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68Isea& iIAUTUMN 2009 Linde WerdelinOktopus watch and Sea Instrument Linde Werdelin was founded by Danes Morten Linde, a designer, and Jorn Werdelin, a former banker. Their vision was to produce a stylish, mechanical watch that would also act as a platform for a range of sophisticated clip- on, clip- off wrist computers designed to display and log data for a range of activities from skiing to flying. The new Reef Sea Instrument ( right) is aimed at divers and gives everything from depth readings to decompression timings, underwater temp- erature and surface intervals. Unclip it, and the robust and stylish Oktopus dive watch is revealed beneath. www. lindewerdelin. com ULYSSE NARDIN Maxi Marine Diver Chronograph At Ulysse Nardin, the new Maxi Marine Diver Chronograph ( left) is a rugged all weather sports diving chronograph with a self- winding mo - vement that embodies the fusion of the manufacturer's ultimate chronograph and diver collections. Crafted in stainless steel or 18- carat rose gold, it is water- resistant to 200 meters. A specially developed rubber- type coating deco - rates the rotating bezel and, combined with the three level watch face, gives it modern aesthetics. www. ulysse- nardin. com John Travolta ( actor) Breitling A seasoned pilot, Travolta wears a Breitling Navitimer. Originally launched in 1952, this watch has now become a cult object for aviation enthusiasts. Michelle Yeoh ( actress) Audemars Piguet " The precision of a watch mechanism resembles that required by martial arts," says Yeoh. " This quest for perfection daily guides my activities." Jacky Ickx ( Formula 1 champion) Chopard " Chopard, for me, is equivalent to the constant aim for perfection, looking toward the future," says Ickx. " My favourite piece is, of course, the Jacky Ickx watch, which I had the joy to create with my friend Karl- Friedrich Scheufele [ far left]." Jaeger- LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Alarm Navy Seals This new dive watch harks back to 1959 when Jaeger- LeCoultre produced the Memovox Deep Sea, the first diving watch with a mechanical alarm to signal to the wearer when it was time to come up for air. The 44mm titanium- cased watch ( left) is one of a range of three stealthy looking pieces designed to mark the brand's new partnership with America's elite military dive unit, the US Navy Seals. The other models are the chronograph and Pro Geographic world timer, each of which measures an imposing 46.3mm in diameter. www. jaeger- lecoultre. com

timepieces AUTUMN 2009I sea& iI69 Richard MilleRM025 Watchmaking genius Richard Mille can always be relied on to come up with an exciting new take on an existing theme, and his version of a dive watch is no exception. The remarkable RM 025 ( left) measures 50.7mm in diameter and includes tourbillon and chronograph functions as well as power reserve and torque indicators. Crammed with high- tech materials such as carbonnanofibre, the watch is water- resistant to 300metres and the bezel alone is made from three separate components and secured by no fewer than 24 titanium screws. www. richardmille. com OmegaPloProf Back in 1970 Omega introduced its Seamaster 600 dive watch that came to be known as the PloProf model, a contraction of the words plongeurs professionels. While other brands were using helium escape valves to solve the problem of the watch crystal bursting off during decompression due to helium absorption, Omega worked on producing an impenetrable case, creating a vacuum inside the PloProf that would prevent air from penetrating it for 1,000 years. Omega has now recreated the watch ( right) which has its winding crown at the nine o'clock position and a vertical safety button on the right of the case to lock the rotating bezel. www. omegawatches. ch Harry Winston Ocean GMT Traveler Harry Winston always impresses at the Baselworld watch fair with its latest Opus concept model, and this year's tells the time with a pair of diamond chains that revolve around the dial. Each chain is fitted with a garnet, one to mark the hour, one to mark the minute. Far more practical, however, is the lovely new Ocean GMT Traveler, ( left) an automatic tourbillon with a large and small dial for home and local time respectively, and a jumping city display. Just 80 will be made in each of rose and white gold, with another 45 set with diamonds. www. harrywinston. com Marcus Margulies ( Chairman, Time Products) Urwerk Marcus Margulies favourites include the Hublot King Power Chrono Tourbillon All Black " It is a lovely cross between technology and sport"; the Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon " Technically the finest in the world and one of the most complicated watches"; and Urwerk ( pictured): " Urwerk creates contemporary horlogerie that preserves the handmade crafts of traditional watchmaking while giving full expression to futuristic technologies and contemporary art." Robert Maron( Chairman, Antiquorum) Rolex " So many fine watches pass through my hands that it is hard to choose. In fact, as an obsessive watch collector it is even harder to decide what to wear on my wrist most of the time!" says Maron. " My go-to watch for years has been a vintage Daytona - all kinds, gold, steel, pushers and screw- downs especially on the gold models. On another note, I really enjoy wearing Patek Philippe - in fact my summer watch this year happens to be an 18K Ref 5065 on a rubber strap."