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4OLYMPIC REVIEW OLYMPIC REVIEW CONTENTS OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT JULY- AUG- SEPT 2009 07FOREWORD By IOC President Jacques Rogge. 08SNAPSHOT Stunning sporting images from this past quarter. 13NEWS A review of the latest news and events from around the Olympic Movement. 24GREAT OLYMPIC IMAGES Great images from past editions of the Olympic Games. 28COVER STORY: OLYMPIC CONGRESS The 13th Olympic Congresswill give the Olympic Movement an opportunity to take stock of the major issues it needs to address over the coming years. 32GIVING THE PEOPLE A VOICE How the Virtual Congress allowed the public to have their say for the first time. 36OLYMPIC CONGRESS THEMES A look at each of the five themes that will be discussed in Copenhagen: Athletes, Olympic Games, Olympic Movement Structure, Olympism and Youthand The Digital Revolution including interviews with each of the key- note speakers. 54COPENHAGEN SPORTS FESTIVAL The Danish capital is putting on a celebration of sport to coincide with the Olympic Congress. 56GREAT DANE An exclusive interview with legendary Danish sailor Paul Elvstrøm, who won four gold medals across eight editions of the Olympic Games. 58WORD ON THE STREET Olympic Reviewhits the streets of Copenhagen to find out what the locals think are the biggest challenges facing the Olympic Movement in 2009. 60OLYMPIC SOLIDARITY Interview with Aoife Hoey, who is hoping to compete in the bobsleigh in Vancouver next year. 62OLYMPIC RESEARCH CORNER Prof. Bruce Kiddanalyses the impact that the Olympic Movement has on society. 66VANCOUVER SPORTS PROFILES Bobsleighand ice hockeyare the two sports under the spotlight this issue. 74MY GAMES Eskild Ebbesenlooks back over his Olympic experiences, which included three gold medals. 77 PAST EXCERPT An extract looking back on the Olympic Congress, held in 1973 in Varna, Bulgaria. 79OBITUARIES Olympians and figures from the Olympic Movement, who have sadly passed away. 80BOOKREVIEWS Our bookworms run the rule over the latest Olympic- related publications.

OLYMPIC REVIEW5 OLYMPIC REVIEW OR CONTRIBUTORS EXECUTIVE BOARD President Jacques Rogge Vice- PresidentsLambis V. Nikolaou, Chiharu Igaya, Thomas Bach, Zaiqing Yu MembersSer Miang Ng, Mario Pescante, Sam Ramsamy, Gerhard Heiberg, Denis Oswald, René Fasel, Mario Vázquez Raña, Frank Fredericks, Nawal El Moutawakel, Richard L. Carrión OLYMPIC REVIEW Editor- in- Chief Kathleen Di Giacomo French EditionAurélie Eichler Spanish Edition Dolores Vázquez Production Agency Touchline Production Editor Andy Tongue Art Editor John Paul Yetton Sub Editors Rob Furber, Sylvie Venet- Tupy Translation Denis Echard, Laura Nadal Obrador, Ros Schwartz ISSN: 0251- 3498 Printed in the UK IMAGES Cover Image Corbis Inside IOC; Getty Images; AFP; Corbis; Shutterstock OR CONTACT DETAILS Please send your letters to: Olympic Review, IOC Department of Communications, Château de Vidy, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland. website: www. olympic. org email: olympicreview@ olympic. org tel + 41 ( 0) 21 621 6111 fax + 41 ( 0) 21 621 6356 Olympic Review uses PEFC- certified paper stock sourced from sustainable managed forests. Olympic Review is published by the International Olympic Committee. The articles published in Olympic Review do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the International Olympic Committee. No articles may be reproduced without the permission of the IOC Department of Communications. ELINE ANDERSEN Eline Andersen, who organised the contributions to the Copenhagen section of the cover story on the 13th Olympic Congress, is a communication and event manager for Sport Event. She asked local sports fans for their opinions on the challenges facing the Olympic Movement as well setting up Olympic Review'sexclusive interview with legendary Danish Olympian Paul Elvstrøm. Previously Andersen was a communication consultant for the NOC of Denmark. She has also accompanied the Danish national teams to Youth Olympic Festivals and the Olympic Games as chef de mission and press officer. JUSTIN DAVIS Justin Davis is a sports correspondent for Agence France- Presse, based in Paris. He covers various different events including tennis and cycling as well as specialising in winter sports. As part of our countdown to next February's Vancouver Games, he is profiling each of the seven Olympic Winter sports. This issue, it is the turn of bobsleigh and ice hockey to come under the spotlight as he highlights the likely medal contenders as well as looking at the venue and format of each discipline. SIR MARTIN SORRELL Sir Martin Sorrell is the founder of worldwide advertising company WPP Group PLC and has been the Chief Executive Officer since 1986. One of the five key- note speakers at the Olympic Congress, he will speak on ' The Digital Revolution' and as part of Olympic Review's cover story, he gives our readers a taster of the topics he will be discussing in Copenhagen.