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OLYMPIC REVIEW19 El Salvador The NOC of El Salvador and the University of El Salvador ( UES) organised sports administration courses for the UES staff, the sports leaders of sever-al town councils in El Salvador and physical education students. Spread over four days ( 14, 21 and 28 August, and 4 September), these courses covered several subjects, including the structure of the Olympic Movement, the ancient Olympic Games, sports planning, budgeting and financial management. Canada and Barbados The Canadian NOC has signed an MoU with the Barbados NOC to strengthen sporting relations between the two countries. Canadian NOC Secretary General Chris Rudge and Barbados NOC President and Secretary General Steve Stoute and Erskine Simmons respectively signed this MoU, under the terms of which the two NOCs undertake to develop more solid partner-ships, focused on athletes' development, among the sports federations. IOC President Jacques Rogge visited Abuja ( Nigeria) for the 13th General Assembly of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa ( ANOCA), whose President is IOC member Lassana Palenfo. During his stay, President Rogge met the President of the Republic, Umaru Yar'adua, and several IOC members there for this occasion. He also laid the first stone of the permanent ANOCA headquarters in Abuja. Palenfo was re-elected as ANOCA President for a term of four years - his second term of office. LeftPresident Rogge lays the first stone of the permanent ANOCA headquarters IOCPRESIDENT VISITSNIGERIA BOAAND ROMANIASIGN AGREEMENT SPORTS ADMINISTRATION COURSE ATHLETES DONATE GEAR A Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) was signed between the British Olympic Association ( BOA) and the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee at the beginning of July at a ceremony organised at the House of Lords. BOA Chairman Colin Moynihan welcomed his Romanian counterpart, Octavian Morariu, accompanied by Sports Director Alexandru Epuran, Chief of Staff Cristian Butariu and Romanian Ambassador Jon Linga. The areas covered by this MoU include developing excellence in sport; strengthening relations between the athletes of both countries; promoting understanding between their people; developing athlete exchanges; and sharing information on best practice in sports administration. This MoU will remain in place until 31 December 2012 with the option of an additional four years. Below Colin Moynihan and Octavian Morariu shake hands after signing the Memorandum The Guatemalan NOC organised sports administration and Sport for All courses from 6 to 10 July with the support of the Higher Sports Council of Spain. Among the subjects addressed at the first course were the planning, administration and management of sports organisations, human resources, and sport and the environment. In addition, at the end of June, the first meeting on sports psychology was held, and attended by about 40 people from Guatemala, Peru and Puerto Rico, including many athletes. In cooperation with the " Athletes for Athletes" Foundation and the government, the Costa Rican NOC took part in an operation to donate sports equipment to children and youngsters in the province of Limón, 160km from the capital, San José. T- shirts, balls, shoes, shin pads and even trophies were given to some 310 young footballers, to their great delight. NEWS INBRIEF

The International Boxing Association ( AIBA) launched a new initiative in the form of a training camp for boxers from disadvantaged countries so that they can take part in the World Boxing Championships in 2009 in Milan ( Italy). Some 100 boxers from the five continents attend-ed the camp at the Italian National Training Centre in Assisi from 10 to 26 August. The 2009 edition of the International Basketball Federation ( FIBA)' s Basketball without Borders programme, in cooperation with the National Basketball Association ( NBA), was organised in Beijing ( China) from 30 July to 2 August, in Mexico City ( Mexico) from 6 to 9 August, and in Johannesburg ( South Africa) from 2 to 6 September. Launched in 2001, this programme brings together talented young players aged 19 and under selected by FIBA and the national basketball associations. Training was given by current or former NBA players and coaches. FIBA awarded the organisation of the 2014 men's World Championship to the Spanish Federation. The men's U17 World Championship will take place in Hamburg ( Germany) in July 2010. The women's edition will be held at the same time in France, in the cities of Toulouse and Rodez. BelowThe 2013 World Swimming Championships will take place in Dubai DUBAI TOHOST FINA WORLD CHAMPS FISELECTS ATHLETES' COMMISSION The International Skiing Federation ( FIS)' s athletes commission held its first meeting in its new composition. The 12 athletes elected for the 2009- 2013 period by their colleagues during the 2009 World Championships are: Kikkan Randall ( USA, women's cross country skiing); Sami Jauhojärvi ( Finland, men's cross country skiing); Andreas Küttel ( Switzerland, ski jumping); Jan Schmid ( Norway, Nordic combined); Anja Pärson ( Sweden, women's Alpine skiing); Marie Marchand- Arvier ( France, women's Alpine skiing); Kilian Albrecht ( Bulgaria, men's Alpine skiing); Ivica Kostelic ( Croatia, men's Alpine skiing); Karin Huttary ( Austria, women's freestyle skiing); Ryan Blais ( Canada, men's freestyle skiing); Juliane Bray ( New Zealand, women's snowboard) and Mateusz Ligocki ( Poland, men's snowboard). BASKETBALL WITHOUTBORDERS The city of Dubai ( United Arab Emirates) will organise the 15th World Swimming Championships in 2013. This decision was taken by the International Swimming Federation ( FINA) Bureau, which met on 18 July in Rome for the World Championships. Dubai will also play host in December 2010 to the 10th World Swimming Championships ( 25m). Julio César Maglione has just been elected as President of the International Swimming Federation ( FINA). A FINA Bureau member since 1984, since 1992 he occupied the position of Honorary Treasurer. He succeeds his colleague Mustapha Larfaoui, who had been President since 1988 and who has been appointed FINA Life Honorary President. NEWS INBRIEF 20OLYMPIC REVIEW