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Show- ing how it's done For the fifth consecutive year, CNI, in partnership with the Monaco Yacht Show, has made the show CarbonNeutral. The organizers are measuring the source and levels of greenhouse gases produced from the travel, electricity and waste of the exhibiting companies and are offsetting them with dedicated programmes to raise awareness among participants and visitors to the show. AUTUMN 2009I sea& iI15 newsandviews 19TH MONACO YACHT SHOW T he 19th Monaco Yacht Show will be hosted between the 23 to 26 September. CNI has stunning yachts on display, including the new 64.5m ( 211' 7) Silver Angel from Benetti ( Quai des Etats- Unis), the 62m ( 203' 4) Roma from VSY ( Quai des Etats- Unis), the 62m ( 203' 4) Icon 62 ( in collaboration with Icon Yachts), the 58m ( 190' 5) Ethereal ( for charter through CNI), and the 45m ( 148') Africa from Sunrise Yachts ( Central T Jetty). CNI will also be displaying the 69.95m ( 230') Sherakhan ( Central T Jetty), the 60m ( 196') Xanadu from Benetti ( in collaboration with the yard on the Quai des Etats- Unis), the 53m ( 174') Baraka from Baglietto ( Central T Jetty), the 50m ( 164') High Chaparral from Feadship ( Quai des Etats- Unis), the 42m ( 137' 9) Blue Eyes from Baglietto ( Central T Jetty), and the 37m ( 120') Illusion from ISA ( Central T Jetty). Supercar Club T he Supercar Club launches its Tour Alpina event for Supercars both classic and modern. From the 5 to 10 September, 35 cars criss- cross through open countryside, from Luzern to St Moritz, and enjoy the spectacular views of some of the most beautiful Alpine passes before finishing on the Côte d'Azur. As guests of CNI, the participants will visit the Cannes Festival International de Plaisance and lunch on board Paraiso. In 2010 the Supercar Club is launching another new event, the Giro d'Italia. Open to just 50 supercars, the route begins in Florence on the 5 June and finishes in Monte Carlo after six days. For further information, visit www. thesupercarclub. com Silver AngelRomaAfrica SherakhanHigh ChaparralBlue Eyes Illusion

16Isea& iIAUTUMN 2009 An Ovei- dose of wellbeing Even on a superyacht, finding quality time for your-self can be a challenge, so the new Ovei concept may be just what you're looking for. These remark-able immersive multimedia experiences offer a luxurious, distraction- free environment where you can escape in total solitude and at the same time benefit from the relaxing, holistic healing and energy balance regimes that the pod delivers. Remarkably space- saving and flexible enough to be incorporated into any room on your yacht or home, the pods can be customised to suit your lifestyle. Some days you may want a pure, exclu-sive silent sanctuary, other days the integrated aural and visual technologies can absorb you. Light therapies, soothing music and aromatherapy infusions can all fill the pod while you relax, sleep or meditate. Created as a unique wellness tool, the pods can also conduct a number of diagnostic scans from eye, ear and tongue to heat- response. This delivers a diagnosis from which a therapist can then devise a bespoke treatment plan for health and healing. Applications range from treat-ments for insomnia, anxiety and phobias to per-formance improvement coaching for sport and business. Alternatively, use your pod for gaming, web- browsing, watching films, video- conferencing or learning a new skill. Each hand- crafted and each unique, the pods really are the ultimate beneficial, distraction- free environment - and due to their compact size they are perfect for superyachts. Visitors to the Monaco Yacht Show on 23 September can experience the Ovei first hand on board the 70m ( 229') Sherakhan, on display with CNI. The Ovei Original and Ovei 8 Elements cap-sules complement Sherakhan's existing on- board health and fitness facilities, which include a sauna and spa room, beauty saloon and exercise equip-ment. Explains Ovei designer and CEO Lee McCormack, " Private clients who own or charter yachts at this level are looking for a unique, lux-ury cruising experience. We are delighted CNI has seen the value that Ovei capsules can add for its discerning clientele." For further information go to www. ovie. co. uk ART ATTACK H aving spent ten years as a mechanic in the pit stop for Honda's Formula 1, Alastair Gibson has turned his metal- welding talents to creating spectacular artworks as a full- time artist. Combining his passion for both cars and art, he has undertaken a series of sculptures using Formula 1 parts and technology to create unique sculptures. His pieces include a three- metre- long mako shark and a mackerel fish. From Tokyo to London, Gibson's sculptures have been exhibited worldwide and with their sea theme it seemed only appropriate that they should be displayed during the Monaco Yacht Show. To see Gibson's sculptures, visit the CNI stand. For further information go to www. carbonart45. com.