community. Olympic Family, special guests and the local media will be invited to attend. ORGANISATION Select a date and time for the Olympic Day celebration.( Internationally, Olympic Day is celebrated on 23 June, the date that Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee). Select a coordinator for the overall Olympic Day activities. Select a planning committee. This should include a representative from the executive or administration, the teaching or coaching team, each curriculum area in a school and a local parent group. Appoint each member of the committee with a certain responsibility. AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY Logistics Select a range of events for the Olympic Day such as: athletic events, competitive and non- competitive games and team events. Ensure that all the children and youngsters are able to participate. Guarantee a means of communicating on the day with participants. Deal with all legal and insurance issues. Field Co- ordination– Determine the location and who will be responsible for each event. Planning for this should include: equipment, entries, schedule of events, officials and point tallies. Ceremonies– Decide what elements of the Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies you wish to include.( See pages 26- 28.) Awards – Decide on categories for awards. Participation awards are recommended in addition to result awards. Decide how awards will be handed out, when and by whom. Public Relations– Invite guests such as the mayor, local athletes, governors, parents and press. Contact local radio and television stations, if possible, and newspapers. Support Services– Ensure there is a First Aid Station and nurse available on the day. Provide shaded areas and refreshments for participants and spectators. SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES FOR DIFFERENT SUBJECT AREAS Art – Design the banners to be used for each country at the Opening Ceremony. Design and produce medals and certificates to be used as awards. Construct posters and/ or banners to be used throughout the school or community. Design an emblem, a torch and mascots. English – Write a newspaper article reporting on the Olympic Day. Hold a poetry competition with the Olympic ideals as the topic. Mathematics– Create the results sheets for the Games. Assist in the judging of the competition. Discuss currencies and exchange rates of the different countries. Plan and then measure and lay out the field for various events and activities. Geography – Design a world map with all the Olympic host cities highlighted. Consider the countries that will be competing in your Olympic Day and compile a list of their capital cities and population. History– Make flags of the countries represented at the Games. Discuss their symbolism and what the colours represent. Prepare information sheets for the school about each of the countries. Modern Languages– Collect sporting photographs and give them captions in the target language. Choose one of the competing countries and conduct a ' mock interview' in the target language. Music– Compose a theme song for your Olympic Day. Study how music has been a part of the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games. Physical Education– Train for the events. Start a " Spirit of Olympism" programme. Highlight an Olympic athlete and discuss their sport and career. Science– Discuss the effect of science and technology on the changes in equipment over the years. Give examples of advances, for example pole vault poles, cycling footwear. Health– Discuss having a nutritious lunch for all the participants on Olympic Day. Discuss the prevention of dehydration during the day's events. Devise a fitness plan for all the participants to follow during the preparation for the day. OLYMPICDAYORWEEKIN THE SCHOOLOR COMMUNITY1 HOLDING AN OLYMPIC DAY OR WEEK IS A GREAT WAY OF PROMOTING THE VALUES OF THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT TO SCHOOLS AND LOCAL COMMUNITIES. 1 Adapted from British Olympic Association. 2006. " Olympic Day in the School." Online.

OLYMPICDAY/ WEEK CERTIFICATE TEACHING VALUES AN OLYMPIC EDUCATION TOOLKIT SECTION 5 IMPLEMENTATION TOOLS TEACHING VALUES127 USE THIS CERTIFICATE TO AWARD THOSE STUDENTS WHOSE PARTICIPATION MADE YOUR EVENT POSSIBLE. IT CAN BE ENLARGED PROPORTIONALLY TO FIT AN A4 PAGE. CERTIFICATE ............................................................................................................................... .. participated in the " Spirit of Olympism" ................................................................. Date ................................................................. Signed OLYMPIC DAY IN SCHOOL