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54OLYMPIC REVIEW OLYMPIC CONGRESS A The activities are focusing on the vital challenges that the entire western world is facing," said Ulla Nygaard Pedersen, Event Manager at Sport Event Denmark. " It is all about engaging youngsters in sport and a healthy lifestyle." More than 12,000 pupils will be part of the Olympic spirit and will get the chance to meet Danish and international Olympians who will drop by over the course of the festival. During the festivities, the preferred mode of transport will be bicycle, with Copenhagen officially appointed as a Bike City by the International Cycling Union ( UCI). The Bike City concept is designed for internationally- renowned cities wanting to get involved in cycling ( from competition to sport for all), as an environmentally-friendly leisure sport and a gentle means of transport. The awarding of the label is based on criteria such as the city's active commitment to HOST CITY COPENHAGEN IS PUTTING ON A FUN- FILLED AND EDUCATIONAL OLYMPIC FESTIVAL - AIMED IN PARTICULAR AT THE YOUNGER GENERATION - TO COINCIDE WITH THE 13TH OLYMPIC CONGRESS, AS OLYMPIC REVIEW DISCOVERS s a proud sporting nation, Denmark wants to make the most of hosting the Olympic Congress and has organised a sports festival in Copenhagen to showcase sport, hoping to appeal, in particular, to youngsters from across the country. With Olympic Congresses few and far between, the Danes want to make October's gathering a real celebration of sport and use the occasion to encourage more people to take up an active, healthy lifestyle. Across the country, youngsters have been vying to qualify for the City Youth Olympic Games, which will take place on 3 October in Copenhagen's Town Hall square, where youngsters will compete in modern versions of some traditional Olympic Games sports - street basketball, street soccer and TeamGym. " We are staging a great variety of sports activities, shows and have- a- try across the city.

square in the city centre will allow both residents and guests to follow the election of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games host, which takes place, prior to the Congress, on Friday 2 October. The Congress will make some important decisions to determine the future direction of the Olympic Movement and the organisers of the Copenhagen Olympic Festival want to ensure that, in addition, it leaves a tangible legacy for sport and leisure in the host country. COPENHAGEN OLYMPIC FESTIVAL 12 September - 4 October: Olympic Games exhibition, Copenhagen City Hall 28- 30 Sept: Olympic Games for Schools 1 October: Bike Tour 1- 2 October: Copenhagen Count Down 2 October: Olympic Congress Run 3 October: City Youth Olympic Games 9- 10 October: Fun Run for Schools Denmark is a land of associations and the idea of getting together to form sports clubs has strong roots. The NOC and Sports Confederation of Denmark, which was founded in 1896, is the umbrella organisation of 60 national federations comprising around 11,000 clubs, with some 1.7 million members in all. The Danish sports clubs depend on the work of voluntary, and often unpaid, leaders and instructors. The clubs were founded by committed people who joined in a common love for a particular sport and the social life that comes with it. There are more than 200,000 volunteers involved in the work in the clubs today. ¦ OLYMPIC REVIEW55 OLYMPIC CONGRESS develop cycling through holding cycling events and creating a network of cycle lanes. One of the city's main bike lanes will serve as a physical link between the Olympic Congress and the inner- city area where the festival is taking place, meaning delegates and the Olympic family will be able to hop onto a bike and pedal down to see the activities for themselves. Away from the competitions, the Olympic Museum's exhibition in Copenhagen City Hall will enable locals to learn more about Olympic history. Visitors will find Olympic Games memorabilia and clothing, photos and posters, as well as interactive activities. Visitors and the world's press will also be able to learn more about Denmark's unique " club" system, which forms the basis for thousands of Danes participating in sports and leisure activities ( see last column), while big screens in the main Above As one of the UCI's designated Bike Cities, that method of transport will be de rigueur during the Olympic Congress