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OLYMPIC REVIEW41 VANCOUVER 2010 MAOASADAANDYU- NAKIM YU- NA KIM What are your music choices for this Olympic year? I had a lot of ideas for this season. My choreographer David Wilson suggested the James Bond Medley for the short programme and when I heard this music for the first time, I knew right away that it would be something different. It is not a music that women often choose, but it is something special and I'm very happy with it. For the long programme, I'm skating to " Concerto in F" by George Gershwin. You are the only woman to have surpassed the 200 points barrier. What does it mean to you? I actually don't care so much about the score. Figure skating is not about a score. I just try to express myself. You have become very popular in Korea. How do you deal with the attention? I'm getting used to this popularity, but sometimes in competition I feel the pressure. However, it is also an experience to overcome this kind of pressure. Your coach Brian Orser said that you are a very shy person off the ice. I was very shy when I first met Brian, but my character changed with the experience I got from all the competitions and events. Now I'm enjoying performing in front of so many people. You are headed to your first Olympic Winter Games as one of the top contenders. What do you expect it to be like? I watched the 1998 Olympic Winter Games on TV and I dreamed of being there. In Turin in 2006, I was too young. Now I can finally go. I'm a little nervous, but I skated well last season and at the beginning of this season, therefore I'm confident. MAO ASADA What are your music choices for this Olympic year? In the short programme, I'm skating to " Waltz Masquerade". For the free skating, I chose " Bells of Moscow" by Sergei Rachmaninov. What new challenges did you set for yourself for this season? I want to do three triple Axels - a triple Axel- double toeloop combination in the short programme and two triple Axels in the long programme. You are currently the only woman to consistently perform a triple Axel in competition. How do you do this difficult jump? I've trained the Axel from the very beginning of my career and it comes naturally to me. You are extremely popular in Japan. How do you deal with all this attention from the media and the public? The media has been following me since I was a child, so I'm used to it, and I actually like it. The pressure comes only from myself, as I'm not sure if I always can show in competition what I can do in practice. I need to develop more confidence. You are one of the top contenders for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, which is also your first Olympic participation. What do you expect it to be like? My participation is not sure yet, first I have to be selected for the Japanese Olympic team and I have to earn my place, but if I make it, I will be very excited. I really want to be there to compete in Vancouver. What is your Olympic dream? Ever since watching the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano at home my dream was to compete at the Games and to win the gold medal. FIGURE SKATING JAPAN'S MAO ASADAAND YU- NA KIMOF KOREA WILL GO HEAD TO HEAD FOR THE WOMEN'S FIGURE SKATING GOLD MEDAL IN WHAT IS EXPECTED TO BE ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE GAMES LeftYu- Na Kim BelowMao Asada