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Unique #A4#WZ050$29.95 eachUnique #A13#WZ051$32.95 eachUnique #A122#WZ053$31.95 eachPolish Eagle Emblem Ceramic Mug Buy 3 or more, Get 15% Off Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. Capacity: 10.1 fl.oz. Cup measures: 3.1" D x 3.7" H. Made in Poland #437104 - $11.95Artistic #25#WZ055$28.95 eachTraditional #47#WZ054$18.95 eachArtistic #20#WZ056$31.95 each10 oz. Funny Family Ceramic Mugs $11.95 ea.Buy 3 or more, and save 15%Syn / Son#437109Corka / Daughter#437110Tata / Dad#437106Maz / Husband#437113Zona / Wife#437114Mama / Mom#437105Dziadek / Grandpa#437108Wujek / Uncle#437111Ciocia / Aunt#437112Babcia / Grandma#437107Ceramic Tea Cup & Saucer - Polish Eagle Emblem Buy 3 or more, Get 15% Off! Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. Capacity: 8.4 fl.oz. (0.25 L). Cup: 3.0" H. #437101 - $19.95Wooden Brooch - Babushka Designs differ since they're all hand painted from Russia, so please allow us to make a selection on your behalf. Sold individually. 1.6" x 2.3". #550152 - $14.95Traditional 12 oz. Boleslawiec Ceramic MugsUnique #A14 with Bison#WZ052$28.95 eachRent Money Ceramic Piggy Bank  This white ceramic piggy money bank features a red and white house with the Polish phrase Na Czynsz beside it meaning "Rent Money". The bank must be broken to retrieve your money. Measures: 6.25"L x 4.6"W x 3.5"H #437401 - $19.95Decorative Wooden Candle Holder This tapered wooden candleholder is in a dark walnut finish. The hand-carved candleholder has a floral design along the bottom rim. (Candlestick not included as pictured).Measures: 4.375" Diameter x 6.75" H. Made in Poland #COR8054 - $19.95Bolek & Lolek 10 oz. Mug Buy 3 or more, save 15%! Ceramic mug featuring the lovable Polish cartoon characters Bolek & Lolek. Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. Measures: 3.1" D x 3.7" H #437116 - $11.955 Piece, Wooden Nesting Doll The nesting doll set contains 5 pieces measuring between approx. 3.75" tall and 0.75" tall. Available in variety of colors, please allow us to make selection for you.1.6" x 2.3". #250313 - $19.95Buy 2 or more, and save 10%10 oz. Polish Eagle on Flag Ceramic Mug Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. Cup measures: 3.0" D x 4.0" H #437102 - $11.95NEWNEWNEWNEWNEWTHIS ITEM, FREE SHIPPINGThis hand-painted Polish Boleslawiec stoneware is microwave & dishwasher safe.Signed by ArtistSigned by ArtistSigned by ArtistSigned by Artist1-800-278-93939

Shawl with Traditional Folk Motifs Shawls with delicate floral motifs have been popular in Poland for many centuries. Available in Black, White, Burgundy, Green, Red, and Brown. Shawl measures approx. 48" x 48" with a 6" fringe and is 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester. Made in Poland #ARP414 - $69.95Edelweiss Socks Come in a wide variety. Allow us to choose for you.#700135 $14.95Highlander Stripe Socks Come in a wide variety. Allow us to choose for you.#700124 $9.95ABDecorative Wooden Smoking Pipes & Cigarette Holder The inside of the bowl is lined with metal to protect from burning the wood. Each pipe is unique in its lathe carvings and decorative wood burnings. A. #700110 30" $139.95B. #700132 9.75" $29.95C. #700146 4.5" $9.95D. #700147 6" $9.95K. #700120 Goat $89.95L. #700119 Gripping Wolf $89.95M. #700129 Bear $29.95N. #700123 Folk Eagle $29.95O. #700121 Folk Design $29.95Hand Carved Wooden Walking Sticks Exquisitely hand-carved cane crafted in Poland for decoration use only. Each cane measures between 33" and 37" tall. The shade color of the wood stain and hand-carved designs may vary slightly from pictured.E. #700116 Eagle & Snake $89.95F. #700138 Lynx $89.95G. #700145 Ram $89.95H. #700115 Horse $89.95I. #700114 Nobleman $129.95J. #700118 Poseidon $89.9510Visit us at www.PolandByMail.comCDEFGHIKLMNOJMade of wool.Adult sizes.Made of wool.Adult sizes.