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latesttrends AUTUMN 2009I sea& iI89 more interior space, the general arrangement is also more flexible with three pre- designed guest cabin arrangements. The owner also has the choice of a walk- in wardrobe or a large cabin, and for the sizeable crew cabins there is a choice of four cabins for seven crew, or three cabins for six crew. Heesen offers two engine options for the 4000: twin 2,720kW MTU 16V4000M90 engines, enabling a top speed of 30 knots, or twin 3,440kW MTU 16V4000M93L engines, enabling a top speed of 33 knots. The first Heesen 4000 will hit the water in 2011. Amels Holland This year's Monaco Yacht Show will see Amels introduce two new and very different designs. The first is the new model in its Limited Editions line, the Amels 199. Like the other Limited Editions ( the Amels 171, Amels 177 and the Amels 212), this latest model is also designed by Tim Heywood, while the interior comes from the drawing board of the Italian design studio Nuvolari Lenard. Created for relaxation and entertainment, the Amels Limited Editions 199 features a grand indoor/ outdoor beach area, with a 35m2( 376sqft) beach club, 29m2( 312sqft) swim platform, and a 23m ( 75') sun deck complete with a sun- protected diningarea aft and a Jacuzzi forward. Her Tim Heywood designed exterior lines are characterised by a curved vertical stem, bridge- wings, arched deck supports and round portholes. The Nuvolari Lenard designed interior is dominated by the rich use of woods, such as bleach- stained oak, and the use of natural colours. The second design is a collaboration of Amels and Damen Shipyards, which is part of the same group as Amels. For many years Damen has built commercial Fast Crew Supply Vessels, which benefit from an exclusive axe bow concept. Now the two shipyards have restyled the concept and created the Sea Axe Fast Yacht Support Vessel. An innovative craft, the Sea Axe measures 50m ( 164'), with a 30m ( 98') open aft deck which offers a 250- ton deck cargo capacity. It can carry a helicopter, tenders and other watertoys, or can be fitted with other options such as a dive centre, extra refigirator/ freezer, dry stores and crew/ staff quarters. The Sea Axe is flexible in that not only can it be used for storage purposes, but also as assistance to the mother ship with pre- and post- cruise logistics and scout anchorages. It could also be used as a shuttle for guests, or as a vessel for fishing and diving excursions. The Sea Axe is a fully classed vessel with a transatlantic range at 18 knots. It only requires a crew of six to operate it, and can reach top speeds of up to 28 knots. ¦