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Exactly sixty years ago, former Swedish diver Lennart Brunnhage, who finished fourth in platform diving at the London Games in 1948, started publishing the first issue of a ( then) four- yearly report on Swedish participation in the Olympic Games. This first issue, published in 1948, covered the Games in St. Moritz and London. Since then many things have changed, but the quality of this publication has never suffered, only improved over the years, with coloured photographs and fantastic statistics. From 1992 onwards, the report was published every two years; separately for the Olympic Winter and the Olympic Summer Games respectively. Even though the texts are all in Swedish, this book is a prime example of how any National Olympic Committee could try to honour their Olympic athletes. As stated this report is written in the Swedish language and therefore the texts are only accessible for those who can read that language. However, this is compensated by the excellent quality of the photography, which is not limited to Swedish participants, but covers all those participants who stood out during the Beijing Games. Unfortunately for Sweden, their athletes did not succeed in securing an Olympic gold medal and had to settle for four silver and one bronze. There are special chapters on the two most celebrated athletes from the Games: Michael Phelps, who won eight gold medals and Usain Bolt, the Jamaican, who set new world records in winning the men's 100 and 200m. At the end of the book, a chapter is dedicated to the full results from Beijing, but also with tables and more statistics on the Olympic Games ( Summer) 1896 to 2008. As is customary, the volume ends with showing the complete Swedish team with pictures and biographies, and closes with the report from the Swedish Olympic Committee over the years 2005- 2007. 80OLYMPIC REVIEW THE PARALYMPIC GAMES EXPLAINED Ian Brittain, Published by: Routledge, 2009, ISBN: 9780415476591, 172 pages, in English The Paralympic Games is recognised today as a premier international sporting event. This remarkable book offers an extensive introduction to the history and development of the Paralympic movement, from its earliest beginnings in 1948 to the present- day Paralympics, and examines their considerable social and economic impact. The book's ten chapters present an extraordinarily close analysis of all the key aspects of the event. Drawing on international models and comparative studies, Brittain focuses in particular on society's influence on disability sports and those who participate in them, and the role of the media. The Paralympic Games Explained is a veritable reference book on the world of disability sport and its sociological aspects, and also deals with the issue of the administration of the Paralympic Games. Although intended for researchers in the field, its accessible style ensures that it will also appeal to a much wider readership. MIGA, QUATCHI AND SUMI: THE STORY OF THE VANCOUVER 2010 MASCOTS Michael Murphy, Published by: Whitecap Books, 2008, ISBN: 9781552859582, 31 pages, in English and French This book tells the story of Miga, Quatchi and Sumi - the mascots of the 2010 Winter Games. At the request of VANOC, the authors Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy have produced a bilingual book for children, which is brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated. The mascots were inspired by figures from local First Nations mythology but were also influenced by popular culture and the Olympic and Paralympic movements, but most of all by the imagination of the artists who created them. Each one has his own distinctive personality and unique appearance. Miga is a cross between a killer whale and a Kermode bear, an extremely rare, white, sea bear. According to First Nations tradition, killer whales are the travellers and guardians of the sea. Quatchi is a shy and gentle giant. He is a Sasquatch, a mysterious creature from local legend, half man, half ape - an American cousin to the Himalayan yeti. Sumi stands for transformation and the rich heritage of the First Nations. He is part orca whale, part bear and part thunderbird, an image often seen on First Nations totem poles. Regarded as the protector of land, sea and wild creatures, Sumi is passionate about the environment and an ardent supporter of the Paralympics. RUNNING THROUGH THE AGES Edward S. Sears, Published by: McFarland, 2009, ISBN: 9780786440948, 330 pages, in English Throughout human history, running has always been an important activity. This fascinating book traces the history of this athletic discipline through the ages, from prehistoric times, when running was a means of survival, to the present day where it has become a means of promoting physical fitness. The author Edward S. Sears offers the reader a whole series of anecdotes and legends, enlivened further still by wonderful original illustrations. He introduces us to some of the great runners, recording their achievements and quoting the works of other authors. The list includes athletes who have become part of our collective memory, such as Carl Lewis, Emil Zatopek and Paavo Nurmi and other, lesser- known figures, such as George Sewart, Harry Hutchens and Amy Stewart. An exhilarating book, extremely well documented and a pleasure to read, written by a real enthusiast, himself a runner. Selection proposed by the IOC Library, 1, Quai d'Ouchy, P. O. Box 1001, Lausanne, Switzerland. Tel. + 41 ( 0) 21 621 66 11. Fax + 41( 0) 21 621 67 18. Visit the website www. olympic. org/ library ( loans service, on- line catalogue, list of new acquisitions, lists of themed bibliographies). EDITED BY THOMAS LINDBERG, WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY SEVERAL OTHER AUTHORS; SPECIAL STATISTICS BY OVE KARLSSON; PUBLISHED BY C. A. STRÖMBERG AB, VÄLLINGBY, SWEDEN; ISSN 0567- 4573; 0347- 274; PRICE: SEK 1.199,00 ( EU COUNTRIES); SEK 1.131 ( NON- EU COUNTRIES); 432 PAGES IN SWEDISH. REVIEWED BY ANTHONY TH. BIJKERK OLYMPIABOKEN2008 OFFICIELL REDOGÖRELSE I SAMRÅD MED SVERIGESOLYMPISKA KOMMITTÉ