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e have been fighting on all fronts - inch byinch, foot by foot, mile by mile - to getthis country moving forward again, andgoing after every single job we can createright here in the United States of America.We have been through a terrible recession - the worstthat we have seen since the Great Depression. And thisrecession was the culmination of a decade that fell likea sledgehammer on middle-class families. For thebetter part of 10 years, people were seeing stagnantincomes and sluggish growth and skyrocketing healthcare costs and skyrocketing tuition bills, and peoplewere feeling less secure economically. Yes, times are tough. But we have been through toughtimes before. And we have made it through because weare resilient - Americans are resilient. We do not givein to pessimism; we do not give in to cynicism. We fightfor our future. We work to shape our own destiny as a country. So we are investing in the 21st century infrastructure- roads and bridges, faster Internet access, high-speedrailroads - projects that will lead to hundreds ofthousands of private sector jobs, but will also lay thegroundwork so that our kids and our grandkids cankeep prospering.And at the same time what we have been trying to do isto jumpstart a homegrown, clean energy industry. AndZBB [Energy Corporation] is also planning to takeadvantage of a special tax credit to build anotherfactory in southeastern Wisconsin, so we can createeven more jobs and more opportunity. And all this ispart of steps we have taken in clean energy - steps thathave led to jobs manufacturing wind turbines and solar panels, building hybrid and electric vehicles,HOMEGROWN CLEAN ENERGY WILL JUMPSTARTTHE ECONOMY114G-20 MEMBERSBARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICAWPhoto: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

" "WE EXPECT OURCOMMITMENT TOCLEAN ENERGY TOLEAD TO MORETHAN 800,000JOBS BY 2012G-20 MEMBERS115modernising our electric grid so that we have moresources of renewable energy but we can also use itmore effectively. We expect our commitment to clean energy to lead tomore than 800,000 jobs by 2012. And that is not justcreating work in the short term, that is going to help laythe foundation for lasting economic growth. I just wanteverybody to understand - just a few years ago,American businesses could only make two per cent ofthe world's advanced batteries for hybrid and electricvehicles - two per cent. In just a few years, we will haveup to 40 per cent of the world's capacity. Here at ZBB, you are building batteries to storeelectricity from solar cells and wind turbines. And youhave been able to export batteries around the globe,and that is helping lead this new industry. For years, wehave heard about manufacturing jobs disappearingoverseas. Well, companies like this are showing us how manufacturing can come back right here in the United States of America, right back here to Wisconsin. A year and a half ago, this economy was shrinkingrapidly. The economy is now growing. A year and a halfago, we were losing jobs every month in the privatesector. We have now added private sector jobs for sevenmonths in a row. And that means the worst mistake we could make is to go back to doing what we were doing that got us into the mess that we were in. We cannot turn back. We have got to keepgoing forward. I will be honest with you, there is going to be a bigdebate about where we go. There are folks inWashington right now who think we should abandonour efforts to support clean energy. They have madethe political calculation that it is better to stand on thesidelines than work as a team to help Americanbusinesses and American workers.So they said no to the small business tax cuts I talkedabout. They said no to rebuilding infrastructure. And they said no to clean energy projects. They even voted against getting rid of tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas so we could give those taxbreaks to companies that are investing right here in Wisconsin.And my answer to people who have been playingpolitics the past year and a half is, they should come to this plant. They should go to any of the dozen new battery factories, or the new electrical vehiclemanufacturers, or the new wind turbine makers, or the solar plants that are popping up all over thiscountry, and they should have to explain why they thinkthese clean energy jobs are better off being made inGermany or China or Spain, instead of right here in theUnited States.See, when folks lift up the hoods on the cars of thefuture, I want them to see engines stamped "Made inAmerica." When new batteries to store solar powercome off the line, I want to see printed on the side,"Made in America." When new technologies aredeveloped and new industries are formed, I want themmade right here in America. That is what we arefighting for. nThese remarks by President Barack Obama are excerpts from his speech delivered at ZBB Energy Corporation's Manufacturing Facilityin Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, on 16 August 2010. For more information please