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Handcrafted Wall Plaques - $39.95 eachWall plaques honoring Poland in raised relief. These plaques are artfully crafted out of ground marble and resin. The wall hangings feature historic Polish landmarks. The plaques have nail holes at the top for wall mounting. Measures: 7.5" L x 8.0" H x 0.5" D. Handmade in PolandA. #CR101 Poland / White EagleB. #CR102 WarsawC. #CR103 Kraków10" Wall Clock Featuring Polish Kings The Kings featured are: Chrobry, Lokietek, Odnowiciel, Mieszko I, Wielki, Mieszko II, Herman, Batory, Sobieski, Krzywousty, Waza, and Jagiello. Made in Poland #435164 - $19.95Polska Heart Purse Hanger Decorating the outside of the heart are glass rhinestones. The hook of the purse wraps around the heart when not in use for compact traveling. When the purse hook is needed, simply unwrap the hook and place the heart on the edge of the table. The heart has a strong rubber grip at the bottom to prevent your purse from falling. #8511131 - $15.95Doormat - Witamy (Welcome) Welcome your guests and family with this unique doormat featuring the Polish welcome greeting Witamy. A very durable doormat made from natural fibers with a flexible non-skid bottom layer. Measures approx: 15.75" x 23.6". Made in Poland #435015 - $29.95Polska Suncatcher Around the rim of the suncatcher is the country's name in three languages: Polish--"POLSKA", English--"POLAND", and Russian "?????". Suncatcher: 3.5" D. Chain: 3.0" L. #851236 - $19.95Messenger Style Laptop/School Carrying Bag Made of very sturdy nylon, the bag has a black colored adjustable shoulder strap with a rubber grip slider. One side has a cellphone velcro pouch and the inside has two additional velcro pouches underneath the front flap. The inside bottom and back sides are padded. There is also an adjustable padded center divider that can secure a laptop in place and still hold a few other personal items. The front flap is held in place with an underside of velcro. The bag will fit a laptop up to 14" long and smaller. #670136 - $34.95Book - Polish Symbols  This book presents 100 of the most important Polish icons: from the anthem and the emblem, through Grunwald, Solidarity and and Jasna Góra. This exceptional collection showcases what is best regarding Poland. Hardcover, 216 pgs., 9.2" x 11.2". Polish / English Version. #BK2734 - $49.95ACBWood Carved 3 Stork Family Nests 10-12" tall. Since this item is hand made, the shapes and sizes may differ from what is shown. Made in Poland. #JE8 - $29.9522Salt Lamp Natural Rock Made of a salt crystal, it is a natural air ionizer that effectively boosts the number of negative ions in the air. Standard 25W Clear Candelabra Base Bulb Included. Size: 9-12 lbs.  #4353010 - $79.95Wooden Box - Floral Designs with Brass Inlays The floral design varies since they're made by hand. Box comes in a variety of colors, shades, and designs so please allow us to make a selection. Sold Individually Measures: 4.0" L x 4.0" W x 1.5" H.  #250228 - $17.95Wooden Plates - Boze Blogoslaw Nasz Dom Hand-carved and painted, this magnificent wooden plate features a relief scene of a Polish house in the mountains. On the outside rim of the plate is a prayer in Polish, "Boze Blogoslaw Nasz Dom," known in English as "God Bless Our Home." The back of the plate has a hook for easy wall mounting. 10.5" D.D. #670126 Natural $89.95E. #670125 Color $89.95NEWNEWNEWNEWVisit us at

#CHGR0223 A Tribute to Casimir Pulaski - Various Artists#CHGR1007 AmPol-Aires Orchestra - Polonia Ballroom & Grove#CHGR8503 Casey Homel & Polka Band #CHGR7201 Casey Siewierski & Orchestra - Lets Dance#CHGR3801 Chicagos Polka All Stars#CHGR3802 Chicagos Polka All Stars - Picnic Polkas#CHGR4702 Eddie Zima Orchestra - Circus Polka#CHGR3306 Gennie O - The Best of Plus More#CHGR8404 Happy Hour Polkas - Various Artists#CHGR8403 Inspirational Songs in Polka & Waltz Tempo#CHGR4101 Jan Piwowarczyk & Makowska Orkiestra - Polska Zabawa#CHGR0222 Jankowski & Polish Festival Orchestra - Dances of Poland#CHGR1201 Jimmy Kilian & Honky Chicago - Polish Tunes#CHGR4100 Joe Durlak - Sings His Songs#CHGR6501 Joe Pat Orchestra & Choir - Waltz & Polka Mass for Pope JPII#CHGR7710 Joe Walega - Come Let Me Kiss You#CHGR7704 Joe Walegas Happy Hearts - King of Hearts#CHGR7709 Joe Walegas Happy Hearts - Requested Hits#CHGR7101 John Jaworsk & The Keynotes - Songs with Polish Spirit#CHGR2801 John Jaworski & The Polish Village MusiciansChicago Polkas - $19.95 each Visit to hear 30 second samples of each song. Buy 3 or more get 10% Off!#CHGR7801 Lenny Gomulka & The Chicago Push #CHGR5000 Marisha Data - Polish Song Favorites#CHGR9201 Marisha Data Comedy Skits - Aggies Telephone Gems#CHGR0221 Paderewski Souvenirs - Various Artists#CHGR7301 Pala Brothers Orchestra - Good Old Days#CHGR8401 Polish American Heritage Album #CHGR8402 Polish American Wedding Music #CHGR4501 Sounds of the Skaja Sisters & The Casinos#CHGR8101 Stas Bulanda - Shoutin Out Polkas#CHGR8005 Stas Bulanda & The Old School Review - Glory Days#CHGR8003 Stas Bulanda & The Old School Review - Hej Muzykanci!#CHGR8002 Stas Bulanda & The Old School Review - Polkas Gone Wild#CHGR8109 Stas Bulandas Average Polka Band - Po Polsku!#CHGR8106 Stas Bulandas Average Polka Band - Stormin Polkas#CHGR8111 Stas Bulandas Dyno Chicago - Rare Polkas Well Done#CHGR5202 Steve Adamczyk & His Orchestra#CHGR7601 The 47th Street Concertina Club#CHGR3101 The Naturals - Dukes of Polkaland#CHGR3335 The Naturals - Live It Up & Sock It to Me!#CHGR3102 The Naturals - Take Off!Mazurek Dabrowskiego - The Polish Hymn & Patriotic Songs Songs Include: Mazurek Dabrowskiego . Mazurek Trzeciego Maja . Tam na Bloniu Blyszczy Kwiecie . Krakowiak Kosciuszki . Pobudka Krakusów & more. #PNCD1242Mazowsze Ensemble - Najwieksze Przeboje, Greatest Hits Songs Include: Przepioreczka . Przyszla kryska na Matyska . Kukuleczka . Furman . W olszynie . Laura i Filon . To i hola . Wyszlabym za dziada . Krakowiaczek . Ej przelecial ptaszek & more. #RMCD088Polish Music on CD - $19.95 eachBuy 3 or more and get 10% off!Polish Music Sets on CD Buy any 3, get 10% off!Listen to 30 second samples of each song from any CD, or Cd set at Chorale The first, full recording in Polish, the liturgical prayer surmounting the day's toils. The Compline is sung by the Benedictine Choir of Tyniec to the glory of God, for he who sings prays twice. #TWB3744Mazowsze Ensemble - W Olszynie, In the Alder Grove Songs Include: Kadzioleczka . W Olsztynie . Ges woda . Przepioreczka . Co ja mysle . Przyspiewki wielkopolskie . Krakowiaczek . Przyspiewki zywickie . Plynie woda . Przyszla Kryska na Matyska & more. #PNCD324Polonezy - Polish Folk Music Songs Include: Krol Wladyslaw Jagiello (F.DZIERZANOWSKI) . Pozegnanie Ojczyzny (M.K.OGINSKI) . Wiarusy (L.FALL) . Polonez ludowy (F.DZIERZANOWSKI) . W starym zamku (A.MORZYKOWSKI) & more. #PNCD284Kapela i Warszawska - Piosenki Legionow Polskich Songs Include: Pierwsza Brygada . Tam Na Bloniu . Jak To Na Wojence . Stach . List Do Cara . Zmarles Biedaku . Spikulec . Dumka . Huzary Wasale . Jedzie Na Kasztance . Szwolezerowie & more. #PNCD416Polish Eagles - Disco Polo Songs Include: Zono moja cz. 3. Tesciowa (Miroslaw Politowski) . Nieraz nam bedzie zle (Paulo B) . Jak ja Cie kocham (Miroslaw Politowski) . Kochana moja (Zorka) . Ja chce miec zone (Drossel) . Besame mucho (Sekret) . Czary mary (Spike) & more #RMCD139Disco Polo na Wesolo Vol.3 Songs Include: Ja bez Ciebie zyc nie moge (DROSSEL) . Bolek i Lolek (FORTE) . Bo to jest U.S.A. (PANAAM) . Co ja zrobilam, ze Ci uwierzylam (MONIQ & MANY) . W kazda noc (DROSSEL) . Jak cie nie kochac (HIT) & more. #RMCD144Arka Noego - Daj na zgode (Noahs Ark - Kids Singing Songs) Songs Include: Nie lekaj sie! . Wez mnie na rece . Daj na zgode! . Pokochalam cie . Slonce zza chmury . Chcialem dobrze . Niedziella . Wojna jest zla . Uwielbiam . Moje serce spi & more. #PM1352Bajki, Baje, Bajeczki - Fables, Tales, Fairytales 3 CD Set Children's Stories by Hans Christian Anderson read in Polish with Accompanying Music. Stories include: Bzowa czarodziejka . Nowe szaty cesarskie . Calineczka . Artysta ogrodów . Bajeczny kufer . Slowik . Brzydkie kaczatko & more #GM90188 - $29.95Baje, Bajki, Bajeczki - Tales, Fables, Fairytales 3 CD Set Children's Stories by Hans Christian Anderson read in Polish with Accompanying Music. Stories include: Wrózki (Charles Perrault) . Muchy króla Apsika . W aeroplanie . O trzech braciach i latajacym dywanie . Slowik & more #GM90186 - $29.95Disco Polo na wesolo vol. 1 & 2 - 2 CD Set Artists include: Stardis . Max . Spike . Effect . Drossel . Lider Bance . Dimex . Chicago Marszalek Band . Julio . Miroslaw Politowski . Tarzan Boy . DJ Farad . Solaris . DJ Velu#RMCD138140 - $24.95Piosenki Harcerskie - Songs of Polish Scouts Songs Include: Wszystko co nasze . Plonie ognisko w lesie . Jak dobrze nam . Z miejsca na miejsce . Dalej wesolo . Pod zaglami "Zawiszy" . Morze, nasze morze . Plonie ognisko . Sloneczny marsz . Flisacy & more. #PNCD098NEWNEWGaweda 45 - Songs for Kids 2 CD Set Songs Include: Gawedowy dziwny swiat . Miasto nad rzeka . My nie chcemy zyc na spocznij . Dzien dobry syrenko . Na oddechu mlodych . Orleta . Ballada o starym doktorze . Jestesmy stad . Dzien dobry panie Andersenie . Ballada dla sasiada . Ja sie boje and more! #MTJ0004 - $24.95Disco Polo - New Hits Gift Boxed 3 CD Set vol.2 Artists Include: Effect . Masters . Julio . Junior . Energy . Selit . Zorka . Megam . West . Drossel . Avanti . Fantastic Boys . Szafir . Jorrgus . Adiago . Milia . DJ Velu . Vabank . Goga . Neo . Red Star . Solaris & more. #RMCD111SET - $29.95Akordeonowe Melodie Gift Boxed 3 CD Set vol.2 Songs Include: Zatancz ze mna . La Cucaracha . Zlote obraczki . Capri Fisher . Znowu w podrozy . Bara Bara . Beautiful lover . Play to me Gypsy . Chcialabym Cie zatrzymac . Na dancingu . Perfidia . Red Roses . Winobranie . Roze dla Ciebie . Pozegnania & more! #RMCD022SET - $29.95Biesiadne Tanga i Walce - Party Tango & Waltz 3 CD Set Songs Include: Tango Milonga . Umowilem sie z nia na dziewiata . Mala blekitna chusteczka . Slodkie fiolki . Przy kominku . Que se ra . Zabrales serce moje . La paloma . Serca dwa . Kapitanskie tango . Gdybym mial gitare . Gleboka studzienka and more! #RMCD045SET - $29.951-800-278-939323