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42OLYMPIC REVIEW VANCOUVER 2010 SHELLEY RUDMAN How did it feel to win Olympic silver in Turin? It was a truly magical experience, I knew medaling was in reaching distance but it was still a little bit surreal to think of doing it at my first Games. It was the right timing, the right place and it was one of my favourite tracks. You have become a mother since the 2006 Games, how has that affected preparation? I am trying to get back to my competitive best and at the same time, loving the fact that I have a little daughter with me. There came a point near the end of my pregnancy when I really wanted to be on the ice and back competing, I had come through the relaxed stage and began to remember why I love the sport and why I love to compete. Juggling motherhood and full- time training is quite tricky but that's because I want to give all my time to both. What are your impressions of the Vancouver track? If I am brutally honest, it's not my favourite at the moment, I got on all right with it to begin with but then a few poor sequences knocked my confidence. I take a long time to connect with a track but if I can work everything out in my head then it might be a good day. I am not worried - I am still making stepping- stones after my return. Who will be your biggest rivals in Vancouver? Maya [ Pedersen- Bieri] had a baby six months after me, so did Noelle [ Pickus- Pace] but they will be very strong competitors in Vancouver. We are all getting back into the sport and perhaps it is not all clicking at the moment. I know that when it comes together for those two they are incredible sportswomen and are both capable of taking gold. SKELETON ICE HOCKEY SHELLEY RUDMAN WON THE SILVER MEDAL FOR GREAT BRITAIN IN THE WOMEN'S SKELETON IN TURIN. AFTER TAKING TIME OFF TO BECOME A MOTHER SHE IS BACK AND AIMING TO GO ONE BETTER IN VANCOUVER JAROME IGINLA What are you looking forward to most about the Games? It's going to be a huge honour to represent Canada in Canada, with that electricity and that excitement. After Turin, what a chance for Team Canada to get an opportunity to rebound right at home and win a gold medal. Is training for an Olympic Games any different than training for a regular hockey season? Most guys probably train a little bit different going into the orientation camp in August. You're preparing earlier, trying to get a little bit more ice time. Camp was quick, it was very competitive. Who do you think will be Canada's chief competition in 2010 - Russia and the U. S.? Finland's always strong, feisty, and competitive. Sweden. Even in Salt Lake, there were a lot of very close games - Germany, the Czechs. What does it mean to you that these Games will be held in Western Canada? Being in Western Canada, my family and friends can make it there. Vancouver is a beautiful city, and the set- up looks like it's going to be awesome for the Olympic Games. Turin, when we didn't win, was still an amazing experience. I think this Games, with Canada behind it, will be even better. RIGHT- WING JAROME IGINLAIS HOPING FOR A REPEAT OF CANADA'S SALT LAKE CITY 2002 GOLD MEDAL WIN IN THE MEN'S ICE HOCKEY

VANCOUVER 2010 OLEEINARBJ√ėRNDALEN What are you most looking forward to about the Vancouver Games? The excitement! When I think of the amount of work that, over the past four years, I have put into preparations in the hope that I reach my peak form from February 14th, it really is quite exciting but also daunting. What part of your training is the most important - mental preparations, physical training or the technical elements at the shooting range? It's a question of being the complete all- round performer. The physical is important to reach top level. I have worked very hard on the shooting range during the summer, now it's a question of hitting the targets in the right shooting time when the Games start. Are there differences in your preparations compared with Turin? The time span between Europe and western Canada is a factor but the courses are much like the ones in Turin. I expect a much higher speed in the Vancouver courses and the entrance to the shooting range could be more demanding. What is your best memory of the Turin Games? Hitting ten perfect shots in the relay and returning home with two silver and one bronze medal. What are your shooting times now compared with your first Games at Lillehammer in 1994? Halved or even below that. The standing shooting at Lillehammer took me around 50 seconds. Now I take just 16 or 17 seconds. How has biathlon changed over your career? The development since Lillehammer has been insane. We are competing in a totally different sport today. The skiing times are much faster, the results are tighter and I have been a part of this development - I am a far better performer now than I was in 1994. You have checked out the course in Vancouver. What are your thoughts? In Vancouver we are competing at lower levels than in Turin so I expect lots of low- pressure weather. It may well be the most exciting biathlon competition ever. The courses are demanding all the way around and there are no parts to rest before we reach the shooting range." Finally, what are your goals in Vancouver? Two medals! One in relay and one individual. BIATHLON NORWAY'S OLE EINAR BJ√ėRNDALENIS HOPING TO ADD TO HIS REMARKABLE NINE OLYMPIC MEDALS AT THE AGE OF 36 IN THE MEN'S BIATHLON - ONE OF THE MOST PHYSICALLY DEMANDING EVENTS AT THE GAMES TATJANA HUEFNER Are you approaching this season any differently? Not really. My training programme has remained broadly the same although it is obviously an Olympic year. What are your goals for the Olympic Games? My goal is to build on the successes of the past few years. Naturally I want to finish on the podium at the Olympic Games. In which areas can you improve your performance? I still have room to improve in almost all areas of the sport. Above all I would like to improve my start and also work with my mechanic on my technical specifications. LUGE GERMANY'S TATJANA HUEFNERTOOK BRONZE IN THE LUGE IN TURIN AND IS HOPING TO FEATURE AMONG THE MEDALS AGAIN IN VANCOUVER