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54OLYMPIC REVIEW TOP PARTNERS Three official Olympic venue restaurants are being constructed, where athletes, coaches officials and the media will be served by McDonald's Olympic Champion Crew, made up of more than 300 top- performing restaurant employees from across Canada. As part of the McDonald's Champions Kids programme, children from across Canada and around the world will also have the opportunity to experience the Vancouver Games first- hand, while McDonald's will continue its legacy of giving back to the host community through a special donation from Ronald McDonald House Charities T . Omega has served as the Official Timekeeper at the Games since Los Angeles 1932. At those Games, Omega delivered 30 handheld stopwatches, which were used to time every event. In Vancouver in 2010, 220 professional timekeepers and data handlers, along with an army of local volunteers, will be using more than 200 tonnes of equipment to ensure that the timing, scoring, display and distribution of the results are flawlessly executed. Panasonic will provide the Games with state- of- the- art high definition audio/ visual equipment, such as LED large screen display systems, professional audio systems, flat- screen TVs, digital video cameras, DVD recorders, and broadcast equipment. Panasonic's technology will enable Vancouver 2010 to be the first fully high definition Olympic Winter Games. The HD signal will be used for the large screens in the stadia, at live Sites enabling spectators onsite to also experience HD at the Olympic Games. In its support of the sustainability initiatives of Vancouver 2010, Panasonic will also run various activities under corporate environmental initiatives called " Eco Ideas". Panasonic will also cooperate with VANOC and the Offsetters, the official carbon offset supplier, to achieve VANOC's goal of having a " Carbon- Neutral Olympic Games" by offsetting the equivalent of 448 tons of CO2 emissions for all of its activities during the period of the Games. Samsung will supply its latest mobile phones and the Wireless Olympic Works ( WOW) communications platform to Olympic officials, athletes and media to keep them connected and informed during the Games. And, for the first time ever, the company will also make the platform available to the general public. Samsung will also run the OR@ S ( Olympic Rendezvous @ Samsung) during the Games, offering a relaxing retreat for athletes, their families, and spectators, as well as presenting spectacular live entertainment. As Visa is the only payment card accepted at Vancouver 2010, the company is responsible for creating and managing the entire payment system infrastructure across all Olympic venues. It will position nearly 900 point- of- sale ( POS) devices in some 250 Olympic merchant locations. Visa will also install exclusive Olympic Games ATMs and will deploy two mobile roving Visa ATM vans. Through Team Visa, the company also supports a number of Olympic athletes and teams. As well as refreshing athletes, volunteers, officials and spectators at the Olympic venues with its quality beverages, Coca- Cola has made its most significant Games- time commitment yet, with a goal of making its operations 100% carbon neutral. The company will achieve this through several ways, including the use of sustainable packaging and ensuring 100% collection of all PET containers used throughout the Olympic Villages in Vancouver and Whistler and the venues. Coca- Cola's " Give it Back" campaign will also demonstrate to consumers the potential of every empty bottle to be transformed into a valuable resource for the future. Acer is supporting the Games with innovative computing equipment and is also providing a highly qualified engineering team to keep all systems operational for the duration of the Games. Acer will also create four PC Lounges in both Vancouver and Whistler Olympic Villages. From early February to late March, these Acer Internet Caf├ęs will provide athletes with 100 fully- equipped stations with broadband Internet access, printer capabilities and social networking platforms. Atos Origin designs, builds, secures and runs the multiple IT systems, managing and integrating the contributions of all the technology partners and suppliers to deliver seamless results to the world and secure Games time operations. In Vancouver, Atos Origin will manage a technology team estimated at 2,000 staff, which will provide the technical infrastructure that will link the many Olympic venues, ensuring that the critical, but invisible, IT system does its job flawlessly and consistently, 24 hours a day. GE is the exclusive provider of a wide range of innovative products and services that are integral to staging a successful Olympic Games, including infrastructure solutions and healthcare equipment. Contributions in Vancouver include a unique wastewater management system within the Vancouver Convention Centre, which will clean water from within the building and reuse it for flush fixtures, and to irrigate a new, six- acre rooftop garden. GE Healthcare will also equip the Olympic Polyclinic in the city and is providing a state- of- the- art emergency medical unit for athletes and officials during the Games. VANCOUVER PROGRAMMES WE TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT THE NINE TOP PARTNERS WILL BE DOING IN VANCOUVER www. olympic. org/ sponsors