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TEACHING VALUES AN OLYMPIC EDUCATION TOOLKIT BEFORE YOU READ – QUESTIONS TO ASK Have you seen the Olympic flag flying anywhere? Where? What does it look like? READING 1 When all the athletes have marched into the Olympic stadium during an Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, it gets very quiet. Then from one end of the stadium eight people dressed in white enter the stadium. Each of them is holding an edge of the Olympic flag. Holding the flag tight between them, they move around the Olympic track. They stop at the flag pole, attach the flag and then begin to raise the Olympic flag. A huge choir sings the Olympic anthem. It is a very emotional moment for the athletes and spectators in the stadium. During the Olympic Games the Olympic flag is flown wherever other flags are flown in the Olympic city. The flag symbolises that the city is now living under the Olympic spirit. During the Closing Ceremony, the flag is lowered and given to the mayor of the city that is the host of the next Olympic Games. READING 2 Flag Waving From a Wheelchair4 Sam Sullivan, the mayor of Vancouver, lives his life in a wheelchair and has minimal hand movement. He said he didn't want someone waving the nearly five- " THE EIGHT OF US HAD THE EXTRAORDINARY HONOUR OF CARRYING THE FLAG INTO THE STADIUM AND SEE IT BEING RAISED FOR THE DURATION OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES. I WAS HONOURED TO BE PICKED AS THE ONE REPRESENTING THE ENVIRONMENT… IT WAS AN EMOTIONAL AND HUMBLING EXPERIENCE." ( JACQUES COUSTEAU) 3 FLYINGTHEFLAG SECTION 2 CELEBRATING THE VALUES THROUGH SYMBOL AND CEREMONY TEACHINGVALUES31 USE THIS ACTIVITY TO INTRODUCE THE IDEA OF FLAGS AS SYMBOLS. HELP LEARNERS TO COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE PURPOSES OF NATIONAL FLAGS AND OF THE OLYMPIC FLAG. NATIONAL FLAGS SUPPORT NATIONAL PRIDE. THE OLYMPIC FLAG REPRESENTS INTERNATIONAL UNITY THROUGH SPORT AND THE OLYMPIC VALUES. 3 O'Sullivan, M. Environment a key theme at Olympics. Voice of American News, February 10, 2002. Sourced online: http:// greennature. com/ article835. html., June 25, 2006. 4 Excerpted from CBC News. ( 2006). " Vancouver mayor to wave Olympic flag from his wheelchair. Online: http:// www. cbc. ca/ story/ canada/ national/ 2006/ 02/ 24/ v ancouver- mayor060224. html. Sourced July 31, 2006. metre flag for him. " That's completely against everything I stand for. I want to be able to do it myself," said Sullivan. With one billion viewers expected to watch the Closing Ceremony, Sullivan said the symbolism of taking the flag was important. " There are many people with disabilities who have e- mailed me and said this is really quite a profound moment for them as well as for me and other people with disabilities in Canada," said Sullivan. To solve Sullivan's problem, engineers and volunteers in Vancouver designed a three- angled flag- holder to mount on the armrest of his wheelchair. It had to be designed for a number of scenarios. " That's one big flag. If the wind takes it, do I end up on my face or falling off the edge of the stage?" Sullivan said. When IOC President Jacques Rogge handed him the flag, Sullivan moved his motorised wheelchair back and forth, to get the flag to wave. AboveSalt Lake City 2002: Eight world heroes/ heroines carry in the Olympic flag during the Opening Ceremony. Below Turin 2006: At the Closing Ceremony, the Olympic flag was passed to Sam Sullivan, the Mayor of Vancouver, Canada, host city for the 2010 Winter Games.

The people who are carrying the flag in the picture below are all people who have made the world a better place to live in. Five of these " flag bearers" represented the five main regions of the world. The other three represented the three pillars of the Olympic Movement: sport, culture and environment. Use the internet or ask your teachers/ elders what each of the following leaders has achieved and why they were chosen. Archbishop Desmond Tutu– Africa John Glenn– the Americas Lech Walesa– Europe Cathy Freeman– Oceania Kazuyoshi Funaki – Asia Jean- Claude Killy( France) represented " Sports" Steven Spielberg( USA) represented " Culture" Jacques Cousteau( France) represented the " Environment" 1 ACTIVITYSHEET 32TEACHING VALUES SECTION 2 CELEBRATING THE VALUES THROUGH SYMBOL AND CEREMONY TALK IN GROUPS Why do nations have flags? Why does the Olympic Movement have a flag? TO THINK ABOUT If the Olympic Games came to your city and country, whom would you pick to be the eight flag bearers for the Olympic flag? Why would you pick each of these people? CHECKLIST ACTIVITY 1 ACTIVITY 2 ACTIVITY 3 ACTIVITY 4 ACTIVITY 5 23 Design and draw a flag for a special event in your community or for your school, or draw the flag of your country. Then explain the symbols and images you have used on your flag. Design an apparatus for a wheelchair that will help someone with a disability to wave a big flag. 4 5