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20Polish Veteran's Officer Cap - Rogatywka  This is a Polish Army veteran's officer's hat from the World War II era. The hat features one metal eagle badge from the Józef Pilsudski Legions on the front. The hat also has a black leather chinstrap attached by two buttons engraved with the contemporary Polish eagle. On the inside of the cap is a clear plastic sweat diamond. Available in sizes 56 and 58. #KOP32 - $129.95Checkpoint Charlie Metal Sign  This reproduction of the sign, which hung just outside the Western Sector, features warnings in Russian, English, French and German. Cast metal enamel sign with pre-drilled hanging holes. Screws are not included. 8" L x 6.5" H. #AGS101 - $24.95Ranking Stars & Stripes Each pack has 10 stars and 10 stripes. #435463 - $4.95Prussian Cuirassier Spiked Pickelhaube Helmet with Stand This life size military helmet is a strikingly accurate replica of a Prussian Cuirassier Spiked Helmet, also know as a Pickelhaube German Helmet. Employed during the 19th and 20th centuries and worn mainly by the cuirassiers, Polish soldiers, drawn to this army had to wear one. #AHTP101 - $309.95Winged Hussar Cavalry Helmet with Stand Part of a Polish Hussar's armor suit, this military helmet is a striking replica of a life size Polish Winged Hussarian Helmet. This helmet has a leather bulk chinstrap with long protective cheek pieces and an adjustable nasal bar with a swan shape projecting tip. The helmet's "lobster tail" curved neck guard consist of four lames joined by rivets. Exquisite detail and craftsmanship went into the creation of this replica helmet. The replica is made based on the original from the collection of Count Krasinski, in Polish Army Museum in Warsaw. #AHTP102 - $309.95Polish Army Gun Holster Comes in three different colors, black, brown and white. The holsters have a large leather flap with a lockable knob. Used, in good condition. #435457 - $14.95AirforceNavyArmyPolish Infantry Helmet Polish Army and Navy (blue), Warsaw Pact helmet used by infantry soldiers until Poland joined NATO. Navy helmets do not have eagle emblem.#435451 Army $19.95 Navy $19.95Ceremonial Mace - Colonel's Buzdygan The buzdygan was a ceremonial baton bared by a Colonel as a sign of the officer's authority as the captain of the cavalry. The handle is diligently wrapped in alternating red and white-corded rope while the flanged head is engraved with ornate designs. Made in Poland. Measures: 19" L. #XF0114 - $499.95Sabres Buy any 2, save 10%! Replicas from museum originals. Total length is 36". Metal parts require periodic polishing. For decoration only.A. #DB13 Polish Officer Sabre 1921/22 $449.95B. #DB16 Batorowka Style Sabre $449.95C. #DB14 Polish Ulan Sabre 1921/22 $449.95ABC20Visit us at for more military items!

21Tapestry Throw, Proud to be Polish  This full size Afghan tapestry design is based on the 18th century Eagle of King Stanislas Augustus. 54"W x 70"H, 100% cotton, Made in the USA. #435804 - $79.95Tapestry Wallhanging White Eagle  Made out of 100% wool and linen, this wallhanging tapestry is hand woven in Kraków. Do not wash in water. Vacuum or dry-clean only. Size 24" X 28". #435358 - $299.95Tapestry Throw, Polish Eagles  This full size Afghan tapestry design is based on a 19th c. artwork by Kajetan S. Wolski. At this time Poland was partitioned and his art published in the form of postcards played an important patriotic role. 54"W x 70"H., 100% cotton. Made in the USA. #435801 - $79.95Bronze White Eagle Desktop Statue  Desktop decoration of the contemporary White Eagle Coat-of-Arms of Poland. Double-sided eagle, decoration is made of solid bronze. 4.5" L x 2.25" W x 6.0" H #435914 - $39.95Tapestry Pillow, Polska - Poland  This Afghan tapestry pillow design is based on the 18th century Eagle of the King Stanislas Augustus. 15" W x 16" H. 100% Cotton. Made in the USA #435805 - $39.95Tapestry Pillow, Polish American  This Afghan tapestry pillow presents the two national flags, surrounded by an ornamental design. 15" W x 16" H. 100% Cotton. Made in the USA #435806 - $39.95Bronze Plaque, Tadeusz Kosciuszko  This bronze plaque features the Polish American Hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko in high relief. The hero's name, date of birth, and death are engraved in the background. Handmade in Poland. 5.0" W x 6.5" H. #435926 - $79.95Crystal Flared Wine Glass, Drape Design, Set of 6 Buy 2 Sets of Crystal, Get 10% Off This set of six crystal wine glasses feature a different vibrant color for each stemware piece. 24% lead crystal. Made in Poland. Measures 3.6" D x 8.8" H. Capacity: 7.4oz. #GAR301 - $249.95Crystal Cordial Glass, Grape Design, Set of 6 Buy 2 Sets of Crystal, Get 10% Off Resembling blown glassware produced in Europe in the '20s and '30s, these goblet glasses are in vibrant, intense colors with artisan, hand-etched grape motifs on three sides. 24% lead crystal. 4.5" high. Set contains 6 glasses, each with capacity of holding 50ml (approx. 1.7oz.). #GAR605 - $199.95Clear Crystal Vase Buy 2, Get 10% Off This exquisite patriotic crystal vase is a terrific center piece for any table or showcase. 24% lead crystal. 3.25" D. x 6.4" H. #GAR403 - $79.95Clear Crystal Mug Buy 2, Get 10% Off This large beer mug is adorned with an amber-colored crest. 24% lead crystal. 4" D. x 6" H. #GAR408 - $149.95