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OLYMPIC REVIEW79 OBITUARIES Seh- Jik Park, who was President of the Organising Committee for the Seoul Games in 1988, has died at the age of 76. Seh- Jik Park played an important role in the organisation and success of the 1988 Games, firstly as Sports Minister, then as President of the Organising Committee. After the Games, he held various functions within the NOC until he became President of the Korean Veterans' Association in 2006. He was also a member of the National Assembly from 1992 to 2000 and Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City from 1990 to 1992. SEH- JIKPARK PRESIDENT OF THE ORGANISING COMMITTEE FOR THE 1988 SEOUL OLYMPIC GAMES French Olympic snowboard champion Karine Ruby died on 29 May after a fall on the Mont Blanc massif. Aged 31, she won the first gold medal in the parallel giant slalom at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, then a silver medal four years later in Salt Lake City. During her sports career, Karine Ruby won six world championship titles, with 67 World Cup wins and 122 podium finishes. Karine Ruby ended her competition career after the 2006 Games in Turin to become a mountain guide. KARINE RUBY FRENCH SNOWBOARD OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST FROM 1998 WINTER GAMES GODFREY RAMPLING Godfrey Rampling ( 2nd from right) died on 20 June at the age of 100. He was Britain's oldest Olympian and most famous for his spectacular second leg in overcoming an eight-metre deficit to the USA and handing over a two- metre lead to help Britain to the Olympic gold medal at 4x400m in 1936. He retired from the army as a lieutenant- colonel in 1958. His daughter is the film actress Charlotte Rampling. JOHN CALDWELL Olympic boxing legend and bronze medallist John Caldwell passed away at the age of 71. As an 18- year- old, he won a bronze medal in the flyweight division at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne. Five years later, he clinched the world bantamweight title after beating Frenchman Alphonse Halimi. NIKOLA STANCHEV Nikola Stanchev, the freestyle wrestler who became Bulgaria's first Olympic champion, has died aged 78. Stanchev won a gold medal in his 79- kilogramme weight division at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne. The same year he also won a silver medal at the World Championships in Istanbul. In his career, Stanchev won a total of 11 Bulgarian wrestling titles, eight in freestyle and three in the Greco- roman style.

After more than forty years research Tony Bijkerk has finally reached the goal he so tirelessly aimed for: he has tracked down every Dutch athlete who has participated in the Olympic ( Winter and Summer) Games and described their achievements in detail. For most of them he has even been able to trace their movements after they ended their sporting careers. In the previous edition of Olympisch Oranje ( 2004), the information on four Dutch athletes was still missing. Those who know the author will understand how much this rankled with him. By the spring of 2008, just one was left to track down: a boxer from 1924. The media in the Netherlands were contacted to spread the word and try to get hold of the particulars of this last athlete but it seemed as if everyone was looking for a needle in a haystack until, by a stroke of luck, the boxer's daughter came forward with the coveted information. What has been recorded can be regarded as the registry of the Dutch Olympic Movement. The data has been brought up to date to include Beijing. A list of names at the end will assist the reader in his search. Anyone wishing to find out about the significance of the Netherlands in the history of the Games should not miss this publication. After Norway, the Netherlands is the second country able to pride itself on a book detailing a complete list of its Olympic statistics. As well as the names of every athlete, the book lists their dates of birth and death, their achievements in the various branches of sport ( even including the goal- scorers in football, hockey and water polo matches!), who were the Dutch flag bearers and the Dutch NOC and IOC members. It also contains a number of interesting articles, for example about the controversial Paris Games of 1900, about which Bijkerk has already written a book some years ago, and an extensive essay on Sport, Culture and Art in the Games. The book is prefaced with a foreword written by IOC President Jacques Rogge and an introduction from Netherlands NOC President Erica Terpstra, herself an Olympic swimming medallist in 1964. 80OLYMPIC REVIEW OLYMPISCHORANJE SPORTS AND ATHLETES Edited by Christine Watkins Published by: Greenhaven Press, 2009 ISBN: 9780737745429, 227 pages, in English " Those who do not know their opponent's arguments do not completely understand their own." This is the thinking behind the Opposing Viewpoint series which examines conflicting opinions on current issues and encourages debate. The subject under discussion in this book is the role of sport in society and the supposedly favourable impact that practising sport has on young people. In four chapters, the book sets out to reply objectively to the following questions. Do children benefit from taking part in sport? Does university- level sport need reforming? Is there equal opportunity in sport? Does drug use pose a problem for sport? Each chapter contains a selection of fairly short contributions from experts, policy- makers and others involved in sport. Highly readable and very well researched, this book offers readers plenty of food for thought. THE TENNIS BOOK: THE DEFINITIVE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO WORLD TENNIS John Parsons & Henry Wancke Published by: Carlton Books, 2009 ISBN: 9781847323071, 223 pages, in English This is a fascinating book about tennis, tracing the history of the game from its earliest beginnings in the 18th century to the global sport it has become today. Writer and journalist John Parsons, who has covered tennis for more than thirty years, and his friend Henry Wancke, editor of Tennis Today magazine, bring to bear all their expert knowledge of the subject. They begin their account with the origins of the game in England and then present a survey of its development in different countries. The authors also profile 150 top players including some of the great tennis legends - Rod Laver, Steffi Graf and Roger Federer - and the many outstanding players who have made their mark on the sport. The book then focuses on the greatest tournaments and most memorable matches and also discusses many other aspects of tennis - rules, equipment, political issues and controversies as well as some of the odder incidents seen on the circuit. The Tennis Book, illustrated by 200 photos, is a mine of information about the world of tennis, which we highly recommend to the sport's many fans. LES JEUX OLYMPIQUES : FIERTÉ NATIONALE ET ENJEU MONDIAL Edited by Claude Boli Published by: Atlantica, 2008 ISBN: 9782758800071, 368 pages, in French Originally a religious festival in honour of Zeus, king of the gods, the Olympic Games have evolved over the centuries to become the setting for fierce competition and sporting prowess. Starting from this understanding, some thirty sociologists, historians and geographers from various European universities explore the many different facets, past and present, of the Games. What are the Olympic values? To what extent do the echoes of the Games in Ancient Greece continue to resound today? How did the feeling of national pride arise? What are the economic and environmental effects on host cities? How are athletes perceived by society as a whole? The authors attempt to answer such questions. The book is divided into four sections, dealing in turn with Olympic values, the development and globalisation of the Games, the challenges facing participating nations, and finally the practical and social implications of the event. Also included are biographies of the authors and summaries of the articles in French and English. Selection proposed by the IOC Library, 1, Quai d'Ouchy, P. O. Box 1001, Lausanne, Switzerland. Tel. + 41 ( 0) 21 621 66 11. Fax + 41( 0) 21 621 67 18. Visit the website www. olympic. org/ library ( loans service, on- line catalogue, list of new acquisitions, lists of themed bibliographies). VAN ATHENE 1896 T/ M BEIJING 2008; BY TONY BIJKERK; PUBLISHED BY TIRION UITGEVERS BV, BAARN; CAN BE ORDERED VIA WWW. TIRIONUITGEVERS. NL; PRICE EURO 44.95 EXCLUSIVE MAILING COSTS; ISBN 978 90 4391 201 3; 575 PAGES. REVIEWED BY RUUD PAAUW.