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TEACHING VALUES AN OLYMPIC EDUCATION TOOLKIT Our school/ organisation is a " Spirit of Olympism" organisation. The following educational values of Olympism support the objectives and learning outcomes of our organisation, and guide all of our activities: A. JOY OF EFFORT Young people develop and practise physical, behavioural and intellectual skills by challenging themselves and each other in physical activities, movement, games and sport. B. FAIR PLAY Fair play is a sporting concept, but it is applied worldwide today in many different ways. Learning fair play behaviour in sport can lead to the development and reinforcement of fair play behaviour in the community and in life. C. RESPECT FOR OTHERS When living in a multicultural world, learning to accept and respect diversity, and practise personal peaceful behaviours can promote peace and international understanding. D. PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE A focus on excellence can help young people to make positive, healthy choices, and strive to become the best that they can be in whatever they do. E. BALANCE BETWEEN BODY, WILL AND MIND Current research suggests that learning takes place in the whole body, not just in the mind. We encourage daily physical activity. These values have to be taught and reinforced. We believe that positive behaviours develop when we all care about other people's feelings and concerns ( empathy), understand the right and decent ways to act ( conscience), maintain our self- control, respect and value others by treating them in a courteous and considerate way, and value justice and fairness. Because children and young people learn values by watching adults, everyone in our community, including our parents, should be responsible for modelling and reinforcing these values. Thank you for helping us. ' SPIRITOFOLYMPISM' INFORMATION HANDOUT SECTION 5 IMPLEMENTATION TOOLS TEACHING VALUES129 USE THIS HANDOUT WHEN YOU WANT TO PROVIDE INFORMATION ON THE " SPIRIT OF OLYMPISM" PROGRAMME TO OLYMPIC FAMILY MEMBERS, EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATORS AND AUTHORITIES, TEACHERS, COACHES, PARENTS AND SUPPORTERS.

130TEACHING VALUES SECTION 5 IMPLEMENTATION TOOLS LESSONS WILL BE REMEMBERED LONG AFTER THE SCORES ARE FORGOTTEN. Our " Spirit of Olympism" school/ organisation encourages your participation in your son/ daughter/ young person's curricular, extra- curricular and sports activities. As a parent/ guardian your participation contributes to their ongoing development and enthusiasm. Our school/ organisation has developed a Spirit of Olympism code. We expect all of our participants to behave according to the principles of the code when they are participating in the activities or events sponsored by our school or organisation. We also want our participants to have fun, and we expect our parents/ guardians to encourage this fun in a positive way. When you are a spectator at events, the young people you watch do hear and see you. They care about what you say. They look to you for acceptance and praise. Please understand that you are watching young participants learn and have fun doing activities they love. Be positive in your participation during a game or event. Do not yell negative comments at other participants or parents, teachers, coaches or officials. Our Spirit of Olympism school/ organisation hopes all parents/ guardians will be positive role models for their sons and/ or daughters. Accept the fact that mistakes will be made by teachers, coaches, activity leaders, referees and officials. Be tolerant of mistakes. If you cannot accept what you see, hear or experience, make your concerns known to the administration privately after the event. We appreciate your support. LETTERFORPARENTS ORGUARDIANS USE THIS LETTER TO ENCOURAGE SUPPORT FROM FAMILY MEMBERS AND OTHERS OUTSIDE YOUR SCHOOL/ ORGANISATION.